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As a rule, the word geek brings about the association of an untidy young man who is passionate about computers, gadgets and other achievements of digital technology. This stereotype has developed in the minds of most ordinary people, but a geek is not only a person living in a virtual, computer world, but also any fan who is excessively obsessed with some kind of passion.

Who is a geek

Initially, the term “geek” refers to people who are obsessively interested in gadgets and computer technology. Later, the concept took on a broader meaning and began to designate fans, fans, connoisseurs of something or a category of enthusiasts passionate about subculture. According to characteristic features, several categories are distinguished:

  • Techies and IT professionals – they know everything about the latest innovations in information technology, are obsessed with “computer hardware”, and cannot imagine their life without gadgets. Prominent representatives of this field: hackers, programmers, robotics, technology developers.
  • Gamers – spend most of their time in the world of computer games and science fiction.
  • Fans Bright representatives of this category are lovers of comics and anime. It’s one thing just to watch Japanese animation, another is to glue the room with posters of cartoon characters, try to look like them outwardly, use the symbolism of the heroes.

The geek subculture is the result of the information development of society. It is characterized by an excessive enthusiasm for digital technology and alienation from social reality. For a real fan, there is nothing interesting except his hobby, constant talk about his hobby, in which their point of view is always the only true one, is characteristic.

People dressed as super movie heroes

The origin and evolution of meaning

At the beginning of the 20th century, fairs were held at which Wild Man attractions were held, where the so-called geeks performed unpleasant actions, for example, smeared with dung, fooled around or ate cockroaches. The term has passed unchanged into the Russian language from the English word geek, meaning “fair freak”.

At the present time, it has become fashionable to relate to this subculture, many are proud of it, participate in thematic festivals. The term has become synonymous with “weirdo”, “nerd” and no longer carries a negative connotation. It means a fan, a member of the fandom – a subcultural community, united by an addiction to a particular work of art (book, series, film).

Geeks and Nerds

Another close in meaning to the word “geek” is nerd, which denotes the category of hermit intellectuals with a specific hobby not understood by ordinary people. The main difference between the subcultures of geeks and nerds in relation to the outside world: a characteristic feature for nerds is isolation, lack of communication skills; geeks easily make contact, are sociable and open. Sociologists distinguish different versions of the etymology of the word “nerd,” the main one of which is that the invented animal was called so in Dr. Seuss’s book “If I Had a Zoo”.

The image of a nerd is characterized by inconsistencies in behavior, manners, and appearance. His clothes are often not combined with each other, does not fit the situation, season. This person is not of this world, often his thoughts are far from reality. Outwardly, he may be at a party, but think about how to combine new computer programs or something like that.

Man in a robot suit.

Use of communications

For communication, representatives of the subculture use modern communications such as mobile communications, social networks, Wi-Fi, ICQ, Twitter. These tools are now popular with most people, but until 1995, geeks were the main Internet users. The stereotype of a “mad scientist” is a thing of the past, now among this category there are many successful people holding prestigious posts and having ordinary families.

Geek culture

Various festivals are held for representatives of this trend, where they can prove themselves. The most anticipated event in Russia is GEEK PICNIC, which brings together gamers, fans of computer equipment, animeshnikov, cosplayers. Among them, competitions are organized, for example, in robotics or reincarnation in the images of your favorite characters (cosplay). Similar festivals are held around the world: Comic-con (San Diego), GEEKFEST (South Africa).

Representatives of this subculture often include characters from the series The Big Bang Theory, including Sheldon Cooper, who is fond of science, science fiction, and other things incomprehensible to most people around him. Another bright instance is a Swiss specialist in the field of computer science, a scientist, a professor of computer science, the founder of programming languages ​​- Nicklaus Wirth. Geeks among information technology developers: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google) Steve Wozniak (Apple).Heroes comics

A typical hobby of a modern representative of this subculture:

  • programming;
  • rocket modeling;
  • reading fiction;
  • Lego constructor assembly
  • gambling addiction;
  • collecting;
  • reading magazines with comics;
  • upgrade devices;
  • blogging;
  • cosplay
  • watching movies.
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