Warmth and comfort of the patio. Original ideas for creating a great space

A luxurious patio

A very popular technique in landscape design is the installation of functional and decorative basins, fountains and other artificially created reservoirs. They not only beautify and ennoble the land, but also have a calming and soothing effect on the emotional state of the person. On summer days, the proximity of water makes it easier to endure the heat, as evaporation increases the humidity of the air.

The perfect complement to this idyllic picture would be the creation of some kind of hearth designed for heating or cooking hot meals. Fire and water –opposing elements, which, meanwhile, are equally necessary for a person and can successfully complement each other in designing a recreation area. What could be better than sitting by the fire in the evening, listening to the crackling of dried wood and watching the magical reflections of the flames on the surrounding objects!

A luxurious patio

Landscaping plays an important role in the landscaping of the backyard. No matter how well thought out the planning, no matter what expensive materials were used, without a living green, everything will look lifeless and dull. Even a pool can not fill this void.

Of course, you can provide well-groomed lawns, but can they replace all the colors and fragrances of flowers, elegant forms of bushes and trees? What's more, by planting fruit trees, in addition to the saving shade, you'll benefit from the vitamins contained in the fruit.

A luxurious patio
The luxurious patio
A luxurious patio
A luxurious patio

If you want to create a patio that is not devoid of personality, you can think about creating an alpine hill or rock garden, buying elegant garden sculptures, luxurious vases, installing intricate birdhouses or other similar accessories.

But when trying to decorate the area, don't overdo it. Otherwise, instead of a cozy patio you will get an architectural and landscaping jumble. If you have an interesting experience or an unusual idea for your space, share it in the comments!

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