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Popular trends in clothing and style come to us from large screens, fashion magazines. Luxurious shiny retro dresses of the 20-30s have recently become fashionable again. Gatsby’s style, which breathed new life into a forgotten vintage trend in outfits, accessories, and the interior, is to blame. Hollywood beauties, beauties, putting on a Gatsby-style dress for the ceremony, inspired girls around the world to experiment with pearls, feathers in hairstyles, sparkles, causing makeup.

What is Gatsby Style

The era of elegance, luxury, brilliance among the representatives of the cream of society has left a mark on US history. The 1920s were remembered for parties with rivers of forbidden alcohol, cars, fireworks, dancing to live jazz. The book of F.S. added popularity to the romantic period. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, based on which the film of the same name was shot. The director of the tape spent weeks, months, thinking through all the details of the scenery, costumes in order to accurately convey the subtleties of the “age of jazz.” The result, released in a wide screening in 2013, impressed film critics.

The film was awarded the highest awards, including an Oscar for the best costumes and scenery. The ingenious game of the entire cast, together with the atmosphere of bliss of a sweet bourgeois life, revelry, pleasures, tragic love, captivated connoisseurs of beautiful films. The American dream was an idea for the inspiration of fashion designers who embodied the image in the style of Gatsby in their collections. Famous fashion houses such as Prada, Miu Miu, Brook Brothers helped create the atmosphere for the film..

History of occurrence

The author of the novel depicted on the pages the period of the struggle of the American authorities with the illegal sale of alcohol, together with a sharp love-detective storyline. The story of the broken heart of a young successful businessman takes place on Long Island, after the First World War. Then the young officer, who mysteriously made a fortune, has parties in his house in order to attract the attention of his beloved on the other side of the bay, on which the “golden coast” is located.

Entertainment filming, in which Gatsby-style clothing for women appeared in all its glory, laid the foundation for a cult direction. Eccentric hats, bows, a deep neckline for girls, sparkles on all elements of clothing, even fluff on shoes – all this soon after the premiere of the film appeared on the catwalks. You should not expect that Catherine Martin (costume designer of the legendary film) accurately reproduced the fashion of the 20s, but all the stylistic canons were sustained in an interpretation close to our era.

Gatsby-style girls

Characteristic features of the style

In the days where the film takes us, people enjoyed life as if they expected that every moment lived could be the last. Men wore tuxedos, beautiful ladies – fitted evening dresses with a boa on their shoulders. Then there were days when it was worth fearing gangsters, robbers, but everyone sought to flaunt all their wealth. The direction of art deco in the interior was gaining momentum. Valued:

  • excessiveness of every detail of jewelry;
  • pretentiousness;
  • excessive splendor;
  • varnish surfaces;
  • lace;
  • rhinestones;
  • gems;
  • velvet.

Gatsby Style Clothing

Thanks to the American stage, the style of the 20s in clothes came to us as a time of complete freedom of expression. Post-war years – a transition to short dresses that covered the knee, simple styles, low waist. Tuxedos, suits, silver ties, canes are popular among men. Gatsby style outfit is an abundance of jewelry, sequins, feathers, bizarre shapes and styles. The old 1974 film adaptation influenced the culture of dressing with men; they fell in love with classic three-piece jackets and hats. The first successful film received an Oscar for outfits of heroes.

For women

The silhouette of each elegant lady was complemented by a hat, rim or bandage with flowers, a bow, feathers, a scattering of rhinestones, ribbons and embroideries in gold and silver threads. Details:

  1. Necklaces, bracelets, pearl threads, beads and chains made of precious metals enveloped the open neck and wrists.
  2. The bare shoulders and back were casually covered with fur capes, boas and boas.
  3. Dresses and suits were abundantly decorated with belts, a brooch, fringe and pleats..
  4. Skirts with pleating, wide shapeless blouses and shirt dresses without a corset became fashionable for shy.

Legs gradually come out of the dungeon of long dresses, and by the 30s, knees are on display to the whole world. Stockings become an indispensable attribute of beautiful women; they look out from cuts and from under the edges. The fitted styles fade into the background, they are replaced by a free cut smoothly flowing down in waves. Geometric shapes, extravagant images and an abundance of defiant elements are the hallmarks of girls’ clothing.

All decoration methods that are only known to seamstresses and fashion designers can be applied in a retro-style suit. Do not be afraid to seem like a peacock or dandy, but you should also choose the details wisely. Combine correctly:

  1. Colors. Avoid flashy shades. Give preference to pastel colors, soft tints of golden or silver.
  2. Jewelry. It is not worth combining different metals: either a gold or a silver tint on all the details.
  3. Cut. A dress of light cut without sleeves does not fit well with a fur cape. You can complement it with long gloves. Exception: satin or silk version.
  4. Footwear. Heel shoes are not suitable for a short outfit, prefer boats. But a long style with a hem looks more profitable on the rise.

Gatsby style female images

For men

For men, this trend is characterized by the use of black tailcoats, tuxedos, pink or navy blue jackets with satin collars. A strong half of the Gatsby-style style wears a three-piece suit, vests with shirts and bow ties, formal trousers. Men’s checkered jackets will also work. Add elegance to gold hairpins with precious stones, cufflinks and rings. Lace-up patent leather oxford shoes matched to the original shade of the outfit accentuate the look of the dandy and add gloss.

Gatsby style look for women

The main rule that describes this style is no rules. The freedom of taste that ruled in the mood of the then retro fashionistas was conveyed to us in the form of elaborate elegant outfits. To successfully compose an ensemble of mysterious beauty:

  1. Keep calm, neutral tones – white, gray, black, beige, flesh, mint.
  2. Pick clothes with deep cuts on the back or chest. Thin straps, harnesses are suitable.
  3. Choose things decorated with fringe, lace, sequins, sparkles. Embroidery with shiny threads, ribbons, flowers, frills, folds is welcome.
  4. The style should be straight, waist lowered, asymmetrical edges or straight square floors.
  5. Put on expensive, catchy jewelry, but harmoniously combine them in one color scheme.
  6. Complete the ensemble with a hat, a wide ribbon with a brooch or a bandage of the same colors.
  7. Throw a fur cape or a boa over your shoulders.
  8. Take an unusual shiny handbag with you. The more attention an accessory draws, the better.
  9. Frank evening makeup is perfect for this look. Arrows, bright shadows, tightly painted lips, artificial moles on the upper lip – everything will do.
  10. From shoes, give preference to pumps, ballet shoes. Sandal will look inappropriate.

A bright outfit for going out in this style will show how skillfully you handle the elements of the image, whether you have good taste, a sense of style. This task is for connoisseurs of the fashion world. The real ace in this, the costume designer of the movie “The Great Gatsby”, received the BAFTA Award for the ability to correctly allocate accents, highlight the beauty, sophistication of each bow.

When combining an outfit with so many decorating elements, it is important to have a sense of proportion. Choose one direction in a color or material, such as a green tone or velvet fabric. In the first case, you select a dress, shoes, a hat of the same color, in the second – from the same material. This approach will not allow you to accuse you of lack of taste, as you can convince women who put on themselves all the beautiful things in a row. The same goes for jewelry – choose sets of earrings, bracelets, rings of the same design.


The appearance of the ladies must be complemented by jewelry in the style of Gatsby. Every detail of objects is striking in its thoroughness and complexity of execution. The whole image can be viewed many times and rediscovered than admired. The best decorations include:

  1. massive brooch;
  2. brilliant flowers, petals;
  3. patterns of ribbons;
  4. bracelets with diamonds and sapphires, pearls;
  5. earrings-rings, pendants with large stones, studded with rhinestones.

Give preference to sets – bracelets and rings of the same metal with one stone or pattern, repeating on earrings, necklaces and brooches. The design should be dominated by floral and floral motifs, stars. Splendor and pomposity should follow the train for the owner, like the aftertaste of wine or expensive perfume. Details reflecting external wealth should fill the silhouette.

Hair ornament


Gatsby’s style was marked by a transition to the emancipation and struggle of women for their rights, freedom of expression. This entailed the ruthless disposal of long curls. They were replaced by a boyish hairstyle in the style of Gatsby – “a la garson”, which you can admire when looking at Daisy Buchanan. A haircut lends sophistication, daring and sexuality to a sophisticated female figure. Proper styling will emphasize the bends of the neck, and a bandage or hat will not allow femininity to slip away..

Those who do not want to say goodbye to the length of hair should curl large curls and fix them with varnish. Clear and even waves should be combed smoothly on the forehead and temples. This method of styling was popular until the 50s, therefore, it is invariably associated with a retro style. You can also beat a bob haircut by twisting the hair from the bottom and smoothing it at the roots. It’s a good idea to tie a tuft with a pile on long or medium hair.


Bold, catchy, evening – these are the epithets that describe the make-up style of Gatsby. A clear, pronounced line of eyebrows, scarlet or dark pink lips, a languid look, underlined by arrows, long eyelashes. The pallor of the skin should emphasize the aristocratic look. A thick layer of powder, eyeshadow, lipstick is an attribute of a girl who gathered at a pompous party in the twenties of the last century. It is worth noting that the style is not suitable for everyday onions. This is an option for an evening out, so nude or natural makeup options are unacceptable.


At the beginning of the 20th century, fashionistas did not have access to all the charms of modern manicure technologies. Now we can afford any luxury on our nails. Art Deco moldings can be placed on the fingers, this will only complement the overall composition. Filled with gel with acrylic design, sand, sequins, rhinestones, sequins, nails will fit luxury dresses. When performing, remember a sense of proportion: an excess of brilliant details indicates a bad taste.

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