How do nipple piercings – the choice of jewelry, the cost and procedure, contraindications

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In the desire to decorate themselves with an unusual way and a beautiful accessory, people often choose nipple piercing, although the procedure cannot be called pleasant and the puncture itself requires careful care. As a rule, this type of bodymodification is considered mostly female and is made at a young age. In addition to visual factors, it is necessary to take into account the effect of the procedure on health and individual parameters. In addition, deciding on any piercing, you must contact a trusted master who works in hygienic conditions.

What is a nipple piercing?

The concept of beauty is understood by each person in their own way and that which attracts one, the other only repels. Nipple piercing can not be called a way of self-expression in its usual sense, because not everyone is allowed to see jewelry in such an intimate place. It represents a horizontal or vertical longitudinal puncture into which any accessory is inserted. In fact – this is nothing more than an open wound, which at least at first is treated with utmost responsibility, not forgetting to comply with the instructions of the master.

Why pierce the nipples

Fashion trends, forcing people to change their appearance in various ways, got to the most intimate parts of the body. Punctured nipples can only be seen by a loved one if this is not done to shock the public. There is an opinion that women who have pierced in this place increase sexual sensitivity. However, to verify this, the puncture must heal well. In addition, people of both sexes in some cases in this way try to correct the imperfections of the nipples and the shape, for example, their asymmetry or excessive bulge.

Varieties of Piercing

For example, you can pierce your ears in dozens of different ways that almost any skilled craftsman is able to produce. Nipple piercing does not differ in a huge number of varieties, but gives some choice:

  • Puncture behind the nipple. Piercing is done behind a pigmented area..
  • Areola puncture. The hole extends a few millimeters below the nipple.
  • Piercing the nipple itself. Everything is very clear here – the decoration is inserted into the papilla itself.
  • Different focus. Nipples allow you to experiment with the direction of the hole into which the jewelry will then be inserted. There are horizontal, vertical and diagonal types of piercings.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry

This slightly risky method of bodymodification, like any other, is conceived for wearing beautiful accessories. Their choice largely depends on the type of piercing. As for the metals from which jewelry is made, immediately after the puncture it is better to give preference to titanium. In the future, you can choose accessories from bioplastics, gold or silver. The following varieties are distinguished, on the basis of which decorations for nipples are made:

  • Rods. They can be of different lengths, with balls or points at the ends.
  • Rings. The diameter is selected individually, depending on the convenience.

Nipple piercing rods

How to pierce the nipples

Often, one thought of a painful procedure stops a person from having a piercing. It hurts to pierce the nipples depends only on your pain threshold and the skills of the master. It is important that the tool, which is a long needle, is sanitized. The risk of infection then can be reduced at times. The process itself is as follows:

  1. The nipple is treated with a special disinfectant solution, with which it will be possible to avoid infection through an open wound.
  2. If the client wishes, anesthesia with ointments or sprays containing lidocaine is performed..
  3. The nipple is brought into a state of excitement. Marked point for subsequent puncture.
  4. You can perform a puncture with a needle with a decoration immediately attached to it or insert it later.


Piercing of any complexity is accompanied by wound care procedures. It is recommended to check with the master who completed the work how to care for the nipple during the recovery period. General rules are as follows:

  • After piercing, the nipples must be treated with an antiseptic and the procedure repeated for several days in the form of compresses. At first you may feel uncomfortable – this is normal.
  • Cover the nipple with a bandage for seven days, and a band-aid over it. Change the design several times a day.
  • Women should not wear a tight bra, and clothes should be made from natural fabrics..
  • Try not to pull the jewelry until the puncture is formed to the end.
  • Exclude swimming in the pool and open water after a month piercing.

How does healing work?

Slight inflammation is the price of piercing in the first few weeks. It arises regardless of the quality of the work performed and how exactly the master pricked. Puncture of the nipples can lead to a small swelling, which should gradually subside. In addition, small crusts and the release of light liquid also take place after the piercing. The healing process lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 months.

Probable complications

The desire to transform and decorate yourself with piercing often leads to disastrous results and makes you see a doctor. Among them stand out:

  • Wrong piercing. Turning to an untested master, you risk adding a decent handful of problems to your life, which threatens to worsen your health. Not only will the inserted jewelry gradually shift, but also the channels can be significantly deformed.
  • Infection. When choosing a salon, you should carefully consider its cleanliness and compliance with sanitary standards. If this is neglected, the probability of infection of the wound becomes high. If pus starts to stand out from the puncture site, this is an occasion to sound the alarm and consult a doctor.
  • Rejection decoration. A person’s allergy to a particular metal can occur after piercing in the form of itching and rash, which cause a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Girls with pierced nipples

Consequences of Piercing

If necessary, jewelry from the nipples can be pulled out and after a while they will heal. However, it is better to weigh the pros and cons of piercing before going to the master. In addition to the deformation of the nipples, the likelihood of infection and allergies to the metal, there are less dangerous consequences that can also help decide on the need for piercing:

  • For a long time, the contact of the nipples with the clothes will cause discomfort. Unlike body piercings, friction cannot be avoided..
  • If you pierce your nipples in the summer, then you can temporarily forget about swimming in ponds. With a wound open after piercing, do not immerse in not too clean water.
  • The piercing is accompanied by secretions that can last longer than a week, catch by surprise and stain clothes.

Is breastfeeding possible?

In online communities, there is often a war between mothers who are opposed to bodymodifications in intimate places and girls who have pierced nipples. Regardless of the common belief, if you do the piercing, the breasts will also be adapted to feeding the baby. The thing is the porous structure of the nipple itself, through which milk is secreted. A puncture only affects a small part. A few months before the appearance of the baby, it is recommended to remove the decoration, but you can do without it. Re-piercing in the same place will be impossible.


Despite the seeming harmlessness of the procedure, it is not shown to everyone. There are diseases and circumstances in which piercing is strictly prohibited. Among them:

  • bleeding disorder;
  • diabetes;
  • skin diseases of any type;
  • exacerbation of a chronic ailment;
  • hepatitis B and C;
  • colds accompanied by fever;
  • state of intoxication;
  • menstruation period;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergy to pain medication when using anesthesia.


How much it costs to pierce the nipples depends on the region and the pricing of a particular salon. Too low cost of piercing in comparison with competitors should alert, but too high is often not an indicator of quality. In Moscow, the price breakdown looks like this:



Nipple puncture

3000 rubles on average


from 300 rubles


from 500 rubles

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