The charm of the patio. 10 great ideas for stylish patio design

Patio area design


For long patio dinners in any weather, you can build a patio roof to provide cool shade on a hot afternoon. Just stretch a linen cloth over the dining table and attach it to four bamboo twigs.

Designing the patio

Urban Style

Divide the space into an eating area and a seating area. Place a dining table and chairs next to the house so that it was convenient to take out dishes, not far from them place a barbecue. Just to the side, place a sofa and chairs with a coffee table for those who want to relax after eating. Use wicker furniture. It looks spectacular and is all-weather, so it's great for patio furnishings.

How to decorate your patio

Coastal Style

To create a bright outdoor seating area for the whole family decorate it in a fun nautical theme. For this place white garden furniture, add accessories such as cushions and umbrellas in a white and blue palette.

Decorating the patio area

Art Nouveau Style

Even if your yard is small, you can find space for outdoor dining. Do not clutter it with a lot of garden furniture. A compact round table with a few chairs would work.

Decorating the patio area

Tropical Party

Are you going to have a party outside?? A reason to diversify your patio space. Cover the garden table with a bright tablecloth, and place colorful cushions on the chairs. Choose dishes in similar shades, and decorate the chairs with homemade paper flowers.

Decorating the patio area
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