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Often, an invitation to a party or other event indicates that a certain form of dress (dress code) is required to attend. This is a code that was coined by a group of people or society. They impose a certain form of clothing when visiting institutions. The term “dress code” was coined in the prim UK. Now dress code has become a social norm all over the world..

White Tie Formal Outfit

White Tie Formal Outfit

Translated as “white tie”. This festive dress code is the most solemn and official of all. White Tie is usually worn at evening events. Important celebrations require him, for example, the presentation of the Nobel Prize, a reception at the president, an opera ball in Vienna.

White Tie Dress Code for Men:

  • White tie (bow tie).
  • Black tailcoat, pants with silk stripes.
  • White shirt (starched).
  • White vest with buttons (must be fastened).
  • Black socks and shoes (patent leather).
  • Pocket watch, white gloves (optional).

White Tie etiquette for women:

  • Low neck evening gown.
  • Long gloves.
  • High heels.
  • Small clutch bag.
  • High hairstyle with hair cut.
  • Holiday makeup.
  • Jewelry with precious stones, fur cape (optional).

Dress Code Black Tie

White Tie Formal Outfit

From English translated “black tie”. Black Tie is still an official but less restrictive holiday dress code. Event organizers expect the man to appear in a white, black or navy blue tuxedo. Both a double-breasted and a single-breasted jacket are allowed. Pants in white or black should be with stripes. A belt is not provided for them, since the waist is covered by a vest. If necessary, a man is allowed to wear suspenders.

Shirt with a classic collar exclusively white. The bow tie should be made of the same fabric as the tuxedo lapels. It is tied manually. Ready butterfly – a sign of bad taste. Black Tie provides long black socks, light shoes with thin soles. Black leather shoes.

For women, Black Tie is more loyal. The dress is allowed midi length, but not above the knees. The fabric of the outfit is velvet, silk, satin. The decor should not be flashy. Appropriate dark blue, black, shades of the dress, as well as ivory. Pumps with closed toe sole.

It is allowed to wear expensive jewelry, gloves. Hair should be tidied up in a beautiful hairstyle, comb or hairpin allowed.

Semi formal for a cocktail party

Semi formal for a cocktail party

Semi-formal dress-code. Set for corporate events, family celebrations, dinner parties. The festive outfit allows freedom, but in accordance with the event. The celebration is held in the afternoon or evening. Tuxedo is not required for men. If the event is held after 18.00 hours, then a dark suit is preferred. When the event takes place during the day, let’s say a jacket, tie and pants of any color. Shoes – only classic style.

Women are allowed cocktail dresses. Explicit outfits are not allowed. For a day celebration, you can wear a light dress or an informal suit with a short skirt. Closed shoes only with heels. As for accessories, they are not required. Woman chooses them to her taste.

Cocktail Attire for women and men

Cocktail Attire for Men

Cocktail Attire Dress Code for Women

The level of such an event is the conclusion of an agreement, a secular party, the opening of an exhibition, a trip to the theater. Cocktail Attire for men is a dress-code that allows several options in the selection of clothes. The main rule is a harmonious combination of colors. Need a dark classic suit without a vest, a white or black shirt.

For a Cocktail Attire festive dress code, a tie is optional. If a man wants to wear it, it is better to prefer an accessory of a neutral shade with geometric patterns. The belt should match the color of the shoes. As accessories, a watch on a metal bracelet or leather strap, cufflinks are acceptable.

Women need elegant dress to impress clothes (translated: “to impress”). A great choice is a little black dress. Its top should be strict. Allowable length is a palm above the knee. There are no other restrictions on the style or color of the fabric. Shoes allowed open, but with heels.

Cocktail Attire dress code allows more freedom when choosing accessories.

Fancy dress code

Fancy Dress Code for Wedding

Translated from English means “cheerful.” Such a festive dress code is required by theme parties or masquerades. Guests must appear in carnival costumes. Incognito outfits are welcome so that men and women are masked and unrecognized. For those who feel uncomfortable in such clothes, the traditional Black Tie dress code is allowed..

Etiquette for color parties implies that guests must appear in dresses of a certain shade. Themed events are held for national holidays, historical periods, famous films. Costumes for men and women should be appropriate to the given topics. When choosing an outfit, it’s important to maintain a sense of proportion.

Dressy Resort Outdoor Party

Dressy Resort for an outdoor wedding

This refers to a closed party event. The evening dress code depends on the type of celebration. A bohemian art event is allowed to dress informally. Designer clothes, vintage or technical clothes, retro style are welcome. For an evening presentation, the opening of a fashion club or vernissage, you need to dress more restrained.

For men, it is appropriate to choose suits of different shades (except black) with shirts and ties. Their color should be harmoniously combined. Various accessories are suitable: watches, hats, bracelets, scarf. The appropriate choice for women is trousers or skirts in different versions. They go well with tops, shirts, blouses. Unusual accessories are allowed: scarves, belts and others.

Do not wear flat shoes, expensive jewelry, transparent clothes.

Business dress code

Corporate dress code Business Best

Business style has several types:

  1. Business Best (Corporate). Strict format requirements for employees of one organization. For men, this is a business suit, the color of which is negotiated, a light shirt, oxford shoes. Tie restrained shade with a small pattern. For women in each organization additional requirements are prescribed for the color of the suit, the length of the skirt, the height of the heel, makeup, the presence of jewelry.
  2. Business casual. So employees are allowed to dress for work on Friday. This dress code is preferred by people of creative professions: stylists, designers, journalists. Business casual for men: plain shirts, loose soft pants made of denim, linen or cotton, blazer (jacket) or cardigan. Sweaters and turtlenecks are allowed instead of shirts. Dress code for women: skirts above the knee of discreet shades or blouses, cardigans, cardigans. Closed shoes may be flats or heels.

Business Casual for men

Business Casual for women

Casual chic

Casual chic for men

Casual chic

Casual chic for women

Casual chic – semi-official clothing. Everyday chic is a good combination of designer or casual wear. At work, such a dress code provides for freedom of choice. Men’s fashion casual chic is not too elegant and too traditional. The style is notable for sloppiness, bold cut and bright accessories. You can wear a jacket with jeans, shirts without a sweater.

For women, everyday chic is the use of blouses, jeans and cardigans with catchy accents. For example, elegant bright ankle boots, large jewelry or an evening clutch. You can take a dress as the basis of a chic look. Then unexpected accessories are picked up for him: a man’s hat, a big bag, gym shoes. A distinctive feature of the style is layering. Jackets or jackets go well with trousers, dresses, skirts.

Smart casual outfit

Smart casual for men

Female Smart casual

Dress code translates as “smart casual”. For men, this is a free style that must meet the requirements of the office. The main condition of the image is the harmony between informal and classical things. Shirts, jumpers and blazers of different cuts and shades should be many.

A win-win option – a plain t-shirt with a neckline. A blazer or jacket is worn on top. The best choice of trousers is khaki or chinos (made from linen or cotton). Shoes are better to choose classic, but without reference to color. A thin knit tie, a clip for it and sunglasses will bring a fresh note to the image.

Smart casual for women is a successful combination of basic things: loose blouses and wide trousers, a cashmere pullover with jeans or a business suit sewn from soft fabric. The correct image of a smart casual depends on the color palette. Women use all shades of nude and pastel: green, purple, gray, brown. The main decoration – bright pumps without heels, loafers with thick soles, loafers.

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