Original design ideas for a pool near a mansion

Luxurious courtyard with exquisite pool design

A luxurious backyard reflected in the water surface of an elegant pool. Photo by Paradise Restored Landscaping& Exterior Design

Design of the pool paved with tiles

Stunning pool fully tiled. Photo: Aquatic Consultants

It will probably surprise you that it is possible to achieve the perfect mirrored look for relatively little money.

Many modern homeowners intentionally purchase compact L-shaped pools and place them right in front of their homes for an elegant look. In addition, this little feature of theirs adds a touch of strangeness and even complexity to the landscape design, which visually makes the space around more voluminous and airy.

L-shaped pool design

A narrow pool near a modern house. Provided by Gregory Phillips Architects

About reflection and location

Designing your own water structure is very similar to creating a painting. At the same time it is also for you to find your own private corner! 

When placing a large pond with a mirrored surface, you may want to pay attention to the features of the pool design that you may have wanted to bring to the forefront.

Garden pool design

A generous and extravagant garden with a chic pool

Plus, the house itself will contribute to the magnificent scenery, reflecting in the crystal clear water of the pool. And it's not just the house: clouds floating in the sky or lush greenery near your home are just as successful in that role!

Pool design in front of the seating area

A strikingly accurate reflection in the water

A small pool design

Reflection of a clear sky. Idea: HMH Architecture + Interiors

The bridge in the pool design

A beautiful landscape. Photo: Lewis Aquatech

Bridges in the pool design

Brilliant water feature with stone slab walkway. Photo by Diego Perez

Pool design along the side of the house

This pool looks very impressive during sunrise or sunset. Idea: Meld Design

Mirror pools will not only keep you healthy, both physically and mentally, but also help you weather the intense heat, which is especially important for those who live in areas with very arid climates. The freshness that emanates from it effectively cools down the outdoor area and makes you feel comfortable even on the hottest days!

The best part is that having a pool makes it possible to use air conditioning less often, and thus helps save energy.

Pool design on the patio

A patio with a beautiful pool. From Dick Clark + Associates

You can also create an unusual and elegant ambiance indoors with a small pool. And feng shui experts never tire of reminding modern architects, who are obsessed with all sorts of fancy glass, stone and concrete water features, of the vital importance of water in the home.

What would you do with your pool?

Pool interior design

Sparkling pools literally extend the space. Photo: KrisCo Aquatech Pools& Spas

Original pool design with ferns

Use your pool to highlight the architecture of your home. Provided by Birdseye Design

Unique pool design

The unique look of the pool. Photo: SBT Designs

Small pool design with rounded stones

A pool with a bottom lined with cobblestones. Photo by Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects

Mosaic pool design

Create your own private pool atmosphere at home. Provided by Root Design Company

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