Charming Air France business lounge at Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris

In our new story today, we will introduce you to the incredibly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Air France Business Lounge, designed and realized by the experts and designers at Brandimage Design Bureau in Paris, France. Let's take a look at an unusual interior photography and a look at the interesting ideas and exciting visions implemented at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

The opening of Air France's largest business lounge is part of the corporation's efforts to strengthen its position as a leading airline that considers and provides a high level of comfort for its customers. With a total surface area of more than 3,000 square meters, the lounge is located at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in Terminal 2E. Also worth noting is that this area for relaxation and serene relaxation is a unique manifestation of the innovative vision of the company's management, adapted for the well-being of travelers.

Architectural company Brandimage designed and realized this area in the image of a harmonious walk that offers a current environment for different areas and services. It is a delightful and mesmerizing prelude to a quality and memorable trip. Inspired by modern art The park in the new lounge represents a true respite and relaxation from the noisy and hectic airport environment.

Interior design of the Air France Business Lounge

The decor has been styled in an inviting and magnetic way, dominated by rounded outlines and incredible textures. A distinctive feature of the room is the color scheme, represented by neutral monochrome tones, creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere, disposing to a quiet rest and comfortable relaxation in an attractive interior and surroundings Green spaces.

The business lounge is on one floor of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle international airport building and has a spacious and airy area that is decorated in a mesmerizing manner, highlighting the many different areas for relaxation and enjoyment.

Lounge area of the Air France business lounge in France

In another part of the hall was formed an area for eating and enjoying delicacies. It is equipped with numerous white tables with a round shape,Designer chairs With red upholstery and original pouffes with a tree light fixture. The wall cladding in this area has been done in a white shade that magnificently expands the area of the establishment and provides the perfect basis for displaying a creative furniture set. The flooring is furnished with light-colored wood parquet that lends a natural, unpretentious ambiance to the room. The dominant burgundy color brings the atmosphere to life beautifully and brings a special charm and expression to the.

The recreational area in the Air France lounge in France

A dazzling lighting system in the lounge features spotlights on the ceiling, which cast a soft, natural glow, as well as delightful lamps hanging from long thin cords. They are located above certain functional areas, creating a pleasant environment for waiting before departing from the airport. The harmonious combination of the snow-white color scheme and the many textured wood details create a very inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment that enhances the mood and the wellbeing of the passengers.

The working area of the Air France business lounge in France

Interior design The Business Lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport is a wonderful example of how to design a charming and aesthetically pleasing public space for Air France customers to relax and wait in a mesmerizing and inspired stylistic way.

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