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Scarves, snoods, shawls – this is not all that is worn in winter to keep warm. Thanks to the inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries, fashionistas in recent years have a new attribute – bactus. They liked him so much that in 2019 this accessory is put on not only in the cold seasons, but even in the summer. Knitted massive and openwork air patterns – how to choose and what to wear with an unusual scarf? What does he look like? Can I link it myself or buy it in an online store? All you need to know about bactus below.

What is Bactus?

Bactus is a type of scarf knitted in the form of a triangle. It can also be called a neckerchief or a subspecies of a shawl. Appeared in the Scandinavian countries, originally worn only by wealthy Norwegians and Danes. Nowadays, the inhabitants of Northern Europe have transformed traditional clothing into a fashion trend, which in a classic look looks like a thing from 1.2 to 1.5 meters long, knitted with needles. It is believed that the name Bactus received thanks to the hero of the Norwegian cartoon with the same name, who wore a similar accessory. Although there are opinions that it was the other way around.

Features and Benefits

If you read the description, we can conclude that a triangular scarf is easy to knit yourself. So it is – this is one of its advantages. In addition, bactus:

  • universal – worn in winter and summer;
  • practical – it is worn by both men and women;
  • diverse – in addition to the classic model, there are many styles on the market, so you can choose an original bactus for every taste;
  • multifunctional – use cases are limited only by flight of imagination;
  • It goes well with different styles of clothing, including classic, business, sports, boho, country and casual (casual).

Knitted bactus on a woman


The average length of a product for a girl is 150 cm, but a bactus can reach up to two meters or be only 1.0-1.2 m. Width – from 25 to 50 cm. The most convenient value is 35-37 centimeters. Bactus for children (2-4 years old) is knitted with a size of about 95×20 cm. Depending on the configuration, men’s accessories can have the same length / width values, similar to women’s ones, or be slightly larger.

How to wear Bactus

They put on winter and summer clothes with bactus. It is worn as a shawl, scarf, scarf or instead of a headdress, and 60-centimeter mini accessories – like scarves on the neck. The combination of the product with other things depends on the time of year:

  • in winter, massive, large-knitted, warm triangular scarves are worn with sweaters, sheepskin coats, coats and down jackets, they look especially good with fitted and straight silhouettes; I am glad that the scarf with a triangle not only looks stylish, but also warms well;
  • in the fall and spring, bactus is a great addition to the image with a trench coat or cloak; in addition, small accessories are worn with jackets, jackets, up or under the bottom;
  • in the summer they choose cotton and lace scarves, wear them like wraps or shawls with tops and light, airy dresses.

It was already mentioned above that there are a huge number of options for how to wind up a bactus. The main methods are indicated and described in the list below:

  • classic 1 – the triangle is in front, and the ends are retracted backwards crosswise;
  • Classic 2 – a similar method, only the cross is repeated twice to reliably hide the neck / chest from the cold wind;
  • as a hat – two methods: as a scarf or vice versa;
  • like a scarf – while the triangle is behind, covers the back;
  • like a shawl – throw over shoulders or throw edges over elbows.

Bactus can act as the basis of the image or its successful addition. How to combine different products to look stylish and create completely different “bows”:

  • put on an office suit (with a skirt or trousers), a plain coat, shoes with medium thick heels; complement the look with a checkered bactus;
  • remove the brightest trousers from the dressing room, put on a standard top – a blouse or top in neutral colors; emphasize the “bow” with a black and white contrasting scarf in the form of a triangle, a hat and a clutch;
  • pick up a dress with a frill to match the color of an openwork product; put on a leather jacket and rough boots for contrast;
  • when you run out of the house in everything dark and plain, take a bright, blue, green or red bactus with you;
  • the purple accessory is ideal for a strict gray jacket, making the whole image look not so boring (the advice is suitable for both women and men);
  • tie a bactus like a shawl on top of an open dress or strapless top to smooth out the frankness of the image; put on ballet shoes from shoes.

How to choose and who will do it

Bactus is suitable for everyone – mainly due to the fact that you can not only choose the perfect size for everyone, but differently wind the product around your neck. An additional role is played by color and style. How to choose a thing so that it becomes a decoration of the wardrobe, and not just stay in the closet after purchase:

  • popular massive products are suitable for girls with narrow shoulders or who want to focus on the bust;
  • thin, small accessories should be chosen by representatives of the “pear” or “inverted triangle” figure – a large volume of hips and a small volume of shoulders;
  • girls with a long neck should be careful with the “Norwegian pattern”, as it visually lengthens it even more;
  • choose the size of the scarf so that it can be wrapped in different ways and it does not sit back to back;
  • buy warm accessories for winter or autumn, perhaps there is a need to choose several different styles so as not to combine the same bactus scarf with outerwear;
  • openwork take for summer and warm spring to create stylish romantic bows;
  • to choose a shade, you need to inspect your wardrobe: bright colors will fit dark monophonic cloaks and coats, light colors will be suitable for leather items, deep saturated colors will be suitable for winter, and pastel colors will be suitable for spring or summer;
  • pay attention to the quality of knitting, the composition of the material: bactus not only plays the role of decor, but also needs to warm well (in winter and in the demi-season), let air through, therefore it is better to buy things only from natural yarn.

Images of girls with bactus

Fashion trends

Overseas does not lose its popularity and covers not only outerwear, but also accessories, because the trend is in products with bulk viscous. The still fashionable “Norwegian pattern” is colorful and bright, and the “breakwater” resembles the sea thanks to a special manufacturing scheme, and multi-layered fishnet bactuses can be worn even in winter. In addition, unusual finishes are popular:

  • fringe;
  • monograms – massive or small, barely noticeable, but affecting the texture of the product;
  • pompons – they, and the above decoration elements, can be in the same color as the main product, or differ from it by a couple of tones (darker or lighter).

How to knit bactus with knitting needles

Although there are several knitting options, including crocheting, classic bactus is knitting. In fact, it is not at all as difficult as it sounds, even if you are not used to needlework. If you know how to distinguish the front loop from the wrong one, and really want a beautiful accessory – take the tools in your hands! All that is needed to tie the bactus with knitting needles is to strictly follow the instructions (and sometimes even turn on the inner creative, create by intuition):

  1. Choose yarn. To your taste, but consider that the thing does not work out too massive and it can generally be wrapped around the neck. In total, about 300 grams of yarn will be needed..
  2. Prepare the tools. Knitting needles can be ordinary long, but circular knitting is more convenient.
  3. Dial four loops.
  4. Knit three rows of face loops.
  5. After the fourth row, start adding new loops. This is done as follows: two facial knits, the “broach” is left from the last, and from it an increase. The needle is inserted behind the back lobule – a loop is taken, then behind the front – the action is repeated. As a result, two new.
  6. Three rows of knit stitches again.
  7. New loops add after the eighth row.
  8. Repeat the steps until the loop is added to the required width (from 30 cm).
  9. After reaching the desired value, the loops begin to decrease – similarly every fourth row. This is done as follows: two knit as one face.
  10. Continue until four stitches remain on the knitting needles.
  11. Close the loop.

The above instructions are suitable for creating the simplest triangular scarf, ordinary knitting, although it can be additionally decorated with beads or a brooch. Below, how to make a “breakwater” with your own hands:

  1. Form three loops.
  2. Knit five rows with face stitches.
  3. Starting from the sixth row, add new loops on the inside. Repeat the action every 6 times.
  4. Similarly, knit the required width (e.g. 40 cm).
  5. After reaching the desired value, start every second row to add new loops from the inside, every sixth – close them (knit as one), from the outside. So act until you reach a width of 30 cm.
  6. Shape the serrated edge: close the four loops at the beginning of every sixth row.
  7. In each even row add one loop at the end, and 1 at the beginning – in the odd.
  8. Knit until you get the required length.

Lace scarf


You can buy bactus in a regular store or order on the Internet – it’s very convenient to browse the catalog directly on the site and add, if necessary, to your basket your favorite things. The price breakdown in the table below is for the Moscow region. Prices depend on material, size and brand:


Price, rubles

Author’s design store

1 750


3 900







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