A corner of paradise in your backyard. 5 stunning options for creating an outdoor seating area

Open space with a lawn in the garden - Photo 1
Lawn in the garden - Picture 3
Outdoor area with a lawn in the garden - Photo 5
2 Patio

This is the name of the patio of the house, which is usually located between outbuildings or adjacent to the residential building. It can be surrounded by pergolas with climbing plants, walls or hedges. A patio is like a comfortable room where you can sunbathe, dine, read or have a long conversation.

Cozy patio - Photo 2
Cozy patio - Photo 4
3 An enclosed garden room

Unlike patios, this structure is not attached to any building and has its own walls. Such rooms attract attention with their original style and unusual details. It could be a screen of straw or bamboo, a metal lattice or curtains of beautiful fabric.

Enclosed room in the garden - Photo 2
4 Gazebos

At the mention of the word, the imagination conjures up delightful images: an elegant structure bathed in garden flowers, reflected in the mirror of a crystal clear pond… The perfect place for a romantic date, a heartfelt conversation, reading a fascinating book or contemplating the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Located in a remote corner of the garden, hidden from the noise and curious glances, the gazebo will be appreciated by lovers of secluded rest.

Garden pergola - Photo 2
5 A spot under the trees

If you are the lucky owner of a plot on which grows a large tree with a beautiful crown, then the place under it should definitely be turned into a recreation area. Equip it with a bench, surround it with a screen, twined vines, hops, climbing roses or honeysuckle. The perimeter would look great with ornamental plants such as geraniums, hostas, lilacs and astilbe.

A place under the trees in the garden - Photo 2

Living in a constant state of stress, many city dwellers need a place where they can relax, recuperate, calmly talk to their loved ones. Create such a cozy place for yourself and enjoy the happy moments spent in an atmosphere of peaceful harmony, until the autumn rains and cold makes you look for more comfortable places to rest. 

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