Blue dress – how to choose an evening, cocktail or casual according to style, brand and value

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On sale there are a huge number of elegant items of clothing. If we talk about a blue dress, then it can be evening, cocktail, short or long. To complement the romantic image is a variety of accessories, elegant shoes. Having created a harmonious image, you can conquer others. Remember that blue indicates devotion and determination. A woman choosing such a shade gives the impression of a strong personality who easily overcomes any obstacles.

How to wear a blue dress

When choosing this type of clothing, pay attention to the shade, prints, design details. A blue dress is often worn with graceful boleros, a cape silhouette coat, mink coats, leather jackets, textile bomber jackets, jeans windbreakers, and fur jackets (jackets are also suitable). Remember that such clothes can be of different styles, on the basis of this it is worth choosing other things.

Girls in blue dresses of different lengths

What colors is combined with

If you don’t know what color to buy a jacket, coat, bolero, fur coat or jacket, then give preference to black, white shades – these tones blend perfectly with blue. Outerwear can echo the main part of the wardrobe, but it can also differ: choose jackets, windbreakers, boleros, jackets, shoes and accessories in yellow, orange, brown, gold, red, pink, blue, silver.

Costume jewelry for a blue dress

Wear a blue evening dress with silver accessories, gold jewelry (this is a classic combination), pearls. Complement the look with elegant chains with pendants, elegant bracelets, voluminous or miniature earrings. With these products you can easily create a graceful evening look. Remember that for everyday life you should not wear too many jewelry – use one or two plain or contrasting accessories (thin chain, modest beads, matching earrings, ringlet).

Accessories for a blue dress

If you go to a club, combine different clutches (for example, from denim) with such clothes. Sometimes it is appropriate to complement the image with bold studded bags, sequins, beads, rhinestones, embroidery. Take comfortable, business bags of dark colors (for example, a black shade) for work, and for a walk – take a shoulder bag on a long strap with a comfortable leather backpack. Hue clutch bag can be matched to the main tone. If the accessories (sometimes worn with a wide belt) are contrasting, it is advisable that they repeat the color of shoes, tights.


Supplement the evening blue dress with shoes (there are many options for classic boats on sale), stiletto sandals. Wear blue, white, red, black, gold, silver shoes. The last two options for shoes, sandals should be chosen depending on the jewelry used. If you have gilt jewelry, then give preference to golden shoes (gold accessories go well with yellow shoes).

For casual wear, buy loafers or wedge sandals, and besides, you can get beige shoes. Keep in mind that if high-heeled shoes are used, your figure will appear more refined and your legs longer. Try to choose shoes for the style of clothing:

  1. Classic style suits your business style..
  2. Combine everyday summer clothes with plain sandals, sandals, moccasins, boots, ballet shoes.
  3. Complement your sports outfit with wedge heels, ankle boots.

Fashionable blue dresses

Today, a navy evening dress with a V-neck is actual. In clothes asymmetric lines are welcome. Products can be cold shades, made of light, sometimes transparent fabrics. Often they are complemented by elegant belts of different color palettes (bright yellow, red tones are welcome). If you prefer laconic outfits with calm shades, then wear them with black, white straps.

Blue floor dress

If you need to visually stretch your neck, emphasize the neckline, use long earrings, a necklace of large beads. Choose an outfit from OLIVEGREY with a deep neckline (you can order it in the online store):

  • Model Name: Fitted, Floor Length.
  • Price: 10380 r.
  • Features: no pockets, design, V neckline.
  • Pros: suitable for every day.
  • Cons: cost.

For a hot summer, it is worth choosing a position from the Seven Devils assortment of light fabric (complement the image with massive jewelry made of wood, metal, plastic, natural stones):

  • Model Name: Off Shoulder Floor Product.
  • Price: 7500 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – cotton, viscose; no pockets, present drawing (plants).
  • Pros: suitable for every day.
  • Cons: not everyone will be happy with the cost.

Girl in a blue dress with floral print and bare shoulders

Evening Dress

At a gala event, you can buy a blue dress in the online store. In the C.H.I.C collection you can find several interesting options, among them:

  • Model Name: Evening Off Shoulder.
  • Price: 1466 r.
  • Characteristics: material – 100% polyester, no pockets, sleeves, pattern.
  • Pros: elegant appearance, pleasing to the body.
  • Cons: no.

An irresistible look for an evening party will help create an outfit from Baon:

  • Model Name: Long Sleeves.
  • Price: 5599 r.
  • Characteristics: material – 100% viscose, print – plants, no pockets.
  • Pros: suitable for both party and walk.
  • Cons: no.

Blue floor-length dress with long sleeves

Blue and white dress

A great option for every day is the classic from PAROLE by Victoria Andreyanova (goes well with black shoes):

  • Model Name: Floor Length Long Sleeves.
  • Price: 18 810 r.
  • Characteristics: material – 100% viscose, turn-down collar, animal print, pocket.
  • Pros: for every day.
  • Cons: expensive.

In summer, to work, study, walk, wear a light, elegant product from Altex (goes well with the color of the sea wave):

  • Model Name: tight-fitting floral print.
  • Price: 2185 r.
  • Features: floor length, materials – cotton and elastane, no pockets, sleeves.
  • Pros: for every day.
  • Cons: not everyone will be happy with the length.

Blue dress with white flowers

Red blue dress

For a hot day, the original idea with a floral print from AKIMBO is suitable (in some stores delivery is free):

  • Model Name: Floral Midi.
  • Price: 5800 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – polyester, viscose, elastane; fit, no pockets, long sleeves.
  • Pros: for every day.
  • Cons: no.

If for the summer you need an outfit to the floor, choose some option from MeiLLer:

  • Model Name: Skinny, Floral Print.
  • Price: 4390 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – cotton, elastane; sleeve – three quarters, belt, no pockets.
  • Pros: versatility.
  • Cons: no.

Long blue dress with floral print


To create a feminine, bewitching image, use a lace outfit from Stets:

  • Model Name: with lace inserts at the top.
  • Price: 1499 r.
  • Characteristics: floor length, materials – polyamide and elastane, no sleeves.
  • Pros: suitable for a celebration.
  • Cons: no.

If you do not understand fashion trends, but want to look stylish, feel free to get the original Fashion Up product:

  • Model Name: Above Knee Lace Outfit.
  • Price: 1491 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – polyamide, elastane, polyester; short sleeves (three quarters).
  • Pros: suitable for a party.
  • Cons: no.

Girl in a lace short blue dress

Blue satin dress

For those who prefer unusual options, a unique product from designer Viktor Anisimov is suitable:

  • Model Name: anis-0046.
  • Price: 4999 r.
  • Characteristics: high waist, floor length, there are straps.
  • Pros: for any figure.
  • Cons: no.

When it is warm outside, give preference to a light summer along with thin straps from H&M (if your city is Moscow or St. Petersburg, then finding a thing in stores will not be difficult):

  • Model Name: Pleated Dress.
  • Price: 1199 r.
  • Characteristics: cut-off at the waist, there is a belt, the top is pleated.
  • Pros: for any figure.
  • Cons: no.

Girl in a dress on blue electric blue straps

Navy blue dress

As a daily option, use a dress from Nicole (the manufacturer produces a lot of fashionable women’s dresses in a marine style):

  • Model Name: product above the knee with a narrowed hem.
  • Price: 4490 r.
  • Features: bottom – elastic, sleeves three quarters.
  • Pros: versatility.
  • Cons: no.

An excellent evening outfit is a dress from the manufacturer Balza blue:

  • Model Name: Flared Maxi.
  • Price: 9990 r.
  • Characteristics: there is a belt, three quarter sleeves.
  • Pros: suitable for a celebration.
  • Cons: expensive.

Blue maxi dress with a belt


A bewitching and delicate look will help to create a floor outfit from the manufacturer Avbusto blue:

  • Model Name: Flared Bottom Product.
  • Price: 7890 r.
  • Characteristics: there is a belt, three-quarter sleeves-flashlights.
  • Pros: suitable for a celebration.
  • Cons: not a budget option.

For a date, a meeting with friends, put on a bright and stylish version from Romanika blue:

  • Model Name: Flared Midi.
  • Price: 7790 r.
  • Characteristics: there is a belt, three-quarter sleeves-flashlights.
  • Pros: suitable for celebrations, dates, walks.
  • Cons: high cost.

Girl in a blue casual dress with a sleeve

Azure color

A strict, solemn image can be created using an outfit from GRAY CAT (the manufacturer produces many things in delicate shades with a unique finish):

  • Model Name: Natural Maxi Outfit.
  • Price: 8980 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – linen, cotton; there is a collar under the throat, flared bottom, belt, three-quarter sleeves.
  • Pros: suitable for celebrations, dates, walks.
  • Cons: expensive clothes.

For the summer, a strict style in blue from FROGGI will be an excellent option (the brand has many office clothing options that have a straight cut):

  • Model Name: Midi Length Outfit (Above Knee).
  • Price: 2499 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – viscose, polyester; three quarter sleeves.
  • Pros: light outfit, refreshing look.
  • Cons: no.

Bodycon blue dress with lace detail

A short

If you are planning a celebration, then get a defiant mini from BGL FASHION GROUP (go to the holiday in red shoes):

  • Model Name: Three Quarter Flared Sleeves.
  • Price: 7776 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – viscose, polyester, wool, elastane.
  • Pros: holiday option.
  • Cons: no.

Ladies with a slim figure should buy an outfit from Issa Plus (can be ordered by mail):

  • Model Name: Product Above Knee.
  • Price: 1771 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – cotton, elastane; three quarter sleeves.
  • Pros: for the holiday.
  • Cons: no.

Girl in a short blue dress


For fat and slender women there is an option with a fluffy skirt from To be Bride (keep in mind that the company often sells products):

  • Model Name: V-neck Floor-length Outfit.
  • Price: 18 900 rubles.
  • Characteristics: material – 100% polyester, short sleeves.
  • Pros: can be used for a special occasion.
  • Cons: no.

Girl in a blue dress with a full skirt

Fans of everything exclusive, expensive should pay attention to the spectacular outfit of blue from ANTONIO BERARDI:

  • Model Name: Floor to shoulder.
  • Price: 154458 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – viscose, elastane; round neckline, zip on the back, long sleeves.
  • Pros: exclusive for the celebration.
  • Cons: expensive outfit.

To the knee

The strict look has a blue outfit from Vittoria Vicci:

  • Model Name: Short Evening with Flared Skirt.
  • Price: 3432 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – polyester, viscose; knee length, crew neck, collar, three quarter sleeves.
  • Pros: suitable for office, celebration.
  • Cons: no.

Universal dress offers INCITY:

  • Model Name: Narrow Bottom.
  • Price: 1199 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – polyester, elastane; knee length, crew neck, short sleeves.
  • Pros: suitable for office, party.
  • Cons: no.

Sheath dress blue knee-length

With open back

For the evening, choose a stylish blue version from the manufacturer DRESS (often promotions):

  • Model Name: Navy Outfit with Flared Skirt.
  • Price: 3900 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – cotton, polyester; floor length, V-neck, short sleeves.
  • Pros: suitable for a celebration.
  • Cons: no.

You can go to the club in a dress on the floor from La Selva (some stores have a discount on the item):

  • Model Name: Lace Product.
  • Cost: 22000 r.
  • Characteristics: materials – polyester, viscose, elastane; fit, back half open, no sleeves.
  • Pros: suitable for parties, celebrations.
  • Cons: expensive.

A fitted blue dress with lace and an open back

How to choose a blue dress

It is not so difficult to choose a model of clothes, but carefully consider the shade:

  1. Keep in mind that the darker the blue outfit, the stricter it looks. Bright things, as a rule, are refreshing, younger.
  2. Blondes can buy products in rich light shades, for brunettes – deep dark blue colors, brown-haired women, red-haired – things with a lilac shade.
  3. When buying a new product, be sure to consider the shades of things that prevail in your wardrobe. Estimate how it will be combined with existing products.

Pay attention to the style of the product:

  1. If you prefer a trapezoidal style (loose fit), then it will make your legs more slim (this is due to the wide hem). Remember that these things are not recommended for people with broad shoulders..
  2. Shaped balloon in blue accentuates the waist. It is not worth buying if you have lush hips, full knees.
  3. The high waist of the product masks flaws in this area.
  4. Wraparound things to hide wide hips.
  5. A blue sheath dress visually lengthens the figure.
  6. Straight blue fabric items recommended for ladies with small breasts.
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