Muton coats for girls and women – how to choose long, short and medium length

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The modern market offers a huge assortment of winter outerwear. Mouton coats with a beautiful style are very popular – when choosing such products, finishing, which should be of high quality, is of no small importance. When choosing a fur coat, many buyers are scared of prices, but a fluffy fur coat is relatively inexpensive and still retains its original presentability..

What is a muton

When planning to replenish your winter wardrobe with a female fur coat from a muton, first find out what it is. So, a muton (fr. Mouton – ram) is a valuable dressing of a sheepskin, which has undergone special development. The advantages of muton products are that they are distinguished by good smoothness and carding, silkiness and increased shine of the hair. Today you can buy fur coats from Mouton in any specialized online store with mail delivery, regardless of whether you are in Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city.

How to make fur coats from Mouton

The cost of a mouton outerwear is an order of magnitude less than analogues of mink, fox, beaver, etc. Its variety is simply amazing, because in the shops you can find not only fur coats from mutton, but also coats, jackets. As for the manufacturing process of the material, for a start, take a regular sheepskin and cut its hair to a size of at least 1 cm. Thanks to this, a female fur coat becomes more beautiful and looks like a plush, further:

  1. The material is specially treated with formalin, which makes it more wear and moisture resistant..
  2. Then the enriched sheepskin is dyed, resulting in a presentable and relatively inexpensive fur.
  3. In the end, a whole series of specialists intervenes who create the style, make patterns, hem the right places, etc..

Girls in fur coats of mouton of different lengths

What to wear with a muton fur coat

Before making a choice in favor of long or short models, models with a large collar or a leather belt, familiarize yourself with several fashionable images. Having decided on a suitable style in advance, you can make the best purchase. It is better not to save much. Buy a really high-quality thing that will warm in the cold season, and will not lose its presentable appearance for a long time. You can save on buying by opting for an inexpensive artificial option. Options for wearing fur products from Mouton:

  • To a black coat, which is the most common and interesting to many, a large palette of shades is suitable. First of all, these are any pastel colors, white and gray. Saturated shades such as catchy red, green, blue, blue also look beautiful..
  • If you bought a short fur coat that leaves a lot of open clothing, then play in contrast and pick up some tones that are difficult to combine with each other. For example, a black fur coat, pastel pink sweater, pale purple jeans and purple boots.
  • A short model is perfect, for example, in bows with a wide or long bottom. It can be a blue knitted skirt or an orange floor-length dress.
  • A light mouton fur coat can be worn with different saturated shades, black, gray, beige and a variety of pastels.
  • Muton clothes with a large hood can be worn with a hat. Although, it all depends on the style of the coat – if it is lightweight, not for frost, then you can only use the hood.
  • Scarves, gloves and belts can be called popular accessories. The latter are suitable only for fitted and light models of fur coats. The choice is best given to the elastic band.

Mouton fur coats

Modern manufacturers offer a choice of a large assortment of outerwear made of mutton, which is an excellent alternative to natural furs. In specialized stores you can find both adult and youth options. Mouton fur coat models can have a straight silhouette, semi-fitted, fitted, trapezoidal, etc. – the choice is very wide. Before you buy a fur coat from Mouton, go around as many stores as possible, so you will have a chance to get to the action or sale.

Mouton fur coat

When planning to buy a fur coat from a muton, first get acquainted with the pros and cons of this option so that the purchase is optimal. Such winter clothes are practical and affordable. Thanks to the use of a muton, which is subjected to special processing, finished products reliably retain heat and have an attractive texture. In addition, shorter models are cheaper. They are light weight and do not constrain movement, but at the same time provide excellent protection against cold winds and frosts. An excellent purchase can be:

  • name: French-P mosaic;
  • price: 9900 r.;
  • characteristics: length – 100 cm, color – black (other ones are also possible), size – from 40 to 52;
  • pluses: good dressing, good quality, presentable look;
  • cons: size no more than 52.

Mouton fur coat with leather belt

Mouton coats of the Pyatigorsk factory

Among the fur factories Pyatigorsk enterprises have gained considerable fame, which include Annushka, Nika, Unik and others. They offer high-quality, attractive and fashionable fur coats made of mouton. Their products undergo several stages of verification, which completely eliminates the possibility of low-quality products from retail and wholesale customers. The variety of products from Pyatigorsk fur factories will satisfy even the most demanding people. An excellent purchase for you could be:

  • name: Arina from the Pyatigorsk fur factory Annushka;
  • price: from 36000 r .;
  • characteristics: length – 105/135 cm, silhouette – fitted, fur – trimmed Australian mouton, board – Italian suede, weight – 1.8-2.5 kg, sizes – 38-62;
  • pluses: high quality, presentable look, wide choice of sizes;
  • cons: expensive.

Girl in a white muton coat

Sheared Mouton Fur Coat

A fur coat from a sheared mouton, which is distinguished by aesthetics and softness, has gained particular popularity. With the advent of new technologies for processing sheepskin material, the need for a difficult choice has simply disappeared. The thing is that outerwear from a sheared mouton not only looks great, but is also quite warm. Some models are suitable even for the coldest winter days. The main thing is to choose a really high-quality product. It is a fur coat from a sheared mouton is relatively inexpensive. You may be interested in a product with a collar and a hidden clasp:

  • name: Fur natural;
  • price: 6900 r.;
  • characteristics: total length – 81-85 cm, sleeves – 67-69 cm, size – 48, color – brown, neck finish – collar, machining – flap, silhouette – extended to the bottom;
  • pluses: affordable cost, comfortable silhouette that will help to hide some of the flaws of the figure;
  • Cons: only one size, belt not included.

Brown Mouton Fur Coat

Mink Fur Coat

On sale today you can find a huge selection of models of fur coats, fur coats and other products from a muton. If you are interested in buying something original and more presentable, then take a look at the combined option – a mouton product with a mink. True, such a product will cost not so cheap. Mouton fur coats are a great way to buy products cheaper, so before you make your choice, try to get around as many stores as possible. A straight knee-length model, made in the classical style and complemented by a hood:

  • name: with mink fur T-0013-N;
  • price: 24000 r.;
  • characteristics: length – 95 cm, sizes – 42-52, color – black, mink fur painted in the color of a muton on the hood, there is a long leather belt;
  • pluses: attractive appearance, excellent style, good workmanship;
  • Cons: a small number of sizes, not the most affordable price.

Girl in a black mouton coat with mink trim


This type of fur coat is perfect for cities where winter pleases with relatively warm days. For the production of lightweight mouton outerwear, material is used, which is made in most cases from the skins of young lambs. To do this, they are carefully treated with formalin, and then stretched. Due to this, the weight of the product decreases, but at the same time its ability to retain heat becomes somewhat lower. To make the coat of lightweight muton more or less warm, pay attention to the lining. A good purchase for you could be:

  • name: Olympia A61;
  • price: 26800 r.;
  • characteristics: length – 115 cm, color – dark brown, finish – astrakhan fur, size – from 40 to 50, silhouette – half-line;
  • pluses: neat set-in pockets, the lower part is decorated with karakul inserts, pockets and board trimmed with genuine leather;
  • cons: cost, a small number of sizes.

Lightweight sheared mouton fur coat with leather belt


Popular among women of all ages are the hooded sweatshirts. Fans of fur clothes prefer them because they are able to reliably protect even in severe frosts. In addition, models with a hood have excellent wear and an optimal ratio of price and quality. Modern manufacturers and designers offer a choice of a large assortment of products of this type made from ennobled sheepskin. Fans of wear-resistant things prefer them because of their good functionality. The optimal acquisition may be:

  • name: Janifer 08;
  • price: 8900 r.;
  • characteristics: length – 76-80 cm, color – brown, there is a hood, type of neck finish – with a lapel, sleeve length – 66-68 cm, silhouette – fitted, sizes – 42, 48;
  • pluses: aesthetic appearance, good quality, fitted silhouette, which creates the necessary emphasis on the advantages of the figure, reasonable price;
  • cons: belt not included, minimum sizes.

The girl in a fur coat from a muton

Australian Mouton Fur Coats

If you have not decided on a purchase, then you can order outerwear made from the Australian Mouton. Manufacturers have long noticed that the fur and skins of this breed compare favorably with many others. The skin (dermis) of sheep of the Australian breed is much smaller than that of sheep that are grown in Russia. In addition, Australian fur is more pleasant to the touch and thinner – this is due to the fact that the climate in Australia is much milder than the Russian one. A fur coat made of a muton of this type is expensive:

  • name: Athena factory Birch;
  • price: 30210 p.;
  • characteristics: materials – stand and top made of mink, bottom from the Australian mouton, length – 80 cm, color – dark chocolate, sizes – 38-52;
  • pluses: attractiveness, good workmanship, decoration, design;
  • cons: high cost.

Girl in a fur coat of mink and mouton

How to choose a muton coat

Buying a winter winter clothing requires a serious and competent approach. The main task is to evaluate the fur from which it is made. The rules are almost identical to most other types of fur. First of all, you will need to carefully examine the surface of the clothes. Even with minor flaws, immediately discard the model and continue your search. Also pay attention to other criteria:

  • Take a look at the mouton coat. If the smell is weak, then it can be weathered, but it is unlikely to cope with a strong.
  • Rate the quality of the paint. To do this, take a white scarf and walk them on the surface of the clothes. If the paint is poor or the technologies were not followed, then the scarf will be painted a little in the color of a muton fur.
  • Pay attention to the dressing. Squeeze the edge and see how quickly it recovers. Really high quality muton fur makes it instant.
  • The hairs should not be pulled out, and during stroking against the pile – break or prick.
  • Inspect the apparently invisible parts of the product, where sometimes poor-quality manufacturers try to hide the marriage.
  • Rate the inside of the fur. Make sure that the seams are stitched with high quality, they are not glued and are slightly convex.
  • Rub the mazra inside. If you hear a dry rustle, then the skin is most likely overdried – it should not be.
  • Do not forget about insulation and lining – this is very important, because otherwise you may start to freeze or after a few years you will have to change the lining.
  • At the end, measure the model you are interested in and make sure that its style and silhouette fit the features of your figure.
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