The famous multicolored umbrella square Centro Abierto De ACTIVIDADES Ciudananas is stunning urban architecture of Andalusia

For visitors to our informative portal It is no secret that the world has been overtaken by the grey urban jungle of glass and concrete, and so few places delight us with vivid colours and positivity.

But all is not lost as long as there are places like the Centro Abierto De ACTIVIDADES Ciudananas. This amazing architectural ensemble is a calling card of Cordoba, which is located in Andalusia province in the south of Spain.

Centro Abierto De ACTIVIDADES Ciudananas at night

An unusual square with a thousand huge multi-colored umbrellas, located at the intersection of main road and train stations.

These buildings are great protectors from the scorching sun and bad weather, which is why it is always the place of choice for city fairs, festivals and events.

This square of goodness and positivity is the first thing one sees when arriving in the city, which is why he has the most pleasant and unforgettable impression of Andalusia.

This place is especially good at night when the special lighting is turned on and the park is illuminated with the golden light of a thousand lights.

The bright and welcoming design contrasts favorably with the pastel-milky buildings of the city, and reminds us all of the once popular style from the Impressionist era.

A place for celebrations
Unusual architectural ensemble
Centro Abierto De ACTIVIDADES Ciudananas architectural design
An unusual ensemble in Cordoba
Brightly colored umbrellas in the square outside the train station
Centro Abierto De ACTIVIDADES Ciudananas in Spain
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