What our home looks like in the fall: changing the look, decorating for the season, and enjoying the fading of nature

Country House Exterior
Backyard exterior

You may think that improving your surroundings is only necessary for the warmer months – spring and summer, but think again. Your home's architectural features, updated exterior walls, and landscaping in harmony with nature are appropriate for other seasons.

Lighting is also a great way to spruce up an area. Fireplace and landscape lighting are both suitable. With them, the plot will come to life beautifully at night! Remember, the look of your surroundings can vary depending on the climate in your city, the style of your home and how it blends in with the rest of the area.

Take a look at your neighbors and try to do everything in a similar color scheme. Autumn comes but once a year. Let the renovated lot with its structures reflect this beautiful time of year magnificently.

The exterior of the country house
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