Lace underwear – how to choose and what to wear, production materials and rules for care

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The female weapon of mass destruction for men is the seductive lace underwear, which gives any girl confidence in her sexuality and irresistibility. Even if no one sees lace under outerwear, his presence affects the inner sensation of a woman, her self-esteem. However, in order for an intimate wardrobe item to be admired, you need to know how to choose the right lace set and what it can be worn with.

Where and how to wear lace underwear

The main purpose of beautiful lingerie is to cause a romantic mood among the stronger sex, but modern fashion trends offer a number of models that are suitable for everyday wear. From the variety of options offered by manufacturers of openwork products, you can choose those that are suitable for any occasion. For a romantic date, you can combine revealing lace lingerie with stockings. The bride’s outfit will sparkle with new colors if there is an openwork set complemented by a satin bow or pearl under the wedding dress.

It is not necessary to wait for a special occasion in order to pamper yourself with a beautiful lace set. Such underwear can be worn with clothes of strict style, choosing a more closed model, combining it with blouses and business-style skirts. It should be borne in mind that the openwork element of a woman’s wardrobe looks out of place in combination with very tight things, sportswear, thick sweaters.

Women in underwear

Features and specifications

Women’s lace underwear is not just an ordinary wardrobe item, it gives the owner confidence in her attractiveness. Buying a fishnet kit can be compared with taking a potent antidepressant that causes a feeling of euphoria. If earlier this item of women’s wardrobe performed the function of supporting breasts and hygiene, today it is a way to demonstrate your sensuality, seductiveness..

The cost of a set of lace linen depends on the material of manufacture, the complexity of the product, the presence of additional elements and the popularity of the manufacturer. The most expensive and desired product is considered to be whose lace is made by hand. The advantages of manual work are the exclusivity of the model, its exact compliance with the customer’s parameters.

Production material

A beautiful canvas of delicate patterns is made manually or by a machine. One of the most popular materials used to make lace is guipure. The material for creating the thinnest fabric is cotton, silk, viscose yarn. To give the product a luxurious look, synthetic fibers are used – lurex and polyester. A feature of lace underwear made of guipure is its practicality and durability. However, for everyday wear, this type of material is not recommended..

Openwork sets made of natural fabrics such as silk and satin belong to the expensive class of products, but their price is fully justified. This type of fabric allows the skin to breathe, so it can be worn every day. An elite material for sewing lace underwear is the French Chantilly lace, made on a tulle basis. The cost of a set of such material is very high, but in it any girl will feel like a queen.

Color spectrum

A wide range of colors offered by manufacturers provides girls with the opportunity to choose a kit based on their preferences. White lace underwear is considered a classic and is present in the model lines of all manufacturers. White color gives the image of innocence and purity, but if there is a transparent insert at the bottom or top of the kit, the look will become sexy.

Black lace underwear is a favorite of both women and men. The first choose this color because it visually slims, and the second like the contrasting combination of white female skin with black lace. Observations show that the stronger sex more often gives their chosen ones red lace lingerie, which is explained by the influence of this color on the male subconscious, which perceives it as a symbol of emancipation,

Choosing blue or purple colors, the girl is not going to use it as a tool for seduction. Such shades symbolize calm and tranquility, so they are suitable for everyday wear. The pink tone of the product indicates the refinement of nature. This color is chosen by modest and romantic girls who want to emphasize their natural beauty.

Multicolored lace panties

Types of women’s lace underwear

Manufacturers do not stand still and are developing new models. Today, there are many forms and styles of this element of a women’s wardrobe, so it is not difficult to choose a suitable model of openwork female underwear for a specific type of figure. Along with classic sets, lace bodysuits, which are increasingly appearing in the collections of fashion designers, are very popular..


The classic set consists of a bodice and panties, which are presented in various variations. From the proposed models, you can choose both ultramodern and retro styles. A variety of shapes, colors, textures, even a product of classic cut gives uniqueness and seductiveness. Happy owners of a beautiful set should not forget that lace should not peek out from under the clothes – it looks vulgar.

Fine sconces

A bra that does not have bones and foam inserts, and is made only of lace is called bralette. This type of bodice not only looks sexy and attractive, but also very comfortable to wear, especially in summer. You can wear such a product under the dress on the way out, and under everyday clothes. A properly selected form of sconces can hide the imperfections of the figure and emphasize the beauty of the female breast.

Lace panties

The lower part of the openwork set is represented by a wide model range, the most popular model in which are thongs. This type of underwear is suitable for owners of a slender body and toned buttocks. Another great option for slim girls are slip panties, which are characterized by a low rise. In this model, unlike strings, buttocks are covered with lace. Classic panties made of lace or with transparent inserts also look very seductive.

Top bustier

The model of an openwork bra that evokes the most daring fantasies in men is a top bustier. Girls love this style for the opportunity to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. The top bustier in cut resembles a corsage, but has a soft cup with bones. This model is suitable for overweight women with large breasts, and for girls with medium size. The highlight of the top is the lace trim, which gives the female image of mystery and seduction.

Lace Top Bustier

Guipure underwear with shorts

An ideal option for girls with an active lifestyle is a set with shorts. Such panties can be completely made of guipure or have transparent inserts. If you choose the right size, shorts do not constrain movements and are practically not felt. You should wear such an element under loose-fitting clothing, since if the silhouette is tight, the lace can be seen through, which looks unaesthetic.

Thin openwork linen

For a romantic evening, lace underwear made of thin beautiful material is suitable. It is impossible to wear such a kit every day due to its impracticality, but for a special case this is a great option. Elegant weaving will emphasize the smoothness of the skin and the beauty of the body, creating a feeling of weightlessness, fragility. This version of the openwork product implies a complete absence of seeds, inserts, dense fabrics..

Handmade lace underwear

Clothing tailored to order by individual standards is always of high quality and exclusivity. This statement also applies to lace underwear. In the manufacture of items manually used materials of the highest quality. Any master values ​​his reputation, so even the smallest elements of the canvas will be made perfectly. A product made by your standards will fit perfectly. The only drawback of tailoring to order is the cost. Buying an inexpensive exclusive item will not work, but if it is in your wardrobe, it will become your favorite.

How to choose lace underwear

To receive a gift in the form of lace underwear from a loved one is pleasant, but not every man knows exactly the size of his chosen one. To avoid disappointment from the wrong set, the girl should choose a seductive outfit on her own. Correctly selected elements of the kit can beautifully emphasize the shape of the chest and highlight the line of the hips, while the wrong size distorts the proportions of the figure. The main selection criteria are as follows:

  • right size;
  • convenience;
  • purpose of purchase;
  • compatibility with the type of figure.

Woman chooses underwear in the store

Comfort and convenience

Female sexuality is, first of all, self-confidence. It is impossible to look seductive if the thing causes discomfort and stiffness of movements. Going to the fitting room, you should evaluate the selected kit not only from an aesthetic point of view (looking at your reflection in a static pose), but also listen to your feelings. If the bra straps constantly fall off, interfere with free movement, and panties look spectacular, only if you don’t move – such a set will be in the closet after purchase.

Body type

Do not hope that lace underwear will miraculously correct the imperfection of the figure, change its type. If you liked how the openwork kit looks on the model from the advertising poster, this does not mean that it will sit on you in the same way. Thin girls will look more impressive in a multi-layer bodice with ruffles, it will give the image airiness and lightness. Ladies with curvaceous shapes will look advantageous if the linen of cups of the bodice and panties is made of smooth fabric with piquant transparent inserts.

Right size

Even if you know your exact size, a fitting is needed before buying lace underwear. It should be borne in mind that the guipure practically does not stretch and does not hold its own shape. Too large a bodice will look shapeless, and will not be able to support the breast, and too small will make it flat. If the bottom of the openwork kit turns out to be at least a size smaller or larger, it will look ugly, and even the most expensive lace will lose its seductiveness.

Color and pattern lace

When choosing a lace product, an important nuance is the color of the linen. Do not focus on personal color preferences. If you like shades of green – there is no guarantee that they will fit your skin and color type. Classic red color is also far from universal, but you can choose one of its many shades or a model of another color with a red pattern.

During the selection, it is worth considering the purpose of the purchase. If this is some special case, and the product is not planned to be worn under clothes, then you can choose without thinking about compatibility with other wardrobe items. But if you are going to make an openwork set a part of your everyday look, you should think about how it will harmonize with the rest of the elements. When choosing a lace pattern, remember that the larger and larger the ornament, the more it will be visible under clothes.

Lingerie in a box

Rules for choosing lace large sizes

Owners of curvaceous forms should not hide them under boring smooth linen, but in order for the openwork set to look seductive, and not repulsive, you should choose the right style. When choosing lace underwear, women with outstanding shapes should be guided by the following rules:

  • choose a bra on wide straps, this will help to hide folds on the shoulders and better support heavy breasts;
  • the cups of the bodice should be on the bones in order to support the big breast well, lifting it;
  • choose a product made of thin material (dense fabrics further emphasize the shortcomings of the figure);
  • preference should be given to dark shades (black color visually slim);
  • a seductive addition to the image can be a corset with lace inserts, which will make the waist thinner and the silhouette more elegant;
  • Avoid additional details, such as ruffles, bows, frills – this will give additional volume;
  • panties are better to choose with a high rise, hiding the belly.

How to care for lace

In order for lace underwear to retain its shape for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for it. The basic rules, following which you can ensure the long service life of even the thinnest lace, are as follows:

  • wash the lace product preferably with your hands;
  • water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees;
  • if there is no possibility of hand washing, you can use the “delicate” or “manual” mode of the washing machine, but the thing must be put in a special bag;
  • a detergent must be used mild, perfect for children’s clothes;
  • lace should be dried only in air (the use of special dryers is unacceptable, due to the fact that high temperatures adversely affect the thin fabric);
  • for drying, use a flat surface, not a rope and clothespins;
  • ironing lace, especially if synthetic yarns are included, cannot.

Lace care

Where to buy lace underwear

You can buy the desired set in specialized boutiques and stores in Moscow, where models are offered, both at a low price and expensive products from well-known manufacturers. You can order and buy lace underwear in the online store by selecting your favorite option from the proposed catalog, while delivery is often offered for free. Approximate prices for products manufactured by well-known brands are presented in the table:

Manufacturer Country

Price, rubles

Victoria’s secret, America


Agent Provocateur, England


Damaris, France


La Perla, Italy


Corporell, Russia


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