A few ways to blend garden statues into your yard

Garden statue among the roses

Garden statue in the style of shebby-chic

Garden statue in fairy tale style

Alice in Wonderland style garden statue

Decide on a location

There's little point in installing a statue in the garden or courtyard if it's not noticeable. Notice the direction you look from the windows, the patio, leaving the house, the other places you and your guests most often stand, sit, pass through.

Place the statue a little to the side, but still in sight. Set it in an outdoor area or use framing to make it stand out.

Aphrodite garden statue

A garden statue set in an open space in front of a large tree

Garden statue on a table

Garden statue placed on the dining table

Garden statue by the door

A statue near the entrance to the house

A garden statue in a seating area

Statue to accentuate the style of outdoor furniture

Beauty in simplicity

When in doubt about the choice, then keep it simple! After all, you don't want a new statue taking up most of the garden and getting in the way all the time. Yes, it can be the centerpiece of the garden, but it also has to complement and blend in with the overall design.

Use statues to draw attention to flowers and plants, draw attention to a beautiful view, place two simple figurines next to each other if you want to use both.

Garden statues of deer

Two deer figurines set side by side

The garden statue of an antique

A garden statue draws attention to the view behind it

What are your favorite garden figures? Angels, gnomes, gargoyles, animals? Or maybe you'd prefer a sculpture? It's amazing how many different kinds of garden statues you can find nowadays. You can create a really unique and unusual garden with them.

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