Glasses for drivers – how to choose polarizing, anti-glare or for night driving by brand and value

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Special glasses for motorists are not just a stylish and fashionable accessory, but also an essential component of safe driving, which largely depends on the quality of vision of the driver. Properly selected product will provide comfortable and safe movement on roads in any weather. If the driver’s vision is normal, then the role of automobile glasses is often played by polarizing, photochromic, anti-glare. In the presence of visual impairment, you will need to purchase a product with diopters.

When do you need glasses for the driver

Special driver’s glasses are needed for safe driving, as they protect the eyes of the car owner, allowing him to control the car in almost any weather and different road conditions. They are designed to protect the driver’s eyes from all kinds of blinding glare, which are light rays reflected from different surfaces, for example, from the road, water surface, snow cover, roof and walls of houses. In addition, the driver momentarily loses sight when leaving the light from the dark, for example, from a tunnel.

Glasses for motorists (especially polarized) are able to block reflection, creating the necessary visual comfort for the driver’s eyes. Thanks to this, he can focus his attention on the road and the surrounding space, not paying attention to glare. The lenses of such an accessory can improve the clarity and contrast of the image, reduce eye fatigue and protect them from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

There are models with multi-layer lenses that help drive a car in low visibility conditions. Thanks to them, the driver can better see the road in the snow, rain and even fog. It is also important that they protect the eyes from the headlights of oncoming vehicles. You can order reliable and stylish glasses for night-time driving, and not only in a specialized online store with mail delivery.

Why not use regular sunglasses

The use of simple sunglasses while driving in sunny weather is unacceptable, because ultraviolet enters the eyes – due to this, the driver can get a burn and lose his vision, and not only partially, but even up to blindness. Driving in them is very dangerous, reflected light caught in the eyes can cause an accident. In products with polarizing lenses, reflection due to the filter is scattered, and visibility is improved. Even if they are too dark, a person sitting at the wheel of a car will be able to follow the road during the day, although visual acuity will decrease to some extent..

Driver's glasses

Types of glasses for drivers

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country you can find a large assortment of glasses designed specifically for driving in the daytime and at night. They can reduce the risk of an emergency due to external factors such as the sun, twilight, snow, headlights, etc. Among them there are both photochromic and polarization products, as well as models with anti-reflective coating, anti-lights, chameleons with diopters. Lenses are both glass and plastic. Choice of models also differ in lens color, frame, anti-scratch coating.

Anti-glare glasses for drivers

This type of product is distinguished by the fact that its lenses are equipped with an anti-reflective coating, thanks to which the driver does not have to squint and try to restore his vision when glare from the headlights of an oncoming car. In addition, they ideally protect against glare from asphalt, water, swell and ripples. This was made possible thanks to the integrated light filter and anti-reflective coating. Well, if the first is polarizing, i.e. lenses will respond to the general level of illumination and smoothly adjust it without compromising image clarity. An interesting purchase may be:

  • model name: Cafa France CF8229Y;
  • price: 1212 p.;
  • characteristics: lens material – plastic, color – yellow, dimming category – Cat.1, plastic and metal frames, color – brown;
  • Pros: optimal for protecting the eyes from UV rays, the frame is made of flexible plastic, the arms do not slip;
  • cons: no.

Anti-glare Cafa France CF8229Y

Night View Clip Ons goggles are an original-looking accessory that will reduce the level of discomfort when driving on a bright winter day, rainy weather and at night. The product is distinguished by its availability:

  • model name: Night View Clip Ons;
  • price: 230 r.;
  • characteristics: material – polycarbonate, optical coating – anti-reflective, color of lenses – yellow;
  • pluses: low cost, availability;
  • cons: not stylish.

For Night Driving Night View Clip Ons

Another option for drivers with effective eye protection from the sun is the ALIS 96 from the Comfort series. Lenses significantly reduce the brightness of sunlight, relieve tension and increase image clarity:

  • model name: ALIS 96 AS003;
  • price: 1096 r.;
  • characteristics: protection from ultraviolet radiation – 100% (UV400), frame material – nickel and copper alloy, lens color (4.6×5.7 cm) – brown, material – plastic, bridge width – 1.9 cm, temple length – 12, 5 cm;
  • pluses: reasonable cost, the frame has corrosion resistance, high strength;
  • cons: no.

Model ALIS 96 AS003


If you constantly wear optics, then glasses with photochromic lenses will be the best choice. May obscure in sunlight with varying degrees of intensity in accordance with the level of illumination. That is, in the bright sun they are dark, in the room like ordinary glasses or with a small degree of tint, and in cloudy weather they become more transparent. One of the product categories are:

  • model name: Swiss eye Sight;
  • price: 1273 r .;
  • characteristics: frame material – grilamide TR90, color – gray aluminum, polycarbonate lenses (shatterproof), color – orange-smoky, UV protection – 100% UV400;
  • pluses: there is an antifog / anti-scratch coating, durable;
  • cons: no.

Photochromic Swiss eye Sight

The following photochromic optics are suitable for those drivers who love sports style. In fact, this option is ideal for cycling:

  • model name: NRC 21021;
  • price: 4353 r.;
  • characteristics: nylon frame (TR90), polycarbonate lenses (PC), filter category – 3, coatings – anti-scratch, anti-fog, mirror;
  • pluses: interesting and modern design, good quality;
  • cons: high cost, may seem uncomfortable.

Driving glasses NRC 21021

Get acquainted with the characteristics of another sports option, which is great for everyday life, and for any kind of activity. Its shape guarantees good protection and visibility, and curved temples with soft inserts provide a comfortable fit:

  • model name: Julbo Drift Zebra;
  • price: 11160 p.;
  • characteristics: frame material – plastic, there is an anti-fog coating, protection category – 2-4, the length of the bow – 13.5 cm, the bridge of the nose – 1.6 cm, the lenses – 6.1 cm;
  • pluses: an original look, inserts on a nose bridge absorb vibrations;
  • cons: high cost.

Julbo Drift Zebra

Polarizing glasses for the driver

If sun-protection optics cannot block glare from water, snow, and asphalt, then polarizing can successfully cope with this task. A good choice is the classic semi-finished product CF503 from Cafa France. It was designed specifically for safe and comfortable driving, as evidenced not only by good protection against glare, but also by a light, reliable and non-obscuring frame in the peripheral vision area. Sliding is prevented due to rubberized elements on the arms and reliable attachment points:

  • model name: ALIS 96 AS003;
  • price: 945 r.;
  • characteristics: materials – metal, plastic, lens color – brown, frames – silver, nose bridge width – 2 cm, between attachment points – 14.5 cm, length of the ear piece (bow) – 11 cm, dimming category – Cat.3, protection against UV radiation – 99.9%;
  • pluses: good protection, comfortable, stylish, relatively inexpensive;
  • cons: seem fragile in appearance.

Polarizing ALIS 96 AS003

Pay attention to products from the manufacturer Drivers` CLUB. The product has a strong and massive frame with bright yellow lenses:

  • model name: Drivers` CLUB DC100176;
  • price: 1400 r.;
  • characteristics: lens material (7×4.2 cm), frames – plastic, temple length – 11.5 cm, frame width – 13.8 cm, bridge – 2.2 cm;
  • pluses: comfortable to wear, good quality;
  • cons: overpriced, the design is not for everyone.

Drivers` CLUB DC100176

The following polarizing optics are equipped with plastic lenses that are coated in accordance with the special AntiReflex technology. It has protection against reflected light, glare, bright and low sun, UV radiation, earhooks have carbon inserts:

  • model name: Cafa France CF8592;
  • price: 1021 r .;
  • characteristics: lens material – plastic, color – gray, metal frame, length – 13 cm, bow – 13.5 cm, bridge – 1.5 cm, dimming category – Cat.3;
  • pluses: durable, reliable, comfortable to wear;
  • cons: no.

Women's Cafa France CF8592


Optics such as “antifar” will help protect the driver’s eyes from ultraviolet radiation and remove glare from the wet road, water surface and even the windshield. They are ideal for night and day driving, twilight, rain, fog, etc. The highly contrasting color of the lenses of such optics is able to more clearly show the shape and boundaries of objects, which became possible due to the absorption of the blue-blue spectrum. This will facilitate the driver’s assessment of the distance and the real situation on the road. One of the product categories:

  • model name: Smart HD Viev;
  • price: 690 r.;
  • specifications: sold in 2 pieces, frame color – black, plastic case, dark gray lenses for the day, yellow for the night;
  • pluses: inexpensive, can be worn over ordinary glasses;
  • Cons: not the most modern design.

Antivarias Smart HD Viev

Matrix drive polarized – headlights with a stylish body and excellent eye protection in extremely bright conditions due to mirror and photochromic effects. Increase image clarity in poor visibility conditions:

  • model name: Matrix Drive polarized 1116 C9-476T;
  • price: 1300 r.;
  • Features: black metal housing, lens filter – yellow, polarized coating;
  • pluses: fashionable, eliminate the effect of “double image”;
  • cons: seem fragile.

Matrix Drive Polarized Antiflares 1116 C9-476T

The next version of the “antifar” will cost an order of magnitude cheaper, but in the design of the case it is practically no different from the previous one. Optics will improve visibility when driving in difficult weather conditions:

  • model name: Aviator 305;
  • price: 535 p.;
  • characteristics: case – black, plastic, lens material – plastic, color – yellow;
  • pluses: are cheap, help relieve tension from the eyes;
  • cons: the frame is short-lived.

Aviator 305

How to choose glasses for drivers

When planning to buy glasses, pay attention to their type. Conventional sun optics will not work. The best option is a product with a polarizing effect, which is able to block glare and blurry images that cause fatigue, eye irritation. A good choice for drivers is the photochromic model, which can provide an optimal degree of dimming. Other selection criteria:

  • Lens material. Modern plastic products are almost inferior to glass analogues. Both types in most cases have the highest level of safety, so it is not necessary to give preference to one of the two materials..
  • Colour. It is recommended to choose glasses with brown lenses for driving during daylight hours, and with yellow ones at night, in fog. At the same time, keep in mind that the constant wearing of yellow glasses can affect the change in color perception, self-awareness in space. This negative effect can be exacerbated if the view weighs through contaminated glass. The eyes show better work if they use models with brownish, greenish or gray lenses, which are preferably worn if necessary – best in cloudy weather, dark.
  • Scratch coating. It is advisable that the optics for drivers be coated with a special coating from scratches, which will increase the life of the glasses. You can even try to slightly scratch the surface when choosing – if there are no traces left, then you have a good choice.
  • Frame and other elements. The driver should pay attention to the case, so as not to feel discomfort while wearing glasses. Distinctive signs that the model is suitable for a particular driver are: comfortable fit, the accessory does not exert pressure on the bridge of the nose, does not squeeze whiskey. Look for a specimen that will not drop onto the tip of the nose even with intense head movements. It is desirable that the ends of the arms be made of high quality rubber. Make sure that the earhooks are not in the middle like in ordinary glasses, but are located in the upper or lower part of the frame – this will expand the viewing angle.
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