How to sew a hidden zipper in a dress

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Hidden from the front, hidden clasp on the finished clothes looks great. Sewing this part in your own hands requires certain skills that gradually come with experience. It is important to carefully sew the lock in the dress on the side or back so that it fulfills the intended function, while not causing the product to deform.

How to sew a zipper

A hidden castle is distinguished by the fact that its teeth are inside out, not visible on the right side of the finished dress, skirt. For the manufacture of accessories used nylon spirals, not designed for heavy loads. When stitching parts, it is important to lay a line a millimeter from the teeth, but not touch them. Otherwise, the accessories will deteriorate from the needle that has fallen on the spiral. The fastener should be extended to the lock, and not to the very end. At the preparation stage, you need to process the edges of the product with an overlock. Recommended allowance width – 1.5 cm.

If you need to carefully grind the lock, you do not have to contact the atelier. Following the instructions, you can do it yourself, saving on the price of the service. Before embroidering a hidden zipper in a dress, prepare:

  • threads of a suitable color;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine with a special foot;
  • tailor’s chalk (a dry bar of soap, a simple pencil is suitable);
  • ruler or centimeter;
  • a thin needle, threads of a contrasting color for sweeping;
  • pins
  • iron and ironing board.

Sewing machine

Secret zipper foot

The fastener, which is not visible from the outside, can be sewn on the machine with the help of an ordinary foot, designed for straight stitching or zigzag. Nevertheless, before carefully stitching a hidden zipper in a dress, it is better to purchase a special tool. The foot for hidden locks is provided with grooves or grooves on the sole. Thanks to this design, the element is straightened during operation, the needle makes punctures in the vicinity of the spiral. The line is smooth, neat.

A foot for attaching a hidden lock is not always included with the machine, especially for low-cost models. The device can be purchased at the sewing store separately. There are metal and plastic pads. The former are distinguished by reliability, the latter by a relatively low price. The device comes with a leg and is mounted on a screw. Another option is a removable sole.

Sewing threads

Before embroidering a secret zipper, you need to pick up the threads in the tone of the fabric and lock. The line will not be visible on the right side. However, the inside of the product must be neat. Material quality matters. Old threads left over from Soviet times should not be used for sewing. The store has a wide selection of excellent quality material at an affordable price. The thickness should match the canvas. Thin threads are suitable for light material, for stronger – stronger.

Sewing thread

How to choose the secret lock

Before you embroider a secret zipper in a dress, you need to choose accessories. She must be:

  • Suitable in color. The braid of the sewn lock is visible only from the inside. On the front side, only the “dog” is noticeable, which should not stand out.
  • A few centimeters longer than the sewing line.
  • Suitable for fabric in thickness. Light material requires a thin part that is not able to deform the product. Thick fabric requires stitching of the lock with thick teeth.
  • High quality. When buying, it is important to make sure that the part functions without difficulty..

The price of a hidden zipper for a dress

Suitable accessories can be found in any department where sewing products are presented, or inexpensively bought in an online store. The cost of a fastener for a dress depends on its length, external design, manufacturing company, quantity of goods purchased at a time:

Clasp Length (cm)

Price breakdown (rubles)















How to sew an invisible zipper into the middle seam of the back

The location of the fittings at the back prevents things from skewing, and is recommended for lightweight fabrics. How to sew a zipper in a dress on the back? Your actions:

  1. mark the seam line on the inside before embroidering a secret lock;
  2. unscrew allowances;
  3. place the opened fastener with your face on the allowances so that the cloves coincide with the center line of the back;
  4. notice the element starting at the neck;
  5. follow the line on the left by bending the denticles;
  6. lay the seam on the right, starting from the top;
  7. close the clasp;
  8. sweep the cuts on the back from the bottom, do the stitching;
  9. iron allowances.

Concealed Zipper Dresses

How to sew a hidden zipper in the side seam of a dress

The side-mounted lock is convenient for unfastening. How to sew a zipper? Do the following:

  1. Mark the boundaries of the stitching before inserting the zipper.
  2. Sweep the seam, sew the stitches before and after.
  3. Flatten the connection.
  4. Pin the accessories with the wrong side pins.
  5. Sweep the sides.
  6. Try on a thing. Make changes if necessary.
  7. Stitch the castle.
  8. Make a side seam.
  9. Remove Temporary Stitches.
  10. Iron the sewn part.

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