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Previously, ladies constantly asked themselves: “What are the most durable tights?” They were looking for quality goods through the endless acquisition of many kapron products. Finally, the problem with everyday puffs is resolved. Brands Elaslim, Lastislim, and Marks Spencer now produce tights that don’t break.

Nervous tights Elaslim

Strong tights have recently been compared with an unreal, fantastic invention. This expected gift for ladies has turned the idea of ​​such products in general and is now taking the first position in the ranking of useful inventions. Reliable hosiery has the following characteristics:

  • Model Name – tights Elaslim.
  • Price. Their cost may fluctuate. It depends on where you make the purchase. In general, you will have to pay 850 – 1650 rubles for a pair of tights. You can buy them in the online store of the official manufacturer..
  • Characteristics. The secret of tights’ strength lies in a kind of weaving of fibers and a special material. Reinforced thread is able to maintain the shape of the product for a long time, and not succumb to various damage from the outside. Online catalogs present a wide selection of colors for tights. Material that is pleasant to the touch and optimal thickness will appeal to many women.
  • Pros:

+ tights are not torn, the duration of their wearing will be 2-3 times longer in comparison with ordinary hosiery;

+ they are able to adjust the figure, reduce volumes and hide imperfections;

+ due to the dragging effect, tights give the figure harmony and grace;

+ do not cause allergic reactions.

  • Minuses:

– Elaslim heavy-duty tights for some may seem uncomfortable;

– at first, during the operation of tights, one may feel discomfort;

– traction effect not everyone will like.

Girl in Elaslim tights


This sensational novelty won the hearts of many women. The secret of the attractiveness of these tights is their beautiful appearance and high endurance. Thanks to them, models of the last century ceased to be relevant. Learn useful information about the brand that has filled the market with the latest products:

  • Product Name – tights Lastislim.
  • Price. On the website of the official representative, their cost is 860 rubles. But analogues can be bought inexpensively, although not as high-quality – 450-750 p. If you purchase real brand tights in online stores, their price will vary from 750 to 1230 rubles.
  • Characteristics. Thanks to a unique strong thread, Lastislim tights will not undergo puffs, arrows and scuffs. For a long time they will retain an attractive appearance and rich color. They are pleasant to the body, which will certainly appreciate sensitive ladies.
  • Pros:

+ the main advantage is the possibility of frequent washing without losing color;

+ Nervous Lastislim tights will not stain your legs black;

+ relieve fatigue in the legs, improve blood circulation, do not pinch problem areas of the body;

+ do not cause an allergic reaction.

  • Minuses:

– ordering them on the Internet is not a guarantee of success, there are many analogues and photos on websites cannot guarantee quality;

– Another drawback of Lastislim tights is the high probability of buying a fake.

Nervous tights Lastislim on the girl's legs

Nervous tights Marks Spencer

Recently, a wardrobe of women around the world has replenished with a pair of wonderful tights of the British company. Hosiery of this brand has several advantages..

  • Name of product – tights Marks Spencer.
  • Price. Nervous tights Marks Spencer cost about 850-1200 rubles
  • Characteristics. High-quality tights are made using special technology from hardened Japanese nylon threads. The original weave is able to withstand heavy loads. They will not lose their shape and color for a long time..
  • The main advantages:

+ increased strength, they will not break even at high loads;

+ practicality and long operation;

+ anti-cellulite effect;

+ cooling effect giving lightness and freshness.

  • Minuses:

– traction effect is not necessary for everyone.

Female pantyhose Marks Spencer

How to choose nerve-resistant tights

For many people, the dress code has become the norm, so choosing tear-resistant tights successfully is very important, because it affects your comfort throughout the day. Keep in mind the following nuances:

  • The required amount of den. When choosing, consider at what time of the year you will wear durable tights. In the hot period, a density of 15-20 den is preferred. In the cold season, wardrobe must have items 40-50 den.
  • The size. Do not flatter yourself when buying tights. Wrong size will cause discomfort in the sock.
  • Structure. Please note that the composition of durable tights must include elastomeric thread and nylon. Such materials are elastic, have anti-allergenic effect..
  • Colour. In the catalog, your choice is provided with a rich color palette. Your task is to decide on the option of socks: for every day or for a holiday under a bright dress. Imagine your wardrobe, remember the colors prevailing in it. The best choice would be black, gray or beige.
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