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The most popular type of earrings at all times – round – is not just loved by women. They are simple, but beautiful, they are thin or thick, with or without ornament, decorated with stones or not. This variety helps to create with them images of completely different styles, wear to work, dates, parties. Rings in the form of rings are another proof that everything ingenious is simple..

What are earrings rings

Jewelry for the ears, made in the form of an ellipse (usually a circle), is an earring of a ring or, as they are also called, Congo. They come in different diameters and widths, are made of various materials, with or without decor. Unites such jewelry only form. Because of this feature, ring earrings never lose popularity – they only mutate, but they will certainly remain in demand in the market.

The popular form appeared long ago; the name “Congo” alludes to the jewelry worn by women of African tribes. Since then, much has changed, and the rings are combined not only with ethnic outfits, but even with office suits or restrained dresses for social events. Versatility and diversity are the two main features of these jewelry..

To whom go

A variety of earrings allows them to be worn at any age, depending on the type, the congo goes to everyone. To strengthen the advantages of appearance, and not disadvantages, you need to carefully choose the diameter and width of the decoration model:

  • miniature rings will suit every girl, becoming a wonderful addition to the image in any style;
  • earrings of medium or large size (but not wide and massive) will suit ladies with large features;
  • chubby girls are advised to opt for slightly elongated, oval, ringlets, or jewelry of small diameter;
  • long-necked beauties can wear large jewelry in the ears – they will only emphasize this area;
  • for those who, on the contrary, have a short neck, thin small Congos are more suitable;
  • girls with the correct oval can wear almost any round earrings, relying only on their own taste (but keep in mind that not only the shape of the face is important, but also the color type and what to wear with the product).

Girl with earrings


Popular jewelry is classified by size, decor and materials. The diameter of the ring varies from a minimum of 10-15 mm (for children) to “secular”, luxurious 8 cm (although there are more on fashion catwalks, but they will not work for everyday life). This value is measured on the outside, selected individually for each girl.

Metal is most often used from materials (gold, yellow, red or white, platinum, silver of various grades, etc.), but there are still wooden or plastic models on sale of famous and little-known brands (but you need to be careful with them, they often look cheap). For decoration, inserts with precious stones (sapphire, pearls) or inlay of zirconium, cubic zirconia or Swarovski are used. They look less chic, but with a suitable design, stylish.


In fact, Congo is the name of large diameter rings. These include earrings larger than two centimeters. Suitable for women with large facial features (for those who have small ones, such jewelry will look vulgar) or a long neck. They are made of any materials. The disadvantage of large rings: massiveness. These earrings look too catchy if combined with an unsuccessful outfit.

If they have the wrong color or material (for example, plastic or gold), jewelry can also look disadvantageous. But, if you wear the rings correctly, they successfully accentuate attention and emphasize the advantages of appearance. Another disadvantage is that large earrings can be very heavy and delay the earlobe. Even if they suit you very much, wear them infrequently, alternating with other sets of jewelry.

White gold Congo earrings are expensive, but they look great. They do not have the drawback that is inherent in their yellow “brothers” – excessive catchiness. Such an ornament will be a wonderful gift that can be worn at an event dedicated to some important event. If you order in an online store with mail delivery or buy earrings with rings on a stock, it will also be profitable – Congos are more expensive than rings of small diameter.


Round earrings with a diameter of less than two centimeters fall into this category. They are practical if they do not have decor – everyday, lightweight, suitable for any outfit. Like large ones, they can be made of any material, but more often they are made of metal. This is because plastic or wood in the case of large ornaments will be noticed, but in the case of small ones – most likely, it will still be lost sight of.

Unlike large ones, small earrings are for everyone – this is their main advantage. To go too far with the decor or not guess with the color will not work – in any case, the emphasis will be small. This feature comes out sideways: small hoop earrings, especially if they are thin, are simply not visible. On the one hand, this is very suitable for an office dress code, on the other hand, then there is no need to put them on at all.

Small decorations without decor are too simple, inconspicuous, so designers decorate them more often than large ones. Unusual ornament: make the ring thick, especially so that there is a place for slots; inserts, or inlaid with precious stones. Designers combine different materials, and even different forms: additional elements are attached to the original product. This may be an excess for a large diameter, but it is suitable for a small.

With stones

This type of round earrings is made only of metals. Stones can be precious, semi-precious or artificial, in the form of inserts or inlays. If you intend to combine these jewelry with others, from the practical side it is better to buy them immediately as a set – since the more decor on the earrings, the more difficult it is to choose the right bracelet or necklace.

Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish the fact that the clasp of this type of Congo is often inconvenient – because of the additional ornament or stones, it is difficult to make the usual “invisibility”, with one end having a small tip and the other a hollow tube. From the pros: the fact that these designer jewelry is very beautiful, looks great with dresses, and can also be matched to any style and type.

Earrings with stones

With balls

This is a subspecies of decorated Congo: they have small additions that are worn on the ring. The advantage is that they can be either minimalistic (if the ball is one, made of the same material as the earring, and there are no other elements), or chic (with the whole structure hanging on the jewelry). The second option is beautiful, but not very practical and convenient – it will be out of place at a social party, but not on an ordinary walk.

If the models of rings with balls are for those girls who want to wear a purchase more than once or twice and not just for a chic event – small diameter earrings decorated with small elements look like inlaid and are cheaper than jewelry with precious stones. Choosing what to wear with large items, it is easy to overdo it, and small ones will successfully combine with a shiny tight-fitting dress, and with a loose blouse, and with a checkered shirt.

What and how to wear

There are no strict rules regarding the combination of clothes and shoes with hoop earrings: there are rarely cases when the choice of boots or ankle boots changes something dramatically. It is more important to create an integral image and consider it in general, and also take into account such “trifles” as the type of face, hairstyle, hair and eye color, and even makeup. Follow these recommendations when choosing what to wear round earrings with:

  • classic thin silver or gold Congo earrings are worn with office-style clothes – a shirt and a pencil skirt or trousers, put on under the restrained sheath dresses;
  • round large-diameter gold earrings in combination with bracelets of the same material and wooden jewelry – the basis for a “boho” in the style of boho, with a bright top and maxi or midi skirt;
  • large jewelry looks good with high hairstyles, if the girl has a long neck, or loose hair;
  • putting on small simple rings, open your ears so that the earrings are noticeable;
  • large Congos are best worn in the summer, in the cold season they will cling to clothes and accessories (warm or light scarf, shawl, hat);
  • wear gold earrings in the fall with clothes in warm colors; the same rule applies for the skin color type: in the “winters” it is better to wear silver and platinum;
  • if precious stones are present as decoration, leave the decoration to the exit; for a walk it is permissible to wear only items with a small, discreet placer: for example, topazes or lapis lazuli;
  • minimalistic earrings with balls can be worn in the office, brighter – choose to create an ethnic image;
  • extravagant jewelry, including colored plastic products, wear at parties, at the club, and in the summer at the beach;
  • Do not wear any of the models of round earrings under clothes with a high collar;
  • the more massive and brighter the earrings, the less catchy the makeup should be, remember the rule that the image should focus on only one main detail;
  • likewise, large items with stones and balls are worn under closed monophonic dresses, and thin and minimal ones – under bright or shiny clothes with a neckline;
  • blondes are recommended to choose jewelry with dark stones, and brunettes – with light; bright ones suit everyone, but red ones need to be careful with red shades, their ideal color is green.

Photo of girls with earrings rings

How to choose

When it comes to choice, diversity is not a gift, but a curse. In order not to get lost in the assortment when buying, listen to these tips:

  • do not buy one model for all cases – the appropriate diameter and width for each girl is determined individually, and varies depending on the image: very small earrings, although suitable for everyone, will be lost in the earlobe against a background of lush hair or catchy jewelry;
  • consider atypical materials: the most popular metal for the Congo – gold – can look not only bright, but also almost ridiculous, too African or gypsy;
  • do not try to save money by buying jewelry – it often causes allergies (and the earlobe refers to sensitive areas of the body), because if you are not sure that the immune system can cope, do not take the dubious thing;
  • pay attention to the clasp – choose a strong one so that the earring does not fly off your ear and is not lost, but not too much so that it is convenient to remove; the traditional clasp for the Congo (one end fits into the other), the best, but it does not interfere with checking before paying for the purchase;
  • listen to recommendations about the type of face, take only the diameter that suits you: if massive models are contraindicated and you want to stand out, choose a small but decorated model with additional elements;
  • take jewelry in the style in which you wear clothes: even if you like the look of gypsy rings, don’t be fooled by what you will find, what to wear with, if your wardrobe is not filled with long skirts like hippies and boho tops;
  • measure or at least attach the earring in the store to your ear to understand how it will look – although jewelry, unlike clothes, cannot but fit in size, in reality they will not necessarily look different from what you imagine in to the head; for the same reason, do not order jewelry on the Internet if you have not seen them live before;
  • choose the metal in which you already have other products – rings, bracelets, necklaces or pendants – it will be easier to assemble a kit for a social event, if there is such a need.


It is easy to find and buy gold earrings in Russia – this is a popular model that is in any jewelry store. Due to the variety of sizes and designs, there is a suitable decoration for everyone. In stores of famous brands, in addition, regular sales are held. The minimum prices for the Moscow region without discounts are shown in the table below. Please note that in other cities, including St. Petersburg, the cost of the hoop earrings is different.

The brand

Minimum price (rubles)



With stones


3 190




1 990




3 950




Fluted Earrings

Wide earrings

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