How to look like a millionaire when you don’t have a million dollars

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The question of how to look expensive and well-groomed at a low salary worries many. This is not really difficult. It is enough to build a reasonable balance between your desires and opportunities and pay attention to details. So you learn how to spend wiser, while looking like a million, without deviating from the requirements of style.

The “three times” rule

Expensive clothing

Every man should have at least one perfect suit, every woman should have a great jacket with a suitable skirt or trousers. To look good without compromising your wallet, follow a simple rule. Get three times less clothes than now, but spend three times as much on things. Instead of buying three pairs of cheap pants, get one, but expensive and high-quality.

Pay attention to every little thing

Stylish clothes

Come to your image comprehensively. Do not limit yourself to clothing and haircuts. Everything is important: from accessories to the workplace and phone case. Every little thing should serve as a continuation of the professional image..

Dress according to your professional field, but add accents

Stylish ties

It is not necessary to emphasize individuality in the workplace too. If you work in finance, dress conservatively, in technology, in casual style. Adhere to the trend set by the leadership. At the same time, dilute the image with interesting and unique details – unusual glasses, a tie with an unobtrusive, but original print.

“Everyday” is not equal to “sloppy”

Casual style

Casual style, unlike business style, is more difficult to describe. Many perceive the word “everyday” as “not requiring attention”. In fact, this style is simply less strict. For example, you can take off your jacket and roll up your sleeves, replace your pants in a suit with well-fitting jeans. Get a stylish look, but not as official.

More accurate with perfume


The aroma should not distract from what the person is saying. If you smell your perfume or cologne, then you’ve done too much. In some countries, for example, France and Italy, the rule does not work: it is customary to generously use expensive perfumes.

Do not let “punctures” undermine confidence

You can look cool and impress only by feeling confident and stylish. Nothing undermines confidence more than focusing on thoughts of a flaw. People may not notice a button coming off a jacket until you start thinking too much about it and unwittingly attract attention. If even a nuisance has occurred, do not let it ruin your mood and undermine your confidence..

Dress correctly to appear taller

The right clothes for low

Unconsciously, others are looking for leaders among tall people, as they associate growth with authority and power. So, low women should wear high-heeled shoes, men should choose dark-colored suits to appear more domineering. Also, people of short stature should prefer tight-fitting plain clothes.

Get enough sleep to keep your complexion healthy

Affordable luxury is not only stylish clothes, but also a healthy and flowering appearance. Adjust the mode to get enough sleep at night. You can even keep a diary by correlating the number of hours of rest with productivity the next day. Lie down and get up at the same time. Weekend is no exception.

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