11 great ideas for outdoor seating. Worth a look!

Outdoor seating area

If you are going to spend evenings and nights outdoors, you need to think carefully about the placement of light sources. Whether it's a romantic nook or a place for evening gatherings is up to you, but the lighting should match the setting.

Choosing a romantic design, do not get hung up on one color scheme. Find unusual places to place lanterns, such as hiding them under seats or anchoring them in tree branches. The mood of holiday and magic created will serve as an excuse to spend more time outside the walls of your home.

2. Sauna

Outdoor seating area

Relaxing water features – what could be better?? Outdoor Jacuzzis are a delightful alternative to a stuffy bathroom. Equipped with a variety of massage devices, heated, it will be an indispensable thing to plunge into a world of bliss after a hard day's work.

Have a comfy, cushioned bench seat and a mock campfire so you can sit back and enjoy the starry skies overhead. If your financial situation allows you to invest in such a miracle, you can only be jealous.

4. Natural materials

Outdoor seating area

Crazy design idea has become the next fashion trend. Your guests won't be left indifferent to the idea of spending an evening in “drowned” a room surrounded by water. Pool manufacturers have taken note of this use of their products and have released new models of pools of unusual shape.

6. Fireplaces and campfires

Outdoor seating area

Plant flowers that grow in your region along alleys and paths. They will transform the surrounding landscape with harmoniously matched shades. Ornamental or foreign plants may not survive in your climate or may die in the wrong soil.

Don't feel bad if you don't see an orchid bloom – enjoy the beauty and fragrance of those flowers that grow in your climate zone. Representatives of local nature for many years to please you with their blossoms.

8. Garden on the wall

Outdoor seating area

Edible herb gardens are popular with cooks, people who just like to cook, and those for whom it is important to know in what conditions the herbs are grown. This kind of gardening has become widespread in the homes of the elderly, and recently young people have also become interested in this trend. They will tell you that there is nothing better than picking a sprig of fresh herbs and adding them to your meal. And how useful it is! 

10. Reduced lawn

Outdoor seating area

Since the creation of synthetic grass its use is gaining popularity. It is a great option for those who do not have an opportunity to make a lawn of natural greenery and regularly monitor its condition. Synthetics are easy to care for and do not require unnecessary labor and time.

Artificial turf will be especially in demand in regions where it is difficult to grow grass due to climatic conditions. This material will take any fancy shape you want and will always look fresh and current. The design options here are limited only by your imagination.

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