Advantages and disadvantages of different flooring for the yard

Multicolored fence and red shaped chair

Artificial grass in your yard


A regular floor mat can also be used as an outdoor surface. Plus, their bright colors and intricate ornaments will look good in an open space. Let's take a closer look.


They can be swapped at any time, or removed altogether if you are fed up with them. Small mats are fine to put under chairs and other seating, or you can use one large one to place a table and a few chairs on it. In this case, you can walk around the yard barefoot, without fear of getting your feet dirty or hurt.


Need to consider what kind of surface will be under the rug. If it's boards, it will trap moisture and the wood will rot. And if the surface is stone or concrete, the rug will be slippery. Small children – and you yourself – can fall carelessly.

Multicolored mosaic of triangles

Tiles in different colors

Carpet tiles

These tiles have a long history. Now you can choose the color, fiber and manufacturer of your choice. It's a decorator's dream. But consider the advantages and disadvantages.


Carpet tiles are easier to care for than regular carpet or roll coverings. Since it is modular, it can fill any size space. And if you spill something or ruin one item, it can easily be replaced with a new one.


Even though it's carpeted, it's still tile. This flooring won't be seamless and uniform like traditional carpet. And moisture can get under it, so you'll have to periodically check what's going on inside.

A small table and a black chair

This is what wood flooring looks like on a balcony

Soft Tile

Such tiles are usually used for floors in children's rooms. But they can also be used in open spaces. Solid or geometric patterned flooring is installed on top of concrete, tiled or wooden decking on verandahs or right outside.


Such tiles are easy to adapt to any style and configuration of the room. The choice of colors is wide. And if it rains, the surface will dry quickly and everything will be fine again.


Be sure to carefully read all information about the manufacturer of your choice. Some soft surfaces contain harmful toxic substances. It is better to use it in open ventilated areas.

Blue and yellow flooring and two white chairs

Soft modular tiles in the yard

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