Hipsters – who they are. History of youth subculture, clothes and hairstyles in the style of hipsters with photos

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In recent years, the term has been constantly on the lips, but some do not know the meaning of the word hipster. It came to us from the USA, where new trends in art, music, cinema and lifestyle often arise. The main thing is that hipsterism is not related to hippies, does not harm others.

What is a hipster

In the modern world, there are many subcultures that have certain characteristics. What does hipster mean? Slang word translated into Russian means “fashionable”, “cool people.” It can be a guy or a girl who lives in a large city and belongs to the “golden” youth, or just trying to seem fashionable, modern. Hipsters adhere to a certain lifestyle. They are attracted to “vintage” clothes, SLR cameras, iPhones and other gadgets from Apple, gym shoes and other interesting paraphernalia. Hipstota – Modern dudes.

Where did the hipster style come from

Find out what hipsters mean – who it is and where this style came from. This movement has arisen for a long time and is not new. In the middle of the last century, people began to appear in America who were always “on the wave”, “in the subject,” in English jargon it sounded like “to be hip” (hence the name). The hipster style initially supported jazz music, trying to avoid the generally accepted framework, and did not like society. Much has changed over the years, but the essence has remained the same: representatives of the direction express their position through a style that is based on external and internal freedom.

Guy makes selfie

What do hipsters look like?

Understand that this is a representative of this youth movement in appearance. This is the main “marker” of the subculture: deliberate negligence with a certain taste in clothing. Typically, a hipster with a beard, mustache. Girls choose original hairstyles. Of the accessories, glasses are characteristic. Hipstota pays a lot of attention to fashion, monitors shows, new products. Young people can discuss brand stores for a long time, where good things are sold at affordable prices. It seems that they are dressed casually, but young people spend a lot of time on how they look.

How do hipsters dress

In the issue of clothing in this subculture, certain trends are traced. Female and male items tend to choose unisex. We can distinguish the following basic elements of the hipster style:

  1. Shirts. Most often these are denim or checkered models without fitted grooves. Equally fit girls and boys.
  2. Skinny jeans. These are skin-tight models that have a narrow cut. Girls can wear leggings, denim short shorts or trousers of bright colors instead..
  3. Button Down Sweatshirts.
  4. Various forms of T-shirts and t-shirts with prints (inscriptions or images). Hipsters especially welcome unique models (hand made).
  5. As a rule, sneakers are chosen as shoes, but it can be loafers, brogues, sleepers, moccasins or tennis shoes. Girls sometimes wear shoes with wedges or solid heels..
  6. Accessories The signature element of the style is hipster glasses. They are worn even without vision problems (just without diopters). Of the sun protection models, only Ray Ban is suitable. Girls wear massive jewelry, colored headbands, handbags, or plastic bracelets.

Photo of hipster guys

Hipster Hairstyles

The hipster haircut is easy to perform – the process does not require much effort. Girls, unlike guys, have a bunch on the top, and men are recommended to add volume to their hair. Representatives of this trend welcome thick bangs, fashionable haircuts, hair accessories. You can make some light curls or a pile, which will depict a small mess on the head. Combined with stylish things, it looks interesting..

A hipster guy is usually bearded and with a mustache. Creating a touch of negligence is important, but facial hair should be carefully looked after. In each guy’s bathroom, you can find small combs, oils, beard sprays. To create interesting photos for their Instagram, the guys weave wildflowers, but after a photo shoot they are sure to get them.

What do hipsters listen to

We can say that hipster fashion requires them to be experts in all areas of art. Hipstota always follows trendy trends, but music plays a special role. She sets the direction, creates the atmosphere. Every hipster will look for a good but unknown band that is worthy of attention. You can’t surprise your friends with a famous song, but the new track of the indie group will give a unique sound, it will delight you with the text.

You can find artist tracks only on the Internet: they are not published on discs or records, they are not played on the radio. Fashionistas listen to a variety of performers of all nationalities. Young people are not guided by ratings; they try to judge with impartiality. If you want to determine if this is a hipster group, ask friends about it. If no one heard of her, you’re on the right track.

Hipster Movies

If you still do not understand who hipsters are, you can take the time to watch movies in which the characters belong to this style. Ribbons do not appear too often, and a list of paintings belonging to this genre will help you find your way. Watch this movie:

  • “Adolescence”;
  • “Imaginary love”;
  • “Do not give up”;
  • “It”;
  • “Submarine”;
  • Ruby Sparks
  • Kingdom of the Full Moon.

Frame from the movie Ruby Sparks

How to become a hipster

Some people interested in this area want to join it. The hipster style for girls and guys does not have any very strict rules. You do not need to join a club or society, you just need to adhere to the basic conditions:

  1. Have a sense of style. If your appearance does not fit into the framework of hipsterism, then you will not be accepted into the company.
  2. Hipster follows the look. Pretended negligence of style conceals lengthy procedures for the care of skin, hair and clothing. You can’t just become untidy: you need to deal with appearance.
  3. Support the little-known manufacturers. Hipsters do not like corporations, call them soulless. Small companies do everything with more love, so they deserve attention.
  4. Hipsters love old things. Find something that will be truly “vintage”: a bicycle, a hat, a camera.
  5. For guys, a lush, well-groomed beard will be an “entrance ticket” to the world of hipsters.
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