14 beautiful porches from around the world – stunning use of intermediate spaces in contemporary design

Wood flooring on the veranda

Trees provide a beautiful backdrop for this outdoor area. And they provide much-needed shade in the summer.

The lacquered floor on the veranda

High porches are being built in Wisconsin, USA. There's never a shortage of fresh air. Slatted lattice screens protect from the hot sun as well as the unpleasant breeze.

The wide opening allows you to admire the surroundings. The shadows from the horizontal and vertical slats draw interesting patterns on the flooring.

Low ceiling on the veranda

This is what the outdoor area looks like in Montana, USA. This is, so to speak, a secondary living space along the south wall. A lattice screen encloses the entrance to the dwelling from the street side.

Gridded ceiling on the veranda

In this Massachusetts home, the top-floor roof continues over the terrace as a system of wooden beams. Three sides of the terrace – walls with dynamic shadows from the ceiling. The fourth reveals the most beautiful panorama of the neighborhood.

Metal veranda design

It's an annex to a beach house in California. The lattice bar, exposed part of the ceiling, and shadows on the wood planking create an interesting visual effect.

Veranda with a beautiful view

This is the front porch of a Texas ranch house. Sliding louvered units allow for privacy here. And if necessary the influence of the sun and strong gusts of wind can be regulated with the grids.

The awning on the patio

The decor of this Colorado residence was inspired by golden aspen leaves. Shiny metal plates ripple in the gentle breeze. They provide shade and coolness.

A porch statue

Courtesy of John Dorman

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