7 ways to make high-heeled shoes comfortable

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Every woman wants to look slim and elegant, so stilettos do not go out of style. Classic boats visually lengthen legs, but impede movement, rub fingers and heels. There are several proven ways to make heeled shoes more comfortable..

Reduce heel height

How to choose the right shoes

If you feel uncomfortable while wearing, try shortening the hairpin in a repair shop. You can reduce the heel by 1-1.5 cm, then the load will decrease, it will become more convenient to walk. Do not shorten very thin studs so that the center of gravity of the pair does not shift. Masters advise to remove up to 10% of the heel length.

Use gel insoles

Gel insoles

The device provides the most comfortable arrangement of the feet. Insoles for shoes with high heels prevent flexion of the fingers, reduce pressure on the ankles. If while walking the feet constantly slide forward, the gel inserts will hold them in place.

Insoles prevent the appearance of corns and corns even after a long walk. The regular use of shoe inserts is a way to prevent foot deformity, arthrosis, and varicose veins. The fixture is securely attached to the shoe insole and is easily removable. Every 6 months, liners need to be changed. Do not use the insole if it begins to tear, is deformed.

Change your gait

How to walk in heels

When wearing shoes with heels, the main load is experienced by the feet, the spine is severely curved when walking. Therefore, it is important to work out a special technique of movement, to make a step smooth. Tighten your abs, straighten your back. To do this, imagine that a rope pulls you up.

When moving, use your hips to lift and carry your legs. The gait should be direct and confident. Do not bend the body as if afraid to fall. Reliance is on the cushion of the foot to unload the heels and ankles.

Take breaks

Do not wear stilettos for more than two days. Let your legs recover for at least 24 hours. On “fasting days” you can do self-massage, special strengthening exercises, take relaxing herbal baths.

Wear shoes with a strap

Shoes with strap

Shoes with heels greatly strain the legs, especially if it is not fixed or too loose. In open boats or sandals, efforts must be made to prevent foot loss. Wear models with a strap and clasp that securely snap into the ankles. Such comfortable shoes are recommended for people prone to swelling. If necessary, the length of the strap can be adjusted to your size.

Use Moleskin Cloth

It is a cotton material with super-dense satin weave. The fabric is breathable, durable and durable. In appearance, it resembles the skin – smooth on the outside, inside with a pile. Buy ready-made shoes from moleskin or repair old uncomfortable ones. Place the fabric in problem areas so that it does not rub your feet, your feet do not slip. Unlike bandage inserts, moleskin will hold firmly during movement.

Choose the right shoes

Safety heel height

To facilitate walking with high heels will help the choice of model and size suitable for you. Try on shoes at the end of the day: at this time, the legs swell a bit and take their real shape. Walk around the trading floor, listen to the sensations. At the slightest discomfort, replace the pair.

When choosing shoes, give preference to models with a platform. In them, the heel will rise less, which will provide comfort during a long walk. It is advisable to choose a sock round. In shoes with a pointed cape, the fingers should not be squeezed, freely located inside. In such shoes, even after a long walk, your legs will not get tired, you do not have to take breaks.

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