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There are many universal colors and shades, among which it is worth highlighting gray. It is universal, so it can be easily combined with almost all colors. Thanks to the gray tint, it is possible to soften the bright colors and harmonize the defiant ensembles. The color looks especially good in strict business looks. Today it is often used in the formation of free bows. When buying outerwear, you should adhere to some tips from stylists. So, you can choose a suitable style, shade, length of the product.

What is a gray coat

Many psychologists say that gray things are able to “extinguish” outbreaks of passion, agitation, aggression. Products help relieve nervous tension, calm down. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of gray outerwear. Sold sports, classic models (popular simple cut), military. There are styles:

  • flared from the chest;
  • with smell;
  • with three quarter sleeves or “bat”;
  • reaching the floor;
  • short
  • with stand-up collar;
  • with a hood.

The classic model is one of the most popular: fitted fit with the addition of a strap. Couturiers are looking for new variations in the execution of products, trying to beat them with different inserts, interesting materials, original finishes. Stylists claim that gray is suitable for any style. There are a huge number of subtones. Thanks to this, every woman can easily choose the right gray tone. Among the shades distinguish:

  • wet asphalt color;
  • carbonic;
  • pigeon;
  • silver;
  • steel;
  • smoky;
  • platinum gray

When creating an image, keep in mind that gray is able to balance a bright or ultra-acid shade, so feel free to experiment with the selection of things. If you want to quickly make a fashionable look, then take note that the color looks great with:

  • pastel colors (pink, pale blue, purple, cream);
  • white
  • black
  • in red;
  • brown
  • yellow;
  • orange.

Girls in gray coats

Who will suit

Gray is a calm and neutral shade, use it as a base and as a complement to a vibrant color combination. Achromatic shade can be used by any girl, regardless of the characteristics of the figure, hair color, type of appearance. If we talk about the choice of subtones, then know that:

  1. Deep dark gray shade looks great on brunettes with fair skin.
  2. Monsoon or a powdery gray shade is recommended for blonde women. Keep in mind that things that are too light can make your skin pale. These wardrobe items are perfect for girls with dark skin.
  3. Brown-haired and ladies with dark skin can choose “graphite”.
  4. Gray color suits both full and slim ladies. Dark shades will help hide the fullness: buy loose-cut models with wide belts, complement the look with bulk bags (compact accessories are not recommended).

Popular styles and models

Every day, couturiers develop interesting and original models. It is worth highlighting several notable styles:

  1. Overseas – it looks a couple of sizes larger than the owner’s standard things. In order not to look ridiculous, consider an important tip: in no case use a combination of cropped outerwear, a miniskirt or leggings, shoes with low heels. Remember that you need to combine cropped outerwear and skirts or dresses that peek out from under the hem. Wear long outerwear and short skirts, midi dresses.
  2. Products with a hood – a modern and convenient solution for autumn or winter. Things are produced with fur trim or contrasting hem. Choose elegant dresses, high-heeled shoes or elegant platform shoes for them. Wear a denim shorts, a slim sweater, golf, and low-heeled oxfords.
  3. Clothing with fur – the original finish may be present on the cuffs, hood, pockets, collar. Pile is short and long.
  4. Models with leather sleeves look very stylish with jeans, skinny trousers, skirts, any shoes: elegant ankle boots, sneakers, comfortable sneakers, rough boots.
  5. Wear long models with any wardrobe items. As for shoes, it is advisable to choose boots that reach the ankles. If high boots are chosen, they should be on a stiletto heel, stable heel or wedge heel. Complement your look with trousers, jeans and trendy boots, loafers, sneakers.
  6. Short products will go with trousers of any style, skirts, dresses of neutral or bright colors: red, yellow, green, black or white shades are suitable. Wear high-heeled boots (for business style) or sneakers (sports style) on your feet.
  7. Double-breasted products (single-breasted style is no less popular today) will help create a business image. There are straight and fitted styles.
  8. Ribbed things are classics that have not gone out of fashion for a long time. On the material there is a convex subtle or wide strongly protruding strip.
  9. The product with a smell looks good on full and slender girls, visually balances the figure, makes it more proportional. Wear classic shoes, ankle boots or boots, sneakers or sneakers on your feet..
  10. When choosing a product with beads, you will look original and solemn. Decor may be present on sleeves, collar and pockets..
  11. Convenience and ease of unlined clothing. Wear it in dry and warm weather.
  12. The fitted things will help to create a business or delicate feminine image..
  13. Models with zippers are very convenient to use, they are easy to remove and put on. In case of strong wind outside, the thing will reliably protect you from the cold. The zipper on the product can be centered, oblique or on the side..

Gray coat models


Outerwear of a gray shade fits into the urban, austere, casual, romantic and delicate look. Products are made from:

  1. Tweed – the fabric is obtained from sheep’s wool, consists of multi-colored threads, due to which it acquires an interesting relief structure. Tweed items retain heat well, so they protect you from the cold in almost any weather. Clothing is elastic, practical, moisture resistant, unable to wrinkle, does not fade in the sun and does not wear out for a long time. Keep things away from moths and dry clean regularly.
  2. Wool – it is natural, sometimes impurities are added. Worsted (gabardine, diagonal, crepe, wigon, cashmere, tweed, boucle), fine-woolen (ratin, drap-velor, flakome), coarse-woolen (beaver, bike), and cotton (velveteen cord, moleskin) are divided. No matter what kind of material was used in the manufacture, the thing will be practical, durable, hypoallergenic, comfortable and keep heat well. Based on these features, it is recommended to choose wool for the winter period.
  3. Boucle is a rough fabric that requires careful care. Outerwear made of this material does not crease, differs in density, elasticity, retains heat well, allows the skin to “breathe”. The only drawback of the fabric is the tendency to puff.
  4. Knitwear – recommended for use in autumn or spring. The material does not have high thermal characteristics, but it is characterized by softness, elasticity, practicality of use, hygiene, breathability, hygroscopicity. Jerseys accentuate the female silhouette, making ladies incredibly seductive.

How to wear a gray coat

This outerwear suits absolutely everything. Feel free to combine it with bright things and wardrobe items in neutral tones, business suits, casual jeans, high-heeled ankle boots, and flat-soled shoes. A gray draped coat looks safe with a black pencil skirt, sheath dress, classic shoes, cropped black trousers, ankle boots, and a business bag. Wear oversized coats, sneakers or wedge sneakers, sweatpants, a longsleeve or sweater.


Use any shoes: sneakers (excellent if there is a wedge heel), rough shoes, pumps, ballet shoes, high boots (rubber, leather, suede), ankle boots, ankle boots. The product palette is very different: white, burgundy, navy blue, plum, purple, red shoes or boots look harmonious. It is worth considering the popular options for shoes:

  • Boots, half boots or ankle boots – choose shoes of the same style as the coat. Often products are combined with fitted feminine models and a cape coat.
  • Sneakers – look perfect with straight cut outerwear, oversized coats. The result is an attractive sporting youth image.

Accessories for a gray coat

Choose accessories to create a stylish look. The upper winter or demi-season clothing is supplemented with headdresses (caps, knitted hats, berets, hats), cozy gloves, mittens, mittens, a snood or a scarf. Dilute the image with a spectacular handbag, clutch bag, stylish backpack. Choose contrasting accessories or things to match the tone and style of the coat: for example, use clothes with fur elements, combine a fur hat or an elegant hat, a knitted hat in harmony with a military coat, choose hats for sportswear in the same style.


Choose this accessory based on your own preferences. The only thing worth considering is the color: emerald, black, navy blue, red. Popular prints are a cage and a strip: red-black, gray-white, and green-burgundy products are common. When choosing a snood or a scarf for a gray coat, keep in mind that it is beautiful to wear it with:

  • Red – clothes with such accessories look advantageous, the image will be bright and noticeable, while moderation, restraint will be observed.
  • Brown, beige, powdery, coffee, chocolate – with such shades you will create a strict onion. These tones are recommended for use by a business lady.
  • Wine, burgundy, lilac, lavender – will add to the image a touch of luxury and sophistication or tenderness, romance.
  • Mint, blue, pink – give freshness, make the ensemble “airy” and tender.
  • Yellow, orange – look harmonious, bright and in some cases bold.

Fashionable female images

A cap

Headgear, like other accessories, is selected based on the overall style of the image. Feel free to complement a gray coat with a classic style in a knitted hat with embroidery. Military outerwear looks great with a cap, hat-caps. When choosing a luxurious gray winter coat, give preference to caps made of natural fur. The color of the headgear may match the tone of outerwear or other accessories (shoes, bags, gloves).

A bag

There are bright and austere classic accessories. If the handbag is bright, then it will become the main focus of the image. As for the shape of the accessory, it depends on the style of outerwear. Consider several rules for choosing a bag:

  • For a strict look, a black business bag made of genuine leather with a geometric shape is suitable. Sometimes you want to give the image a “twist”, then it is recommended to choose lacquered bags.
  • Dilute everyday onions with bright, unusual in shape accessories. It is desirable that their color contrasts with the main tone of clothing: for example, a dark gray coat looks good with bright green, raspberry bags, a light gray coat with blue, yellow, orange accessories.
  • If the style is sports, youth, then prefer bulk handbags, backpacks.
  • Wear a clutch when using any style.


For off-season, it is recommended to use stoles – large rectangular scarves. There are both plain products, and stoles with prints. Use accessories for special occasions or in everyday life. It is worth saying a few words about the choice of stole:

  • For street style, it is customary to use stoles of shades of gold, silver, laid in three or four unequal circles.
  • Complement your business image with gold, chocolate, dark blue, white stoles, accessories of the color of young foliage.
  • Silk or linen stoles are appropriate in autumn.
  • For winter, a palatine with fringe or interesting patterns is suitable. An accessory made of cashmere will warm in the cold, a stole with fur trim will not only retain heat, but also create an original look.


Accessories are combined with any style of clothing. They are worn in spring or autumn, when there is still no severe frost. Shawls are made of cotton, linen, silk, cashmere. A wide palette is on sale. The principle of color matching is the same as the scarf. There are scarves with interesting ornaments, prints. When choosing them, focus on your own preferences and the style of other things. It is desirable that the scarf stands out: for this, use products of bright colors, with iridescent, avant-garde patterns, floral, ethnic, animal prints.

How to wear a gray coat to the knee

Models may have different lengths. The classic options are a quilted cloak, a coat to the knee. Complement it with tight cropped trousers and boyfriend jeans. The top can be made in a street style: a turtleneck, shirt, classic-style shirts, plain t-shirts, long sleeves, jumpers, warm sweaters and cardigans will do. If you want to emphasize the slimness of your figure, use short dresses or leather shorts (it is desirable that they do not protrude from under the coat). Keep in mind that if the bottom opens, the top should be closed..

Stylish accessories and shoes

Fashion trends

Every fashionista must know how to correctly make winning combinations of things. To create a harmonious image, take note of the main recommendations of stylists:

  1. Gray color visually shortens the figure, so ladies of short stature should wear high-heeled shoes.
  2. To give the image of aristocracy, choose outerwear models with fur collars (decorative elements should be a tone darker or lighter than the product itself, sometimes collars are made brown). Wear a pencil skirt or closed fitted dress, high-heeled boots, or ankle boots. If the collar of outerwear is brown, then choose a bag of the same color.
  3. For lovers of sports style, free cut models with leather inserts are suitable. The length of the product can reach the knee or waist. Sport models are worn with jeans, skinny pants, leggings, and leather pants. Wear heeled ankle boots, wedge sneakers, and flat boots on your feet. Do not forget to pick up a stylish backpack or bulk bag.
  4. If you prefer classics, then choose elegant dresses, high-heeled ankle boots, a business bag or a clutch. Choose a leather belt to match the color of the bag.
  5. Feel free to wear a loose cape model, skinny trousers or pants with arrows, flat over the knee boots, thick heeled ankle boots.
  6. For a meeting or a walk, a loose coat below the knee, dark jeans, a light jumper, a clutch with a bright pattern.
  7. Youth bow – a spacious gray coat, a jumper of the same color, black tights, a short orange skirt, a brown clutch, black boots, a voluminous knitted hat.
  8. At work, you can flaunt a mustard dress, complement it with a brown belt and black ankle boots..
  9. Outerwear with leather sleeves looks good with black jeans, a white pullover.
  10. Another effective combination is a stylish coat with a minimum of decorative details with a zipper, a black sheath dress, a dark clutch, and steady heel ankle boots.

How to choose

Gray color has a lot of subtones, so it is important to learn how to select them based on the appearance color type. It is worth clarifying a few nuances:

  • The presence of dark hair and pale skin indicates that the owner belongs to the winter color type. When choosing things, consider that it should have a deep noble shade. If you decide to buy a light thing, then use expressive, bright accessories.
  • The fall color is red or brown hair, a blush on the cheeks. Pure gray will do..
  • People with the “summer” color type have a light muted shade of eyes, dark blond hair. Choose a color wet asphalt, muted shade.
  • “Spring” is characterized by white radiant skin, freckles, a slight blush, blue eyes. Warm colors, light gray, shades with blue are suitable. It’s worth giving up the deep tone.

Learn the proportions of your figure. It is important to know what to hide and what parts of the body to highlight. There are separate recommendations for each type of figure:

  • For a “triangle” (narrow shoulders and wide hips) buy things with wide collars.
  • Hourglass people fit any model.
  • Full people with an apple shape should choose O-shaped models.
  • For a “pear”, things with straps, voluminous funnels are suitable.
  • A figure resembling a square often indicates the presence of excess weight, so it’s worth choosing things to the knee, the top can slightly fit, the bottom is wide (flared to the bottom of the model are relevant).

Youth images


The cost of clothes may vary in each region. Prices set in well-known Moscow stores:


Shop (Moscow)

Price, rubles

Semi-finished product made of dense textile with a two-button fastener, two pockets with valves from Oodji (now there is a promotion, so the model can be ordered by mail cheaply, delivery is free).

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Semi-finished mid-density product with button closure, two pockets, belt from BCBG.



GF Ferre semi-fitted mid-weight coat with a zipper and two pockets.



Model of a direct cut on a lightning S.G.M. ASTA GRAY.


Pezzo oversized wool overcoat with large patch pockets.



Model from TM Pompa with a Paft Pro membrane (protects from moisture and wind), a fastener for sewing buttons, decor – a chain stitch (if your city is St. Petersburg – buy clothes in a specialized salon).

TM Pompa

11900 r.

Anisia model of straight cut of boiled wool, with an addition of jacket fabric, with pockets and a zipper from Modress (in order not to buy the product expensive, use the company’s special offer).

“Big Beauty”

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