How to choose a device for enhancing hearing – an overview of devices with features, functions and prices

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All the wonders of the world around us are available to us thanks to the senses, among which one of the main is hearing. With its violation, the beauty of the universe dies out for a person. Achievements of modern medicine allow hearing impaired people to overcome such difficulties. Currently, inexpensive hearing aids are available for sale that have a pleasant appearance, and those who need them can easily choose the suitable one among those offered by the best manufacturers.

What is a hearing aid?

This is the name of the device, the main purpose of which is to amplify the sounds entering the human ear. There are different models and types. The device perceives sound, amplifies it, converts it taking into account frequency and dynamic requirements. When you first contact a specialist, the task will be to choose the right type of device and determine which is required in a particular case.

Hearing aid in the palm of your hand

How does it work

The principle of operation of the devices is the same for any models. A hearing aid is a type of electronic device that contains a microphone that picks up sounds, converts them into an electrical signal and sends them to an amplifier. After that, a more powerful signal arrives at the receiver, a sound source that emits it loudly, accurately and clearly. Modern devices consist of a large number of components that can be customized to the needs of the user and having different operating modes.

Hearing Aid Device Diagram

Types of Hearing Aids

They differ in how they are attached to the ear and how they reproduce sound. There are behind-the-ear models and in-ear models. Devices can process the signal digitally or analogously. Devices manufactured by digital technology represent the latest generation. They can be configured using a computer. There are differences in the way the sound is reproduced. Some of them use bone type conductivity. Suitable if hearing impairment is conductive.

Air conduction apparatus is appropriate for any degree of hearing impairment. The sound in them is made through a special insert. Self-selection of the device will be difficult. It is better to contact an audiologist for help. Often used in-channel devices, invisible from the outside. In order to make other people’s speech more legible, some of them have a directional microphone and are designed to perceive sounds coming from a person standing in front of.

Hearing Aid Classification

Modern hearing aids

Medical workers are working tirelessly to improve hearing aids. The market is constantly updated with new products that differ in power and design, prices for hearing aids are also presented different. Most popular devices:

  1. SA-950

Price: 3500 r.

SA-950 is a small-sized in-ear unit. The device has all the necessary functions to compensate for hearing loss. Included: the device itself, case, three earbuds, charging unit.


  • Sound amplified up to 40 dB.
  • Weight about 10g.
  • Auto noise reduction.
  • Long battery life.


  • There are contraindications.
  1. Cyber ​​sonic

Price: 1 020 r.

Belongs to the class behind the ear and is suitable for people with minor hearing loss. The analog device has a curved shape, due to which it is fixed tightly on the ear. Suitable for the elderly.


  • Volume control.
  • High quality sound.
  • Easy to handle and manage.


  • There is no variety of functions that are available in digital devices.
  1. Siemens Motion 101 sx

Price: 27000 r.

The device belongs to the category of BTE. Manufacturer: Siemens. The device is automated, which saves the user from having to configure any functions.


  • Voice Focus Auto.
  • SoundSmoothing, sharp sound reduction function.
  • No whistle.
  • Wind and noise reduction.


  • No enhanced treble.
  • Does not remember the acoustic environment.
  1. Phonak Virto Q90 13

Price: 140 000 r.

The device is in-ear, premium. Manufacturer: Swiss company Phonak. The device uses wireless technology, produces amplification up to 70 dB. The powerful digital apparatus has twenty channels for sound processing. Able to highlight the desired sounds.


  • Noise and Feedback Elimination.
  • Wireless type of work.
  • Catches speech in the wind.
  • Binaural narrow beam system with its own algorithm for processing the sound environment (auto StereoZoom).
  • System of gradual amplification of a signal (auto acclimatization).


  • High price.
  1. Bernafon Nevara 1-CPx

Price: 26 000 rubles.

A powerful mid-range behind-the-ear unit. Manufacturer: Bernafon company. The external hearing aid is suitable for people with varying degrees of hearing loss. Bernafon is capable of working equally well in a quiet and noisy sound environment..


  • Feedback Suppression (AFC Plus).
  • Noise Reduction (ANR Plus).
  • Speech Cue Priority.
  • It’s very easy to set up the device.


  • Not detected.

Bernafon Nevara 1-CPx hearing aid


The cheapest type of hearing aids. Being simple, it has poor sound quality and can be inconvenient. Devices of this type increase the volume of sounds, but change and do not process them. They do not filter out sounds and frequencies, do not improve quality, do not have additional settings, sometimes a person cannot parse what he heard.

Hearing Aid Analog


There is a programmable chip that requires individual configuration. Devices of this type can make any sound changes. They analyze the sound signals arriving to them, adjust the frequencies and volume, react to changes that occur in the surrounding sound environment. They have a noise reduction system that eliminates feedbacks as well. Completely digital devices can not only amplify and clean the sound coming from outside, but also change it.

Types of Digital Hearing Aids


It has a separate housing in which a microphone, amplifier and battery. The device’s phone and earbud fit in your ear. Devices of this type have good parameters in terms of power and sound purity, since the microphone and the phone are far away due to Bluetooth technology. The handheld device is capable of amplifying low sound frequencies, is able to distinguish speech from noise, has volume settings.

Pocket Hearing Aid


The device has a plastic case and fits completely into the human ear. The device is made according to the cast of the ear canal. The in-ear devices are fully automatic, but in some cases they have a volume control and a “T” switch. Doctors warn that in-ear models are not suitable for people with chronic otitis media and middle ear diseases.

Hearing Aid

Behind the ear

Mounted behind the ear, has an insert, sometimes located on a tube on which the sound source is attached. Such devices are characterized by high power and are used in case of serious hearing loss. Due to their large size, they have more features. The full-fledged operation of such a device is possible only with an ideal fit for the owner’s auricle. The device’s tube is soft, resilient. On the case there is a “T” type switch, as well as a wheel or lever volume control.

Behind-ear hearing aid in girl’s ear


It has the smallest size of all and is installed deep in the ear canal. Sound quality is recognized as high. There are a number of benefits associated with deep ear placement. Such miniature devices are not affected by wind noise, it is much easier to use a cell phone with them. When using intra-channel devices with greater certainty, you can determine the direction of the sound source, the distance to it. The device is fully automatic.

The layout of the in-ear hearing aid

For children

The choice of device for a growing organism is based on the results of an audiometric examination. A specialist will select a device for enhancing hearing, based on the technical characteristics, and adjust, taking into account the characteristics of a small patient. Doctors always believe that an individual liner made specifically for the child will be better. The device will hold better, and the tightness of fit will ensure its normal functioning.

Girl with a hearing aid for children

How to choose a hearing aid

In most cases, the need for a device for enhancing hearing occurs in people in old age. When buying, you should consider the following points:

  • Older people are more sensitive, which increases the time to adapt to the device.
  • A device that is small or too complicated may not be acceptable. The simpler it is, the better. The best choice would be the behind-the-ear units, easy to operate..
  • The power of the device must be accurately calculated, too loud sound can lead to an increase in deafness.

For children, the selection criteria differ:

  • In-ear devices are not suitable: children grow quickly, the device will often have to be changed.
  • For teenagers, appearance is important, so you can use inconspicuous small models.
  • The main thing when choosing: comfort, sound quality, clarity of speech, it is worth paying attention to the appearance and additional programs last.

Man and woman choose hearing aid

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