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Fashion trends go away and come back, so few people may be surprised that ripped shorts and jeans are again on the world catwalks. Such things are especially relevant in the summer. Paradoxically, the price of worn jeans is higher than usual, so girls are often interested in ways to make them yourself, rather than buy.

How to make jeans frayed at home

Such a stylish appearance of the product can be obtained as a result of chemical or mechanical intervention. The specific method is selected depending on the effect that the designer wants. On male models, mostly light wear is created, like an old, actively worn item. Female products are much more diverse: large holes and small cuts, elongated threads.

Shabby jeans

Professionals distinguish 4 options:

  • Shabby areas or brush-effect.
  • Inconsistent folds as an imitation of a crumpled thing.
  • Fine holes with elongated thread.
  • Big torn trousers.

An interesting way to create cool effects on torn jeans is to wash with various tricks:

  • the addition of bleach for streaks;
  • stones of varying degrees of grinding for scuffs;
  • preliminary cooking for color change;
  • the introduction of coloring components.

How to make worn jeans with a crochet hook

An energy-intensive method that requires perseverance, but the result is very beautiful. Try not to scuff your knees, otherwise they may turn into holes. In the absence of a hook, you can take the spreader. This method, how to make scuffs on jeans, is relevant for female models – men are less likely to get distinct gaps. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Mark the areas to be wiped on dry denim.
  2. Crochet the longitudinal threads, pull and trim.

Torn and frayed jeans on a girl

How to age jeans with sandpaper

A popular budget way that can give a beautiful effect to a long-worn item or give distinctive holes. Suitable for male and female models. To work, you need sandpaper with a small abrasive and any hard, flat surface: board, plywood. The technology is as follows:

  1. Moisten the place where you need to make scuffs.
  2. Fold it and hold it with your fingers or fasten with invisible.
  3. Sandpaper walk through this place until the desired effect is achieved..

How to make bleached jeans with bleach

Obvious holes on the material cannot be obtained in this way, but beautiful color transitions and a feeling of wear due to long wearing jeans are easy! Keep in mind that bleach is a very strong chemical, so you need to arm yourself with gloves and try not to get liquid in your eyes. Follow all basic precautions. For work, in addition to bleach, you need a basin filled with cool water, a sponge or brush, a plank across the width of the legs.

The procedure looks like this:

  1. Combine bleach with water in equal proportions: total volume – about a glass.
  2. Place a plank inside the legs of the workpiece to prevent the liquid from penetrating through the material.
  3. Pour the whitening mixture onto a sponge or brush, apply randomly to the jeans.
  4. Wash off after a few minutes. The exposure time determines the final effect..

Scuffs on women's jeans

How to wipe pumice jeans at home

The principle of operation in this method is almost the same as that painted for sandpaper. The main thing is to choose a good, rough pumice, metal is better. If you are thinking about how to make arbitrary scuffs on jeans, touching a large surface, professionals advise you to twist your legs in a lump before starting work. Similar actions were performed before jeans before cooking. After that, you can proceed according to the standard scheme:

  1. Moisten the leg on one side.
  2. Walk up and down several times.
  3. If you want to enhance the effect, using sandpaper.

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