7 garden path redesign ideas

Stunning garden path design for your garden: flat rocks

Garden pathway design with flat stones

2. Gravel and Rubble

Before you make the walkway, make sure the surface underneath is completely clear of anything that might be in the way. Now drop in gravel, crushed stone or pebbles and level. You can also make a path border with lumber, plastic framing or cobblestones.

Stunning garden path design for your property: brick blocks

Unusual laying of brick blocks

4. Concrete block paving

This option looks almost the same as bricks, but concrete blocks usually cost less.

Stunning pathway design for your garden: Gravel and brick

Gravel and bricks

Stunning garden path design for your plot: mosaic

Simple and elegant walkway

7. Wooden Planks

Put wooden boards in a row, similar to how a bridge is made, for example. Be sure that there is nothing under the boards, for strength. Fill the gaps with pebbles or gravel.
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