How to choose a fur coat in size and quality. Tips for buying a quality natural fur coat

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Every woman will be happy with such a new thing as a fur coat, whether it is a gift or a carefully chosen thing. It is not always worth relying on someone else’s opinion or preference (including the seller), because you are ready to pay a lot of money. In order not to miscalculate, you should pay attention even to small details. Learn how to choose the right coat.

How to choose a fur coat

The choice of a fur coat should be based not only on cost. Winter is a cold season, so the new thing should warm its owner well. When buying, you still need to decide whether you can wear a heavy coat or prefer a less warm, but light. For example, if you have to get to work on foot for a long time, you need nutria furs, muskrats, squirrels, a ferret – they will warm you up without too much shoulder loading. The most severe are the skins of an otter, sable, arctic fox. By the ability to warm a person, fur coats can be divided as follows:

  • The warmest products are made from the skins of the fox, fox, raccoon, sable and beaver.
  • Mink, chinchilla, astrakhan fur keep temperature worse.
  • Rabbit or groundhog suitable only for areas with warm winters.
  • Gopher or hamster furs do not warm at all, but they are also rare.
  • Faux fur coats are not suitable for cold weather, they are scared to go out in extreme frost.

Girl chooses a fur coat

Tailoring fur coats

It so happens that the thing you like is not suitable in size or there is nothing that you want – then it is convenient to order an individual tailoring of a fur coat. Such services are offered by many good ateliers, fur salons. To order, you must provide your measurements, photos of the desired model, and it is also important to specify the type of fur that you like most. The terms of the order, the full cost and other details will be reported to you almost immediately, but you will have to come to the fitting several times.

Which model to choose

When determining the model of a fur coat, it is important to take into account the features of the figure of the woman who will wear it:

  • Full women are not recommended to dwell on long items with a pile; a flared fur coat to the knee will be a good option.
  • Full-breasted ladies with narrow hips should emphasize the waist with a belt.
  • A graceful, short girl would like a fur coat to the middle of the thigh, do not visually shorten her legs with long products.
  • Tall slender women are free to choose any model.

Sable fur

Below are the modern options:

  • The classic fur coat is long, trapezoidal or flared to the bottom. There is a hood or is decorated with a magnificent collar.
  • Bell – medium-length product (to the knees) with a flared bottom in the form of a circle. May have a hood, stand-up collar and different types of sleeve decoration.
  • Manto – a long coat up to 110 cm, has a trapezoidal shape.
  • Jacket – short (to the hip) outerwear with trim on the sleeves, collar, with or without belt.
  • Fur coat with odor without fasteners, fixed only with a belt.
  • Sheepskin coat is a fur coat that has fur inside and not outside. There are different styles.

Fur quality

When wondering which fur coat is best to choose, the buyer should carefully examine the fur of the product for its quality. The first thing to check is density. Good manufacturers buy pelts collected only in winter, because in the summer animals molt, their fur is not so thick and beautiful. It is worth stroking the fur coat against the wool to make sure there is a down without gaps, bald patches. You can even twitch the fur: the pile should not get enough sleep, otherwise the product will constantly fade, and in a couple of years there will be three fibers from the gorgeous thing.

The skins can be overdried, but it can be checked easily, just shake the coat. The absence of a rattling sound (like oilcloth) indicates high quality. Unpainted skins have white skin, if you want an extraordinary color, checking the quality of the paint will not be out of place: it’s worth holding a white handkerchief over the wool and making sure that there are no stains on it.

What coat to buy

After solving the question of which fur coat style to choose (suitable for your figure), once again you need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fur. Since childhood, many women have a cherished dream – a mink coat. Some consider her the queen of furs, but there are other great options. Some products (based on natural skin) are not inferior, neither in warmth, nor in price or quality. The main advice for someone who asks how to choose a fur coat – do not rush, an expensive purchase should last a long time, bringing only pleasure.

Woman chooses a mink coat

From mink fur

You can choose a mink coat of different colors. The variety of assortment is caused by great demand, because many want to buy this valuable fur – it is considered an indicator of wealth, goes well with gold jewelry. For women who prefer skirts and dresses, long items are ideal. If you wear pants or jeans, it is better to stay on short models. And the colors are simple:

  • The most affordable are light and dark brown shades..
  • Next come painted in gray, blue, beige tones..
  • White (natural), black (with a purple tint) fur is the most expensive.

Beaver fur coat

The skin of this animal has moisture resistance (the beaver becomes even more fluffy in the rain), it is worn for a long time and warms well, but prices for products from this fur are affordable for many. When buying, pay attention to the luster and rich color of the pile, the tendency to fall out. From the inside, the fur coat should have a well-stitched liner, because the quality of the product is not only in its appearance. After you stroke the fur, the pile should return to its original position, and the bald spot should not even be under the sleeves or on the collar.

Muton coat

The advantages of muton fur can be considered moisture resistance, long time socks, good thermal insulation, cost. In appearance, a muton fur coat is able to compete with the Arctic fox, mink, and other expensive furs. Before buying, it is recommended to feel the pile, check the seams, the quality of the color. Make sure that the pieces of leather are stitched together, not glued. It is recommended to stop on a thing that sits well on the figure, does not press, does not press its weight on the shoulders.

Girl in a fur coat from Mouton

From sable

The fur of this amazing animal is incredibly silky, shiny, which is why many ladies adore it. In order not to get a painted marten under the guise of a sable, do not hesitate to carefully probe, even smell the product. You will not find such delicate fur anywhere else, the skin from the inside (mezdra) should also be soft. The absence of any chemical odors is a good sign. Sable fur coat is very light, it should allow free, easy to move. The high price should also make it clear that before you is the natural fur of the desired animal. Cheap sable fur coats are just nowhere to be found.

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