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Pants that have a length below the middle of the calf are considered the current trend of this season. There is no specific criterion for modeling shortened trousers, so any representative of this category is referred to as cropped, from English – shortened. The range of such pants is impressive: they are straight, narrowed at the bottom, wide, skirt-like, with high and low waist, classic with arrows, flared. Cropped trousers – models that sew from silk, viscose, wool, cotton, denim.

What are shortened women’s trousers called?

On the catwalks of fashion shows around the world, short pants gained recognition and consolidated a reliable position in the fashion industry. Cropped trousers have many names, it all depends on the shape. Variants of styles give women of different ages and physiques the opportunity to wear trendy clothes harmoniously, regardless of the season and the severity of the dress code.

European pants 7/8

This ankle-length model allows you to focus on the narrow part of the female leg. They look original, while visually increasing the girl’s height. In most cases, European trousers are sewn with a low waist, but there are exceptions with a high fit, due to which an infinite number of impeccable trendy images are created:

  1. A light spring jumper or a bright top must be refilled, shoes without a heel or moccasins are perfect for the image.
  2. A jacket or jacket made of leather or a substitute is chosen restrained if it is selected to a bright and colored bottom. On the contrary, the situation is with neutral shades of the bottom.
  3. For business style, beige, brown or black tones are suitable. Shoes and accessories are recommended in dark colors..
  4. A shocking look will turn out if you combine black European trousers, a sand jacket and beige sandals with heels 10-15 cm.
  5. White shades of white combine perfectly with gray. In addition – a handbag and boots in the same color.
  6. With the help of a free tunic, imperfections in the waist area are hidden. Lilac pants with a white tunic and black wedge sandals are stylishly combined..
  7. Sports models are recommended to be worn with T-shirts, tops and sneakers, sneakers.

Female images

Capri pants

Models whose length reaches the middle of the lower leg are called capri. Such a thing in the wardrobe is universal, suitable for all occasions – for going to the gym, store, for a celebration and a business meeting. This is the best choice for fashionistas, because they do not restrict movement, like skirts, and are not as frank as shorts. This is summer clothing, so they are sewn from natural fabrics – cotton, chintz, linen.

A variety of models will not leave indifferent any fashionista. They can be classic, strict, with pockets and cuffs, flared and narrowed, colored and plain. Cropped capri pants can be a great alternative to classic pants, especially in the hot season. Selected taking into account the complexion of a woman, capri looks good on tall, low, thin and full girls, because hide figure flaws, focus on the merits.

The wrong length makes women unattractive, therefore it is recommended to adhere to some rules when choosing:

  1. Tall girls should pay attention to elongated capris – they will emphasize the length of the legs.
  2. Owners of long and slender legs choose both flared and narrowed styles.
  3. It is better for full girls to give preference to a straight cut that visually slenders their legs, and it is better to refuse from tight-fitting models.


Loose trousers with cut pockets on the sides, folds at the waist, tapered at the bottom, but not tight legs – chinos. Sew them from soft natural material – cotton, chintz, linen. This is a practical model, an alternative to everyday jeans. The color scheme is limited to universal monophonic shades – green, brown, mustard, olive, graphite. They can be low-rise, practically on the hips, standard, but always free along the entire length of the product.


Wide, necessarily shortened, up to the middle of the lower leg – female culottes. This wardrobe item has no age restrictions. With the help of it, the beauty of female legs is successfully emphasized. You can wear culottes in any season, but the most suitable period is spring-autumn, when it is warm outside. Stylists recommend combining these pants with:

  • shirts, blouses – to create a business image, to work in the office;
  • warm sweaters – for a stylish composition in cold weather;
  • T-shirts, tops, T-shirts, denim jackets – for everyday wear in the warm season;
  • jackets, cardigans – to create the image of a modern business woman.

Full women are recommended to choose styles with a high waist. This technique, combined with a short length, will visually make the silhouette taller and slimmer. Culottes with arrows create a similar effect. Silk and chiffon models are suitable for slim women. The same applies to massive clothes with a large number of decorative elements – this will give the silhouette an additional volume.

Appearance story

Female fashion in the 1940s needed a model that would not repeat the silhouette of men, and two designers created it almost simultaneously. In 1948, German fashion designer Sone de Lennart first showed cropped trousers for women. Such a bottom did not yet receive mass distribution. If women wore trousers, they were male, baggy.

Sone proposed to the fashionable women of that time a revolutionary model – small, neat, sophisticated pants? The designer called them “capri”, and invested in the base of the Capri Collection, which became a popular and sold line. In addition, she came up with two options for the length of the product – summer and winter. This part of the wardrobe has brought recognition and popularity to the fashion designer..

Emilio Pucci in 1949 rested on the island of Capri in Italy. There he was inspired by the appearance of local fishermen who rolled up their regular pants just below their knees. From this idea, the designer created “capri pants,” which became a free, youthful, boyish alternative to the then-popular classic, feminine, sophisticated, and romantic New Look style..

In 1952, costume designer Edith Head gave preference to capri when choosing the image created for Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Roman Vacations.” In the film, the actress appeared in cropped trousers, a long-sleeve t-shirt and sophisticated ballet flats, all black. After that, not one of the representatives of the fair sex of mankind remained indifferent to this element of the wardrobe. Subsequently, trousers became an element of Audrey’s everyday style, followed by other celebrities – Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, etc..

Women's wool pants

Who needs a shortened style

Women’s cropped trousers suit almost everyone. The main thing is to correctly use and supplement them in a general way. There are several “contraindications” that are considered when choosing pants. Capri is not recommended for girls:

  • with full hips and legs;
  • overweight in the buttocks and waist;
  • with too short legs and short stature;
  • with a disproportionately long body.

Properly selected, they open their ankles, perform their task – to demonstrate the most graceful part of the leg, but no more. For this reason, the length of such an element of the wardrobe is not specified, it depends on the physiological structure of the woman’s body. Non-standard, truncated length can introduce an imbalance in the proportionality of the image. This happens in several situations:

  • improper length, model, color;
  • incorrectly formed image;
  • wrong accessories.

Women have high requirements for ankle girth. If this part of the body is imperfect, then coarse, truncated pants with lapels will give it fragility and refinement. Disproportionality of the legs is another issue that worries the fair sex. To close it, you need to focus on the waist and color palette of the image. High waisted models combined with a cropped top and a peplum blouse are perfect for this purpose..

For full women, to emphasize the waist, such a design technique as layering is suitable. For example, the upper part of the image – the jacket – will end at the navel level, and underneath it a tunic or a long T-shirt that will cover the hips. A universal fashion bow that suits women of any complexion – an ensemble with a top tucked into trousers and an unfastened cardigan or jacket.

Features of the choice for obese girls

Women with magnificent forms should give preference to the classic species with arrows, while still avoiding too loose and draped capri pants. Overweight girls are embarrassed to wear tight-fitting pants, justifying this by the fact that it makes them full. Fashion stylists assure that magnificent forms are not an obstacle on the way to creating a fashionable image. They recommend trying something new, do not be afraid to experiment, create your own style with different colors and styles..

When choosing the latter, it is recommended to adhere to some requirements:

  • girls who have wide hips need to make a choice in favor of loose fit;
  • owners of a large chest and broad shoulders should give preference to wide and flared models.

A conservative look for women with curvaceous shapes is based on straight capris with a cut-off waist combined with a classic shirt or blouse. For more modern girls, the so-called bananas are recommended, free above and tapering below. Regarding the color palette – girls should take a closer look at the shades of black and gray, which give a slender effect.

Other colors look good – brown, cherry, burgundy, lilac. Too light tones will give the silhouette an extra volume, so they are recommended to be avoided. An indispensable option for magnificent ladies may be the style of the ankle “chinos”. In order to avoid over-massing the hips, it is worth giving preference to pants with not too deep folds, but with ordinary tucks on the belt.

How to choose the perfect length

Just a couple of insignificant centimeters can play a decisive role in creating a unique fashionable image – to emphasize the dignity of the figure or expose the flaws, add a few extra pounds. Capri length should correspond to their width, that is, the narrower the lower edge of the pants, the shorter the pants themselves, and vice versa, if the edge is free and wide, then the pants are longer.

When buying this element of the wardrobe, it is recommended to give preference to models with a longer length. The fact is that after the first wash, the fabric has the property of “sitting down”. For this reason, capri pants, which were a little longer, acquire a normal length, and short pants cannot be restored. If the length does not fit, then it is recommended to shorten the trousers a little independently or in the studio.

Low girls and women can be advised to wear capri shoes with light-colored shoes, so you can achieve the effect of lengthening the legs, but black shoes, on the contrary, can make the legs visually even shorter. The length should match the shoe. According to the recommendation of stylists, it is advisable to have separate suitable shoes for each pair of this wardrobe item..

Girls in cropped trousers

Trending models

Cropped trousers are presented in different styles and styles, they are considered the basic thing. Like any other trending thing, they have their own secrets. Fashion designers do not insist on one single style – short pants are presented in the best fashion houses in different styles – sports, evening, for every day. Classical styles are originally presented, which are suitable for lovers of non-standard, but elegant and business looks..

Straight Ankle-Length Pants

The trend of this season is the ankle models, which are called 7/8, because they are shorter than standard 1/8 of their length. Cropped trousers should be at the waistline. During the fitting, it is recommended to pay attention to the degree of tightness of the hips, especially in the inguinal part. Ankle-length trousers should end on the thinnest part of the leg..

Stretch material with a high content of elastane is pleasantly felt on the body, but wearing such a thing is not very convenient, because all irregularities of the figure will be “exposed”, underwear will stand out. For this element of clothing, it is better to choose a fabric of medium density and stiffness, which holds its shape better, does not crease, does not stretch on its knees. Trousers with a length of 7/8 with arrows are suitable only for slim girls. Narrow at the bottom, but wide in the thighs of the breeches, which at the waist contain many folds, are recommended for overweight girls, because their fullness will be masked.

Skinny pants

Legs that taper downwards – this feature combines many varieties of narrowed pants, which can be of any style – narrow, wide, straight, long, truncated. For owners of model parameters (high growth, thin waist, long slim legs), the choice of such an element of clothing is not limited to anything. Classic straight models that taper down below fit this type of figure. The rest is recommended to combine this style with high-heeled shoes or a platform.

Products that are free in the hips are suitable for owners of curvaceous forms, they will create a balance between lush breasts and hips, while concealing extra pounds. Such girls should pay attention to the high-rise models that do not fit the hips and lower legs. Skinny trousers go well with a loose, voluminous top. There is a rule: the wider the lower part of the kit, the narrower the upper should be, and vice versa. For example, skinny pants are best combined with loose blouses or oversized sweaters..

Wide short pants

Pantaloons – a kind of shortened trousers, flying breeches, knee-deep or slightly lower. At first glance, they can be mistaken for a midi skirt. Pantaloons are very comfortable and practical, look stylish. This is ideal for slim long-legged girls, because due to the non-standard style and length, the effect of shortened legs is created. To avoid this, women of short stature are advised to wear culottes with high-heeled shoes. A cropped top or t-shirt, a check shirt, a turtleneck are the perfect top for an outfit with these breeches. On top of everything you can wear a jacket or coat.

Classic with arrows

Women’s business style trousers are an indispensable component of a strict, classic look. Arrow products are perfect for casual office wear. This item of clothing is presented in a wide variety of models, including a girl of any age, physique and height, who will be able to choose the perfect option. Classic trousers with arrows are straight trousers up to the length of the legs, with smoothly smoothed arrows on the front and back of the trousers.

The color palette is limited to solid colors – black, gray, beige, other restrained shades. The classics look good both on tall, and on low and full girls. Arrows give the effect of visual lengthening of the legs. It is recommended to combine them with strict blouses, shirts, blouses. Above all, wear a fitted jacket or jacket, with classic low-heeled shoes. The blouse or shirt can be left out by tying it with a strap, or tucked in. Women’s tie will give the image a formal.

Using the game of colors, you can correct the flaws of the figure. Girls with wide shoulders are advised to choose the upper part of the outfit in dark colors, and vice versa, if the hips are full, then the lower should be dark. By adding a few accessories, such as a necklace or beads, you can dilute the business style a bit and go in this form for a walk or to the theater.

Business images

High waisted

Designers and stylists actively promote high-waisted trousers, but not all girls are in a hurry to choose such a model, for the reason that supposedly such a style is allowed only to beautiful, slender women. A correctly selected model is able to emphasize the advantages of the figure, hide the flaws. For thin girls, models with a high waist on a yoke or with folds in the waist area are suitable, this model will make the hips more attractive.

Tight women are advised to avoid excess volume in the hips, so you should not choose cropped pants with pockets, but opt ​​for concise, wide legs with a cuff. The bottom of any length is 3/4, 7/8, the main thing is to take into account the proportions of the figure so as not to visually shorten the legs. Well, such an approach fits the top, which can be tucked inward. Among the shoes, it is better to choose high-heeled shoes, because flat sole reduces silhouette length.

How to wear short pants

One of the most common and popular clothing options are cropped trousers, which are popular among women and girls of all ages, of different physiques. Someone with a capri will emphasize the grace of the ankle, the slenderness of the legs, and someone will visually add a few extra pounds or “take away” 15 cm of height. How to choose capri pants or breeches, how fashionable and stylish to combine them?

In summer

Capri is a universal clothing for any season and off-season, the difference is only in the choice of material. Winter models are made of soft wool, summer models are made of thin materials, such as silk. The styles of pants that are recommended to be worn in the summer:

  1. Due to the volume of the skirt, it is recommended to wear them with a tight top. A brightly colored T-shirt, top, linen t-shirt, light golf or turtleneck will look good. For a business meeting, the top of the image is a classic blouse, shirt, fitted jacket.
  2. When choosing shoes for culottes, it is worth taking into account the proportions of the legs, because long-legged beauties are free to wear shoes at low speed, and representatives of perfectly half of humanity with low stature, it is better to choose shoes with heels, platforms or wedges. From accessories, scarves, neckerchiefs, volumetric earrings, bracelets, beads in several threads are suitable.
  3. Bermuda shorts go well with any top and shoes, it all depends on the event that you plan to visit in such a bow. For example, a bright cropped top, a loose T-shirt, a colored tunic will suit them for the beach, and the colors of the bottom and top can be equally colorful. Shoes should be similarly light – sandals, sandals, beach flip flops. To create a business image, you need to choose plain shorts, a shirt or a blouse, and finally, a fitted jacket. It is recommended to observe the rule “dark bottom, light top”, and choose classic style shoes, preferably on a thin stiletto heel. When choosing a Bermuda for a summer classic look, you need to be guided by the rule of etiquette – a woman’s legs should not be bare, so you need to choose flesh-colored nylon tights to them.
  4. Almost everything can be worn with jodhpurs – tight sweaters, loose pullovers, turtlenecks, knee-highs, blouses, shirts, tunics, t-shirts. All this must be worn tucked up, which makes it possible to demonstrate a thin waist. The upper part of the image is not recommended to be overloaded with voluminous things, trench coats, cardigans, tight coats, short jackets are well suited. Tall girls can afford to wear ballet shoes, loafers, oxfords, but the rest is recommended for shoes, high-heeled sandals or a platform.
  5. Gaucho is short pants to the knee or ankle, with a wide belt at the waist, flared from the hip. To them you can pick up a stylish red top or polka dot shirt. Classic black flares are worn with blouses, shirts, complementing with a short jacket, high heel shoes. This item of clothing goes well with a sports top, jacket, sneakers or sneakers. For daily wear, you can choose shoes with low speed – boats, ballet shoes, slip-on shoes, in summer – flip flops or sandals. Slender girls are recommended to choose a model fitted in the belt, full – fitting on the hips.
  6. Harem pants suitable for creating a light summer look are sewn exclusively from light fabrics. Pants made of airy matter, even gathering in a huge number of folds, look almost weightless. They are characterized by a complex cut, so they need to be combined with something simple. It is recommended that the top is fitted and tight. As accessories, voluminous jewelry in oriental style is suitable. Heeled sandals, clogs, platform shoes are suitable for the summer look..

Casual, business and sporty styles.

Winter and fall

Cropped trousers with arrows, baggy, flared, made of wool, cotton and even silk – pants of different styles and styles, lengths and colors will be in trend in the cold season. To make it warm in winter, fashionable, stylish, it is recommended to purchase popular culottes or a palazzo, taking into account the type of appearance and size. Under them, no one will notice not only warm tights, but also a few extra centimeters.

Brie-palazzos should be with a high waist, and there is no requirement for shoes – only a sock will be visible from under the flared leg. Thick winter models with an open ankle are worn with the appropriate top – sweatshirt, pullover. Although a skirt-pants is a summer thing from the wardrobe, in the autumn-winter season, culottes of warm fabrics should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. They are well complemented by a tight top, high-heeled ankle boots or platform.

Shoes for cropped trousers and accessories

Fans of cropped trousers need to know that shoes without a heel are permissible to wear only with male models. Moccasins, sneakers, brogues, slip-ons, bots are suitable for European ones. Other capri styles are recommended to be worn with high-heeled shoes; the higher the better. Trousers with a length of 7/8 are combined with shoes that encircle the foot, this combination guarantees a visual lengthening of the legs. Tips for choosing shoes for capri pants:

  1. Capri is not customary to tuck in the boot of the boot – this is a sign of bad taste.
  2. Flared pants over shoes.
  3. When asked what shoes to wear cropped trousers with in winter, you can answer that skinny capri pants go well with high-heeled ankle boots.
  4. Gaucho pants in the autumn-winter period are worn with sports, insulated or winter sneakers.
  5. Shoes, heeled sandals, a platform will harmoniously fit summer pants made of light fabric..
  6. Practical ballet shoes and boats in combination with cropped trousers are worn only by tall and slender girls.
  7. Complete with Bermuda women of any physique wear sneakers, slip-on shoes, moccasins, sneakers, sandals, sandals, both with and without wedges..

Fashionable female images of the season 2019

Shortened summer pants

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