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Recently, costume characters have gained great popularity. For this, the artists dress in the so-called kigurumi, which have become popular among ordinary people, both adults and children. Kigurumi are original pajama costumes in the form of cartoon characters, animals and various characters of fairy tales. Very popular are the models of Winnie the Pooh, Pikachu, dinosaurs, dogs, elephants, etc. As for the origin of the name, the Japanese word “Kigurumi” came about due to a mixture of two words: wear (kiru) and stuffed toy (nuigurumi).

Kigurumi materials

If in Russia this type of clothing began to appear relatively recently, then among the population of Japan it has become a real trend in modern youth fashion. Having decided to find an option in the form of a hero from a cartoon or just an animal, pay attention to the material of manufacture. Product quality largely depends on it. You can order a suitable option with mail delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in a specialized online store. Read more about manufacturing materials:

  • Fleece. Initially, kigurumi were made from this material, which is of high quality, excellent water-repellent, breathable characteristics. The fleece is very pleasant to the touch and soft, it can hold its original shape well and does not cause allergies. The denser the material, the better. Fleece kigurumi are expensive, but their cost is quite consistent with their quality.
  • Velosoft. This material is a modern development that has made Japanese pajamas more accessible to consumers. The quality of velosoft is inferior to the fleece, but costs an order of magnitude cheaper. The disadvantage of this material is that the overalls do not hold their shape and even slightly sag. Moreover, such products are soft and pleasant to the touch, and also do not crumple.

Kigurumi species

Actors who dress up in anime kigurumi are called animegao (from the words “anime” and “kao” – face) or doller (from the English doll – doll). Dollers in Japanese cities often perform on stage, in films, on television shows, and participate in promotions. This type of cosplay (dressing up in the costumes of famous characters) has become very popular in Asia since 1980. He began to attract considerable interest in the USA, Canada, and European countries. This direction began to develop in Russia since about 2008 thanks to the efforts of the Hikarinaki doller.

There is also a type of kigurumi such as “disguise pajamas”. These pajamas are for non-commercial use and are considered part of Japanese street fashion. The carriers of such clothes are called kigurumin. Japanese pajamas approximately correspond to the proportions of a person. The models presented in Russia are very warm: in winter they can be used for snowboarding or skiing, and in spring or autumn you can just walk along the streets, enjoying the magnificent atmosphere of your city.

Currently, girls and guys dressed in bright and original kigurumi can be found not only on the streets of Japan, but also in Europe. They began to enjoy popularity in ski resorts. Soft fleece outfits are easily worn over ski suits, providing extra warmth. Fans of winter sports look bright and interesting in them. In addition, buying a kigurumi will be a great alternative to a carnival costume..

Japanese pajamas differ from each other mainly in their workmanship and appearance. Separately, warm options common in Russia and summer pajamas are distinguished. The latter consist of a light hood, which is the “chip” of the suit and depicts a muzzle with the head of one of the characters or an animal, a light suit with short sleeves, shorts (pants). This set provides the owner with ease of movement and a comfortable state in any summer weather..

Fabrics that are pleasant to the touch and loose fit make summer suits fun, original and spacious clothing for any occasion. Summer tansy is an excellent gift for all those who value the opportunity to be bright at the same time and at the same time not to lose the feeling of comfort throughout the day. This option is ideal for a beach party, a flash mob on the streets, a home party or a quiet cozy evening. In any case, the summer kigurumi will please both its owner and his environment.

Children in kigurumi


Kigurumi is convenient in that such clothes can be worn on top of everyday clothes on especially cold days or dressed as an unusual costume for a party. This is often called a pajamas-jumpsuit with a hood, which is popular due to the fact that it is cozy, warm, comfortable and very soft. People dressed in kigurumi like to amuse passers-by there, especially children, charging everyone with their positive mood. A wide range of such clothes is offered by the Cosbus manufacturer. Among his products, you can find costumes in the form of a variety of animals, for example, a unicorn:

  • Model Name: Rainbow Unicorn;
  • price: 2690 p.;
  • characteristics: colors – white, blue, gender – unisex, material – velsoft, tail – medium, there is a horn;
  • pluses: brightness, originality, does not constrain movement;
  • cons: no.

Cosbus Lemur is a costume that will create for you an image of one of the most mysterious, beloved animals from Madagascar. It is suitable for any event, it will be cozy and comfortable both indoors and in the winter forest, on the ski slope:

  • model name: Lemur;
  • price: 2490 p.;
  • characteristics: colors – white, gray, floor – unisex, material – velsoft, tail – long;
  • pluses: a vivid image, wrinkled material, is relatively cheap;
  • cons: no.

Cosbus Kumamon Bear is a bear costume from Japanese culture, which is associated with many comics, memes on the Internet. This option is ideal for those who want to stand out at a particular event:

  • model name: Kumamon Bear;
  • price: 2490 p.;
  • characteristics: color – black, gender – unisex, material – velsoft, tail – no;
  • pluses: it is inexpensive, the original option, does not hinder the movement;
  • cons: not a bright image.

Kigurumi Unicorn and LemurCosbus

Funky ride

If your child is a fan of the famous animated series “Lilo and Stitch”, then take a look at the children’s stig kigurumi from the FUNKY RIDE brand. This bright fleece suit with a hood on the lace for a secure fit will delight any baby. It is recommended to wash it at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. The product does not lose color, shape, does not crease and does not require ironing:

  • model name: Stitch Funky Ride;
  • price: 3899 r.;
  • characteristics: floor – unisex, there is a hood, black buttons, removable mittens on the sleeves;
  • pluses: high-quality, perfectly holds the original form;
  • cons: the need for gentle washing, is expensive.

Donkey Ia is a soft fleece kigurumi costume for children, which is the image of a donkey from a Disney cartoon. The product is high-quality, does not require ironing and keeps its shape well:

  • model name: Donkey Eeyore;
  • price: 3899 r.;
  • characteristics: floor – unisex, there is a warm hood with ears, side pockets, buttons, removable gloves;
  • pluses: workmanship, does not lose color, shape;
  • cons: gentle washing, high cost.

Check out another Funky Ride product, Jake Adventure time. This button-down jumpsuit looks like a character from the movie “Adventure Time”. It is great for active pastime, for example, for skiing, ice skating, snowboarding:

  • model name: Jake Adventure time;
  • price: 3899 r.;
  • characteristics: floor – unisex, color – yellow, there is a hood with laces for fixing;
  • pluses: bright appearance, convenience, high-quality material, no need to iron;
  • cons: stringent requirements for washing (about 40 degrees), not the most affordable cost.

Steamy Pajamas Stich Funky Ride


You can buy Japanese pajamas in the form of any animal from the Futujama brand. A good option is the “Rabbit” – this model has a universal size, due to which it is suitable for both men and women. The costume has a cotton lining, which is decorated with a muzzle of a hare with a blush and long ears. Sleeves, legs are supplemented by cuffs:

  • model name: Jake Adventure time;
  • price: 2990 r.;
  • characteristics: floor – unisex, tail – small, colors – hot pink, gray, material – fleece, fastener – zipper, country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: practicality in a sock, the initial look lasts a long time;
  • cons: no.

Another warm, comfortable option from Futujama is the “Tiger” made of lightweight breathable fleece, optimal for socks at any time of the year. The material absorbs moisture well, does not irritate the skin and is not removed. This kigurumi is suitable for any festival:

  • model name: Tiger;
  • price: 3390 r.;
  • characteristics: floor – unisex, tail – long, colors – orange, material – fleece, fastener – zipper, purpose – summer, demi-season, country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: practical, very bright, comfortable;
  • cons: a little expensive.

For Pokemon fans, the kigurumi in the form of the fantastic character “Pikachu” will be an interesting choice. The hood of the costume is decorated with oblong ears that end in black tips and applique muzzle with pink cheeks. The product is intended for both adults and children:

  • model name: Tiger;
  • price: 2990 r.;
  • characteristics: gender – unisex, tail – zigzag, material – velvet fleece, color – yellow, country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: it is not picky in leaving, does not give in to a shrinkage, well keeps heat;
  • cons: no.

Tiger model

Handy wear

Another famous manufacturer of Japanese pajamas is Handy-Wear. For the child, the Dragon Dragon jumpsuit made of fleece will be the best choice. Clothing does not sit and stretch. There is a snap closure on the front. The sleeves of the product are long with elastic cuffs made of cotton, cut wide with a low waist, and the hood has an embroidery:

  • model name: Dragon Riachrd;
  • price: 2890 r.;
  • characteristics: for children, season – multi, colors – red, yellow, material composition – 65% polyester, 30% cotton, 5% lycra, lining – 100% cotton, country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: it doesn’t sit, keeps its shape well, bright, does not hinder movement;
  • cons: for a baby product is expensive.

Another interesting option from HandyWear is “Bear Lupik” pajamas. Like the previous version, this option is made of fleece, which does not stretch and does not sit:

  • model name: Bear Lupik;
  • price: 2890 r.;
  • characteristics: for children, season – multi, colors – brown, gray, material composition – 65% polyester, 30% cotton, 5% lycra, lining – 100% cotton, clothing details – embroidery, country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: it doesn’t sit, keeps its shape well, bright, does not hinder movement;
  • Cons: for a children’s model is not the most affordable price.

Pay attention to the “Piglet Juju” jumpsuit. Clothing made of high-quality fleece has long sleeves, a fastener on buttons and a wide cut with a low waist:

  • model name: Piglet Susan;
  • price: 2890 r.;
  • characteristics: for children, season – multi, colors – pink, white, material composition – 65% polyester, 30% cotton, 5% lycra, lining – 100% cotton, clothing details – embroidery, color blocks, country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: workmanship, the initial form lasts a long time;
  • cons: expensive for a child’s option.

Dragon richard

How to choose a kigurumi

There are hundreds of kigurumi models on sale, so check out the criteria for choosing the right pajamas. Before buying, pay attention to cut quality, workmanship and size. Equally important is the image, colors. First of all, decide on the goals for which you are going to buy a kigurumi:

  • to lie in it on the couch, to sleep;
  • wear around the house, put on in the country;
  • walk the streets of the city;
  • take part in a party;
  • go skiing, snowboarding or ice skating.

Often buyers are interested: is this model male or female. There is essentially no difference, because Kigurumi for adults are universal. The only difference may be in the characters, who sometimes have a bright belonging to a particular gender. For example, “Girlfriend Stitch Angel” – this is definitely not an option for a guy, and the image of a dragon or a bloodthirsty monster is not quite suitable for a girl. There are no strict rules, because they don’t argue about preferences.

Pay attention to the size of the kigurumi, which are determined by height. In this case, focus on the table – for this you need to at least approximately know your height. Japanese pajamas are initially sewn as loose overalls that do not constrain movements and do not fit. At the same time, keep in mind that if you plan to go in for active leisure activities (for example, skiing), then the size of the kigurumi must be larger than necessary so that you can put it on top of a warm suit. Sizes to match height

  • S: 148-158 cm;
  • M: 159-168 cm;
  • L: 169-178 cm;
  • XL: 179-188 cm.

Decide on the material of manufacture. The most popular, but also expensive option, is fleece. He is very soft, warm. Fleece fabric can “breathe”, so you won’t sweat much in kigurumi. In addition, this material absorbs moisture, holds its shape, does not crease. Fleece density affects the quality and cost of the product. Inexpensive alternative is velsoft. The costume from it does not look so bright, colorful. Due to its lower density, it does not hold its shape so well, but at the same time it does not crease and is pleasant to the touch.

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