Mohair – what is it, the properties of yarn and the use in knitting clothes and caring for finished products

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Warm, light, fluffy knitwear is widespread, but not everyone knows what mohair is. He comes from Turkey, in the province of Angora goat breeds live, their hairline is considered one of the luxurious types of natural wool, it is soft, soft and warm. Yarn from Angora goat wool has good thermal insulation, retains heat, even in the most severe frosts. Moher is mistakenly called an Angora, but this is another type of fiber with a long pile..

What is mohair

Mohair is the yarn of their wool of angora goats, consisting of long and voluminous fibers with a fluff, the literal translation of the word is “the best goat hair”. Mohair wool – strong, elastic, fireproof, does not crease, is considered a high-quality fiber, costs more than sheep. The content of goat Angora wool in the yarn does not exceed 83%. The natural color of the source material is uniform from white to brown and gray, with a characteristic sheen.

For all time, the Turks have learned not only how to properly raise animals and look after their hair, but also how to use it with success. The material was the best, its huge popularity created a demand for export to other countries. When Turkish wool began to enter the international market, competitors appeared. The first were the Chinese, they supplied their yarn from a breed of wild rabbits, they called it “Angora”.

In response, the Turks came up with their own definition of the type of material – mohair. After a while, Turkey began to lose its leading position, South Africa and America took up the production of yarn. Suitable climatic conditions of the continents for growing goats made it possible to breed a similar breed and produce products from animal hair. The material for everyone turned out different. American – with dense and long fibers, a shiny surface. South African – with a smooth, even surface, and the mohair of the Australians was subtle.


For the manufacture of mohair, woolen hair and a short awn (camp) are used, sometimes it is removed. Due to the specificity of the structure, properties, high price in its pure form, the wool fibers of angora goats are difficult to use. The yarn is mixed with plain wool, acrylic fibers are added, artificial polyamide – a strong, flexible thread is obtained. Hardness levels of wool fibers: adult goats are stiff, young ones have medium, kids up to two years old have the softest and most tender hair.

Mohair hat


Regardless of the variety, Angora goat hair has the following properties:

  • softness;
  • ease;
  • thermal insulation;
  • strength;
  • beautiful color of natural fiber;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • environmental safety of the material;
  • no stall.

Products from mohair, in addition to insulating properties in the winter, absorb moisture well, do not soak the body in heat, and do not give off body heat in the cold period. Due to the lack of grease and smoothness of the hair, it does not cause an allergic reaction, therefore it is suitable as a clothing material for allergy sufferers and young children with sensitive skin.


Mohair yarn is the favorite material of most knitters. Benefits:

  • does not irritate the skin, does not prick;
  • finished products are light, airy;
  • It is considered the warmest in comparison with other wool types of fabrics;
  • finished threads are thin, but durable;
  • the thing does not stretch when worn, easily returns to its original form;
  • it is well painted, it is possible to achieve the desired color or apply a stylish drawing to the product yourself. In its natural form has delicate shades.


In the textile industry there are several types of mohair wool, based on the age of the animal. Each is different in characteristics, used for different purposes..

  • Kid Mohair is an expensive and valuable type of wool, obtained from the hair of kids during their first haircut, under the age of 6 months. The fibers of the yarn are thin, silky, delicate, without an inherent luster. Wool thickness up to 27 microns. This superfine thread is used for the manufacture of: stoles, shawls, jumpers and others. Products made of such wool require special, delicate care..
  • Goating Mohair. In the manufacture of wool from lambs aged from six months to 2 years. Silky, strong yarn with a springy structure. Coat is pleasant to the touch, useful in a sock for health. From it knit easier to care, stable woolen things.
  • Adult Mohair. Get yarn from the wool of adult goats. Not as tender and soft as Kid Mohair, but pleasant to the touch. A dense woven fabric is made of threads for the further production of outerwear. The thickness of the fibers is from 30 microns. Adult Mohair yarn products are very warm, able to maintain their original appearance for a long time.

Yarn Kid Mohair

Areas of use

Mohair threads are used mainly for yarn of warm clothes, when sewing costumes, dresses, coats and elegant clothes. They make of mohair: bedspreads, warm blankets, children’s toys, hair for dolls, create high-quality wigs, upholstery, curtains, carpets. Affordable price only has mixed fiber combined with acrylic thread.

Kid fiber is used to create high-end fabric, and prestigious clothing brands work with it. Goating Mohair is designed for industrial, hand knitting, and is considered high-quality yarn. Warm knitwear never goes out of fashion; yarn based on Angora wool is in demand among knitters. Stylish and special items are obtained from a mohair of natural color with the addition of the finest wool or silk. Adult, Mohair yarn is used to make textile, dense, and woolen products..

Mohair clothes

Mohair is the best yarn in terms of properties, composition, characteristics. To create clothes, you need to choose high-quality and natural wool, then the product will turn out beautiful. With its lightness, mohair is similar to silk, at first glance you might think that the air curtain will be blown, but due to the unique properties of yarn in mohair products it is comfortable in any weather.

Cooling thin clothes made of mohair are very popular. Hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, mohair socks, sweaters, etc. – This is a warm thing with a dense viscous. With the help of openwork drawing, you can create beautiful airy, feminine products – sweaters, scarves, dresses, tunics. Large-knit sweaters match the casual style – casual wear with a focus on practicality and convenience.

Proper care

For products made of mohair to please for a long time with beauty, warmth and appearance, special care and delicate storage are needed. When buying or creating your product, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations. Proper care of clothes made from mohair is an infrequent dry dry cleaning. When wet clothes do not in any case dry the mohair thing on the battery, only natural drying at room temperature is suitable. Stains are removed with a slightly damp sponge or brush..

A mohair product can be washed manually in room temperature water or in a washing machine in the gentle “wool” or “delicate wash” mode, using a laundry bag and detergents specifically designed for wool. After, the thing is slightly squeezed out and straightened on a horizontal surface with a litter that absorbs water. Drying occurs without exposure to sunlight and heat sources. Instead of ironing use steaming.

Store mohair items on hangers, pre-fastened with all buttons or a zipper or neatly folded without creasing. You can roll the product at the seams and pack it in a special box or bag. After storage, it is better to hang the item or carefully lay it out for a while, the folds will smooth out on their own. The room or storage cabinet should be regularly ventilated, periodically use moth products, such as cedar concentrate or lavender.

Girls in mohair sweaters


Yarn can be ordered and bought in online stores or from specialized sellers, where a wide catalog from different manufacturers is presented. More common threads, which include not only mohair, but also acrylic. You can buy yarn in any city, in the Moscow region prices are presented in the table:


The address

Characteristics of yarn (different colors)

Cost for one skein, rubles

Online store “Clews in the Basket”

Moscow, st. Festivalnaya, 2A

1. Mohair Delicate Nako. Composition: 40% mohair, 60% acrylic. Length: 500 m. Weight: 100 g. Manufacturer: Turkey.

2. YarnArt Angora De Luxe. Composition: 70% mohair, 30% acrylic. Length: 520 m. Weight: 100 g. Producer: Turkey.

3. Soft Dream BBB. Composition: 75% mohair, 25% silk. Length: 200 m. Weight: 25 g. Manufacturer: Italy.




MARKET STUDIO “Knit with us”

Moscow, st. 1st Novokuzminskaya, d.7, building 1

KID MOHAIR FILPUCCI KID LIGHT. Composition: 52% kid mohair, 48% polyamide. Length: 500 m. Weight: 100 g. Manufacturer: Italy.


Italian Yarn Online Store – Merino

Moscow, st. Dokukina, 7, building 1

GIOIELLO (Mafil). Composition: 75% mohair, 25% acrylic. Length: 120 m. Weight: 40 g. Producer: Italy.



Moscow, st. Krasnodar d. 57 k.3

1. Angora De Lux. Composition: mohair 70%, acrylic 30%. Length: 520 m. Weight: 100 g. Producer: Turkey.

2. Moher Classic New. Composition: 25% mohair, 24% wool, 51% acrylic. Length: 200 m. Weight: 100 g. Manufacturer: Turkey.

3. Baby Kid Extra. Composition: children’s mohair 80%, polyamide 20%. Length: 245 m. Weight: 25 g. Manufacturer: Italy.




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