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Tourist trips, business trips – thousands of kilometers, many hours of flight. Travelers overcome them comfortably, sitting in the seats of airliners, train compartments. Luggage gathers dust on shelves of special compartments, beats, scratches on other things. A suitcase case is an inexpensive protective accessory that takes care of your luggage. With it, the life of your favorite suitcase will be longer, and the appearance – neater.

What is a suitcase case for?

A suitcase for travelers is an indispensable thing. Soft and with a rigid form, of any size, on wheels and without, everyone will like the model. Service life directly depends on the frequency of trips, workmanship, careful operation. Protective coatings for travel bags will help extend the life of the product. This travel accessory has come into use and enjoys increasing popularity..

A protective case will be an indispensable thing for the owner. The cover will protect against external influences – dirt, dust, moisture, scratches and friction on the luggage bands. In the hustle and bustle of train stations, airports, hotels, there is a risk that they will try to enter the bags with the aim of theft. It is more difficult to do this with protective packaging, the thief will need more time, which, often, will force the attacker to choose a more accessible object.

You must pack at the airport. This is a prerequisite in some countries for the carriage of goods. You can wind up everything with tape at stations where they provide such a service. The cost varies from 70 rubles to several dollars or euros, depending on the country. Reusable packaging saves you money on trips. With it, additional rewinding of your luggage with a disposable film is not needed.

Baggage loading at the airport is quick, many actions are automated. Carelessness can cause damage to the case or its fasteners. In this case, things crumble. Dense removable shells protect the suitcase from mechanical damage to the locks of the travel bag, and the contents from spilling if a breakdown occurs. With extended customs inspection or if the thing you need on the road is forgotten inside, access to the contents is quick and convenient. No need to re-pack luggage.

Bright, stylish, unique in design protective coatings will make luggage beautiful and noticeable. Find it is not difficult. Errors are excluded when you can mix up your things with strangers. In a hurry, grabbing your bags is not easy; fixing a mistake is more difficult. Unique packaging will prevent this oversight. The chances of meeting an identical suitcase case are small – the range of models is wide.

Protective case for suitcase

It is better to combine the purchase of a new cover with the purchase of the suitcase itself. So it will be possible to accurately choose the size and model. If the replacement of travel bags is not expected, then you can pick up only one accessory. The choice is difficult – companies offer a huge number of options. Demand is for goods of brands: Samsonite, Fancy Armor, Routemark, Loqi, Mettle and some other brands.

Suitcase on wheels with a handle in a protective case


Samsonite has been one of the leading manufacturers of luggage products for over a hundred years. The brand is recognized by travelers in many countries. Recent awards include a design award for Cosmolite, Litesphere, Inova, Lite-Biz, and Lite-Shock collections. Popular Samsonite Models:

  1. Samsonite U23 * 221
  • Price – 2490-3690 rubles, depending on size (S-L).
  • Characteristics – composition: polyester; 2 year warranty.
  • Pros – does not wrinkle, does not wear, high fabric strength, has a water-repellent impregnation.
  • Cons – the coating is thin, does not protect against shock.

Samsonite U23 * 221

2. Samsonite U23 * 219 Keith Haring Collection

  • Price – 2990 rubles.
  • Characteristics – composition: polyester; 2 year warranty, the model was developed in conjunction with graffiti artist Keith Haring. For bag sizes up to 75 cm high.
  • Pluses – does not crease, does not wear out, high strength, has water-repellent impregnation.
  • Cons – Thin Coating.

Samsonite U23 * 219 Keith Haring Collection

Fancy armor

The Russian company Fancy Armor specializes in the manufacture of travel accessories. Issue and covers for the suitcase. The trademark produces universal protective packaging for travel bags of all shapes and sizes. Stand out with a bright and varied color scheme. Products are combined in series: models of spandex, extra strong.

  1. Spandex Fancy Armor:
  • Price – 1595-1745 rubles, depending on size (S-XL).
  • Characteristics – composition: spandex with a density of 240 g / cm3; weight 250 g.
  • Pros – good elasticity, design print.

Fancy Armor Spandex

2. Fancy Armor extra strong:

  • Price – 1875 rubles.
  • Characteristics – composition of neospan (analog of neoprene), weight 370 gr.
  • Pros – durable materials will reliably protect things from damage. The high quality of the fabric is achieved by special weaving, the zippers with stoppers, the seams are triple. Bright design thanks to photographic designs.

Fancy armor extra strong


Products of this brand stand out with an attractive and diverse design. Photographic quality of sublimation printing of images of various topics: the sea, cities, space, flowers, graphics and others. Fabrics for making polyester, spandex, neoprene. A characteristic feature of the products is two concealed zippers for the side handles on both sides. Below there is an additional elastic band and lightning for reliable fastening and shrinkage on a suitcase. It is completed with a separate accessory – a small bag.

  1. Routemark Citizen Series:
  • Price – 1540 – 2080 rubles depending on the size (S-XL).
  • Characteristics – spandex composition with a density of 240 g / cm3, weight up to 195 g.
  • Pros – designer print, high strength material, machine washable, triple seam processing.

Routemark Citizen Series

  1. Routemark Bristol Series:
  • Price – 1540 – 2080 rubles, depending on the size (S-XL).
  • Characteristics – composition polyester 80%, elastane 20% .
  • Pros – no creasing, machine washable, durable seams, advanced equipment, bright design.

Routemark Bristol Series


German manufacturer LOQI Store GMBH produces products certified by the Oeko-Tex mark. This guarantees high quality materials and the absence of harmful substances. Stylish, vibrant drawings with symbols of popular cities, graphic, fruity, floral motifs successfully win the hearts of customers around the world. Models are designed for popular sizes of travel bags.

1. LOQI Flower dream:

  • Price – 1500 – 1990 rubles depending on size (S-M).
  • Specifications – composition polyester 85%, spandex 15%, weight: 225 g.
  • Pros – Durable, stretchable fabric, machine wash cold.

LOQI Flower dream

2. LOQI Moscow:

  • Price – 1500 – 1990 rubles, depending on size (S-M).
  • Specifications – composition polyester 85%, spandex 15%, weight: 225 g.
  • Pros – Durable, stretchable fabric, machine wash cold.

LOQI Moscow


The Russian company Mettle uses elastic fabric with a special UF-water-repellent impregnation for the manufacture of covers. This technology protects not only from dust and moisture, but also from fading from ultraviolet rays. The case will retain bright colors for longer. The design provides two side zippers reinforced with additional seams. Fastening with an elastic band with a fastener. An elastic cord is sewn into the seams, which better fixes the packaging on the product.

1. Mettle Paris:

  • Price – 1590 – 2090 rubles depending on size (S-L).
  • Characteristics – material polyester 82%, elastane 18%
  • Pros – durable, stretchable material, gift wrap, storage bag included.

Mettle paris

2. Mettle Scarlet:

  • Price – 3350 – 3850 rubles depending on size (S-M).
  • Specifications – 100% Neoprene Composition, Printed Pattern.
  • Pros – gift wrapping, storage bag included, high-quality, wear-resistant material.

Mettle scarlet

How to choose a cover for a suitcase

So, it was decided to buy a cover for the suitcase. Where to start to get the right accessory with the perfect look? You can buy it both in the shopping center and order on the sites, with delivery by mail. An online store of stylish travel accessories can attract the value of goods. Promotion, sale, discount on the right model – a good time to buy. When choosing, it is worth considering the following product parameters:

  • the size;
  • material;
  • ?design features.

Models of suitcases and covers for them differ in size from different manufacturers. This criterion requires special attention. A small case will not fit on a large structure, and vice versa – a large package will be little functional for a miniature travel case. The measurements made will help to determine the desired option. An important point – the wheels are not taken into account in the calculation of dimensions. For the standards that apply to most models, the following options are accepted:

  • S – designed for products with a height of 50-55 cm, average width and thickness 40 x 24 cm;
  • M / L – will sit well on a model 65-74 cm high, 43×50 cm wide, 27×29 cm thick;
  • L / XL – for the most spacious wardrobe trunks with sizes: height from 75 to 84 cm, width 54, thickness 34 cm.

The case for the suitcase is made of different materials: spandex, neoprene, lycra, polyester and others. One of the best is polyester. Favorably characterized by practicality, wear resistance, water resistance. It retains color during washing, elastic, affordable. It is found in mixed fabric polyester with spandex. It stretches, for putting on a travel case in a protective elastic fabric, it will not take much time and effort.

Neoprene suitcase covers are made. Its advantages: softness, lightness, porosity, inexpensive price, resistance to temperature extremes. Such protection will be effective against bumps and will not add weight in baggage. It can only be reproached with a plain color. For lovers of classics who do not want to hide their luggage with a cover, PVC film products with elastic supplex on the side are offered. Of the shortcomings – they are not very durable.

No less important features of the cover on the suitcase are fasteners and functional holes. According to the locking mechanism, there are models with fasteners such as zippers, Velcro and buttons (plastic and metal). Zipper is a more reliable option, other fasteners can be unfastened, the cover partially comes off the suitcase. There are products with a special elastic belt. It is located between the wheels of the road case, clasps are fastened over it. This option gives the most secure fit..

It is important to consider the available holes for the side handles and wheels when choosing. Such cuts can be on one or two sides, can be equipped with additional fasteners. If the handle hole is only on one side, you need to make sure that the handle on the suitcase is located appropriately. By the number of wheels there are luggage bags with two and four wheels. This design feature has been taken into account by manufacturers of protective accessories..

Keeping stylish travel bag accessories is easy. When folded, the cover takes up little space, fits easily in a small pocket in a suitcase. In a quality product there should be strong and strong seams. In places where slots for handles and wheels are used, the fabric must be carefully crafted. This eliminates gusting seams and sprawling fabrics and threads.

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