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In the summer, you want to wear something open, light and comfortable. There is a way out – to knit a short top for yourself with a crochet or knitting needles. Even beginners will take a little time for it. The product has a large number of holes that allow the body to breathe and at the same time form beautiful openwork patterns. You will find several workshops on knitting tops below..

Crochet crochet patterns

Crop top is a type of short T-shirts, t-shirts or sconces. Along with it, there are several types of styles of open topics, such as:

  • crop top with bustier;
  • newsletter;
  • bodice;
  • swimsuit.

Crochet crochet patterns

Crochet short top

In the first master class for beginners, a crop top with a border in sirloin technique is presented, which gives the product a touch of tenderness. It fits very quickly for 44-46 female sizes. To work, you will need 150 g of white Iris yarn with a density of 87 m per 10 g. The hook must be taken at number 1. Knitting begins with a solid front and back. To do this, do the following:

  1. Dial 421 air loop (VP), lock them in a ring.
  2. On the first lap, climb 3 VP, then knit 420 double crochet (CST).
  3. Perform 3 VPs, of which 3 are for lifting. Next, repeat this cycle 139 times – 2 VP, 1 CCH under the 3rd column of the previous circle. A total of 140 fillet cells.
  4. On the principle of 3 points, tie another 19 rows, and then divide the canvas in half, each with 70 sirloin cells. Mark here the crop lines of the crop top.

Further, for a separate backrest, continue to knit the sirloin pattern, but use the following instruction:

  1. To arrange armholes, on the 22nd lap from the beginning on both sides do not knit 8 sirloin cells. 54 will remain in work.
  2. On the 45th knit line also leave 28 cells, only in the center. Will stay 13.
  3. In the 48th row, finish the work, cut the thread.

To make the front neck with 32 circles, do not knit 28 middle cells anymore. At the same 48th lap, finish knitting. Next, connect in front of the back of the shoulder seams and begin to knit the bottom of the crop top. For this:

  1. Attach a thread to the sideline.
  2. Knit the first 4 rows with arches according to the scheme, at the end of each making a connecting column. A total of 14 rapports.
  3. Next 5-20 circles, follow the pattern in the form of Christmas trees, also according to the scheme.

Crochet beach topic

This type of short blouse is worn directly on the swimsuit. The form can be different – a blouse, a T-shirt or a T-shirt more often with bare shoulders and a neckline. For one of these crop tops you will need:

  • fine cotton yarn with a density of about 270 m per 50 g;
  • hook number 1.5.

Crochet beach topic

The knitting instructions here are designed for a bust of size B. Beginners and experienced needlewomen should focus on their underwear. To knit one cup, follow these steps:

  1. Dial a chain of 21 VPs and 3 more for lifting.
  2. To the end of the row, knit the crochet columns, and in the last loop at the turn, make them 5 pieces at once.
  3. Then, until the end, perform the CCH again, after which make 3 VPs and again perform a 2-point cycle.
  4. Continue to knit up to 10 rows. Under the column on the turn, do 5 CCHs all the time.
  5. On the 10th knitting line, knit 3 CCH under each 3 column of the previous row. On the turn, make them into 3 central loops.
  6. Do the last row like this – 4 CCH under the first loop, then 7, but under the arch between the columns of the last connected line. When turning, knit 3 CCH and 2 VP between them.

At the end of knitting 2 cups, the penultimate and last rapports attach to the same on the first cup. After this stage, proceed to the bottom of the product according to this description:

  1. Type 16 VPs, then knit 89 single crochet stitches (RLS) on the bottom of the cups, then make another 16 VPs. A total of 121 loops.
  2. For the second row, go up to 1 VP, then go through its RLS.
  3. Next, knit the 3rd row like this – 1 VP, * 4 CCH for each 5 column, 1 VP, 4 CCH *. After 1 sc and again the cycle between *.
  4. On 4 knitting lines, start with 2 CCHs in one loop, then alternate 2 VPs, 1 RLS, 2 VPs and 1 VP between 2 CCHs. Continue to carry out this scheme until the 9th row, starting the odd ones with 3 VP lifting and 4 SSN under 1 column.

After 9 knitted lines, go to the harnesses. Upper perform alternating rows with and without crochets. One of the side ones is as follows:

  1. Perform on the side of one cup 3 loops for lifting, 2 CCH with a common top and 12 CCH.
  2. Start the next row 1 VP and knit in columns without threading.
  3. Alternate 2 previous points, performing in odd rows the last 2 columns with a common vertex.
  4. After the 20th row, stop the reduction, continue to 91.

How to crochet an openwork top from motifs

Items from various motifs, for example, cobwebs, round or square, look original. It is very easy to make them, because you only need to make a certain number of elements. To work, you need 200-250 g of white yarn Hakelbaumwolle uni. For sizes 36-28 and 40-42, the diagram shows the number and arrangement of parts. The motive itself does this:

  1. Dial 48 c.p., ring with a ring and tie a b.s..
  2. Climb 4 vp, start with 2 columns with 2 yarn crocheted in 1 vertex, and then tie the whole circle, joining 3 columns in one.
  3. Follow the next circle with arches from 6 vp.
  4. Then, according to the scheme, knit cycles of 6 b.s. + 3 v. between them. At the same stage, immediately tie the corner arches according to the scheme.
  5. Attach the next 1 sb.s. to the finished motive. in the places indicated by arrows.

openwork crochet top motifs

Crochet summer top for girls

According to this instruction, you can crochet a crop top for a girl of 6-7 years old. Take for this thread “Iris”, preferably pink. The thing for the child will need only 50 g. Before starting work, draw a pattern of the whole product according to the scheme of the half front and back. The description of the process of knitting a children’s crop top looks like this:

  1. Dial 84 VPs and 3 more to climb.
  2. Go through 17 rows according to scheme 1, leave 3 rapports on the sides for the armhole and knit in front and back separately. From the front, close 7 central rapports through another 6 knitted lines, and from the back – after 10. Knit 4 more rows of the front and backs separately.
  3. Connect the crop top along the shoulder seams, according to schemes 3-6, make an application.

A classic crochet crop top is crocheted using cotton yarn. All products open the lower abdomen. You should evaluate your abs here, because it is better to shine in a free tunic than to look ridiculous in such a model. In the free videos below, you can clearly see crochet knitted tops with schemes and descriptions, which will facilitate your work..

How to wear crochet crop tops

The crop top on a girl and a woman will look equally beautiful. This style of clothing is used to create both everyday and more elegant evening look. You can combine them with almost any bottom, but it is better to adhere to the principle of a high waist. The classic option here is a midi skirt or pencil. Shorts or lightweight high-waisted trousers are also suitable..

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