Ethnic style in modern design – the original project of a two-storey house

Graphic designer Meighan Depke has spent much of her life traveling around Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Eleven years ago, she bought a two-story brick house with a separate residence on each tier, which were connected by a common entrance.

With your friend and partner Dave Bier They have reconstructed the structure and filled it with incredible beauty and charm. They created a cozy and roomy living space on the upper level, and a guest, traveler and tenant suite on the first level.

Kitchen interior design

The kitchen has been set up in the far corner of the second floor. It blends beautifully with the overall furnishings, allowing family members to prepare meals and enjoy delicacies in an aesthetically pleasing and modern setting. A green tree with a lush crown freshens up the room and brings natural charm to the decor.

A breakfast nook

A small nook for eating and working was equipped with a wooden set and a creative red lamp.

An unusual chaise longue in the master bedroom

Front parlor was turned into a master bedroom by the homeowner. Designers used bay windows to create a sitting area with an unusual chaise lounge and desk.

Practical closet in the bedroom

The small boudoir area was equipped with a practical closet using modular sections and sliding doors.

The entryway was decorated in a concise and uncomplicated manner. It is a combination of textured wood in the floor panelling and door frames with off-white wall decoration.

A brightly colored guest lounge

Guest salon is decorated in a bright and eccentric manner. A white leather sofa, orange armchairs and concise nightstand form a cozy and cheerful space.

Guest bedroom in bright colors

Guest and tenant bedrooms are painted in bright and saturated hues, uplifting and allowing them to relax in a fun and creative environment.

A burgundy set in the guest kitchen

Furniture set in the guest kitchen specialists painted a rich burgundy color.

The design of the patio

The owners turned the humble courtyard into a comfortable urban oasis. It was decorated with textured concrete slabs on the ground, wooden posts to support plants and plenty of greenery.

Decorating the front entrance of the house

Interesting home design by a specialist Meighan Depke Is a delightful creative masterpiece. It has a great geographical location in the central part of the city, a unique layout on two floors of the structure, an unusual and expressive design, and a comfortable environment that creates a great environment for living and recreation.

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  1. Juniper

    This article on ethnic style in modern design for a two-storey house sounds intriguing! I’m curious to know what specific elements and influences are incorporated into this original project. Does it focus on a particular ethnic culture or blend multiple styles together? Additionally, I wonder how these ethnic design features interact with the overall contemporary aesthetic of the house.

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