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Sunglasses have become part of the image of modern man. Their choice often causes certain difficulties for consumers. The situation worsens if the darkened attribute is needed by a visually impaired patient. However, ophthalmology does not stand still, and thanks to technology, everyone has a choice.

How to choose the right sunglasses

Making the right choice of protective equipment

When choosing sunglasses with diopters, you must do the following:

  • Consult an ophthalmologist for advice. The doctor will help you determine the characteristics of suitable lenses..
  • Make purchases only in specialized stores so as not to harm your eyes due to poor-quality goods.
  • Decide which lens material will be convenient for you..
  • Take an interest in the degree of protection of the accessory against radiation, check this indicator.
  • Put on the frame and look at the surrounding objects. Proper sun protection will not distort colors.

UV protection

High-quality products are marked in the certificate or directly on the glass with the degree of such protection:

  • UV-380 – corresponds to the filtration of 95% of ultraviolet radiation, which is the minimum acceptable norm.
  • UV-400 – able to screen out up to 100% of harmful to the eyes radiation.

Lens tinting

An important selection criterion is the indicator of protection against light. It indicates how well the device protects from the sun. The level of toning is indicated by numbers:

  • 0 – transmit from 80 to 100% of the light. Such attributes should be worn in cloudy weather. They have no color.
  • 1 – suitable for socks when the weather is characterized by variable cloud cover. Slightly tinted windows can transmit from 43 to 80% of sunlight.
  • 2 – characterizes the darkness of the average level. Such dioptric sunglasses are suitable for city beaches, fishing, driving a car.
  • 3 – with a strong dimming rate. They transmit only 8 to 18% of the sunshine. Accessories will be a good choice for protection from the bright sun, shown for use on the beaches. This category is the most popular among consumers..
  • 4 – the maximum possible degree, transmitting no more than 8% of the light. It is not recommended for drivers to use, because in dark areas it will be bad to see a motorist in them.

Girls in different frames

What lenses are made of

Glasses with diopters from the sun can have lenses made of two types of material:

  • Glass. It is characterized by strength and durability. This material is resistant to wear, it rarely forms scratches and other damage. However, the disadvantage of glass lenses is their weight. Heavy material is not suitable for people with severe visual impairment.
  • Plastic is durable and lighter, but prone to the rapid formation of scratches and scuffs. To avoid such problems, you need to store the devices in a case or apply a special coating on them to protect.

Frame selection

The selection of frames for sunglasses with diopters is carried out in accordance with the shape of the face of the person who will wear them:

  • If your face has an oval shape, sunscreen attributes in any frame will suit you.
  • Holders of a round face should be given preference to a rectangular, oblong or square shape.
  • When the facial shape looks like a triangle, pick a frame in which the emphasis is on the upper part.
  • The oval shape of the frames will suit the owners of a square face. This type can be worn products that are framed only on top.

Eyeglass Lenses

When choosing sunglasses with diopters, you need to pay attention to a number of conditions. The main one is the type of lens that will be mounted in the frame. You can buy ready-made branded products in optics, order them on the Internet or choose inexpensive ones by consulting with a specialist. Especially popular are Ray Ban, Exenza, Polaroid.

Detachable lenses

Sun lining

Devices from the sun with overlays are equipped with special mounts. With this mechanism, you can convert a shaded security attribute to transparent. To do this, just remove the removable sun-protection parts or lift them. When choosing, pay special attention to the clips. Lenses should move freely, not meet obstacles and not fall out. It is very important that the glass and the lining repeat exactly each other in size and shape.

Diopter polarized glasses

The main function of polarizing lenses is glare protection. Light reflected from horizontal surfaces will be delayed inside the protective plate. However, such products with diopters are expensive, so many patients combine simple glasses of this type with contact lenses. Polarized sunglasses have several advantages:

  • improve visual comfort, do not cause eye strain;
  • create protection against UV rays;
  • reduce eye fatigue;
  • Contribute to sharpen and contrast images.



Products with photochromic spraying have the ability to change the color of lenses depending on lighting. Thanks to special technology, when exposed to the rays of the sun, automatic dimming occurs. Visually impaired people will like this accessory because it combines correction and protection from the sun. Photochromic devices reduce the risk of cataracts, recommended for retinal dystrophy, reduce eye fatigue.

Types of Sunglasses

In optics stores, you can find a lot of options for accessories of different directions. Some categories of buyers need darkened glasses with diopters of special modifications, for example:

  • children
  • to drivers;
  • Athletes
  • to fishermen.


Children with diopter sunglasses are recommended to wear from 3-4 years, as their eyes are very sensitive. When choosing, follow a few important rules:

  • do not buy green or red (orange) glasses – they cause rapid fatigue and let in rays;
  • Prefer a frame made of hypoallergenic rubber so as not to cause injury or provoke skin irritation;
  • make sure that when trying on glasses do not fall off and crawl, do not cause the child discomfort.

We combine two types of frames


Sunglasses with diopters and athletes are needed. A sports accessory must meet the properties of some important requirements:

  • firmly hold on your face, do not fall;
  • Do not constrain the athlete’s movements;
  • provide maximum protection from sunlight;
  • prevent wind and dust from entering the eyes.

When choosing a sports model, pay attention to important characteristics:

  • the fit of the frame to the glass should be tight;
  • light weight;
  • there should be rubber on the arms;
  • streamlined shape;
  • the presence of a sealant;
  • protection against high-intensity UV rays, often very dark or specular.

For drivers

An important property of glasses for drivers is the fight against glare. This quality helps to prevent glare from the asphalt after the rain, the taillights in front of going cars and headlights. Glass parts should have a high degree of protection against ultraviolet rays and a gradient coating that will help to see the dashboard in the vehicle. In the store you can choose fashionable male or female options with diopters.

Glasses Chameleons with Diopters

The lenses of chameleons for glasses with diopters are very popular. They change color when exposed to various lighting conditions. If you are in a place where bright sunlight, the glass of the protective object will darken due to the reaction of the photochromic layer to ultraviolet rays. Once in the room, you will find that the lenses have become transparent again. With all its convenience, such devices quickly lose their properties, so you need to change lenses often.

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