Nose piercing – how to choose an earring or ring, how and where to pierce a wing or septum

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If you decide to decorate the most protruding part of your face with a beautiful gold or silver earring, then before doing a nose piercing, find out about the necessary preparation, features of wound care, its treatment and other issues related to puncture. The procedure should be taken seriously in order to avoid unsuccessful attempts and not harm your body by such an intervention..

How to pierce your nose

The tradition of decorating a nose with earrings in our country appeared not too long ago. The first in such an experiment with their appearance was decided by rebellious youth. Today, this type of piercing is actively used by girls and guys. If you decide to decorate the most protruding part of your face with an earring, it remains to determine its appearance and the place where the nose will be pierced. There are several ways to pierce the nose: in the wing, septum, on the nose.

Nose wing piercing

One of the most common ways to decorate your face is to pierce the nose wing. It is considered safe, it can be performed on the left, right or both nostrils. With proper treatment, healing takes from 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes a hole is made from the side at the highest point of the wing. This option is painful and poorly healing. For decoration with such a puncture, you can use only a small earring, for example, carnations.

Septum Piercing

When a puncture is done in the nasal septum, the piercing is called a septum. Often it is passed through the tissue under the cartilage or through the cartilage itself. Painful sensations can last only an instant, so septum piercing does not require the use of pain medication. With proper wound care, it heals in 6-8 weeks. The septum is decorated with rings, rods and half rings.

Girl with septum piercing


When the septum is pierced vertically down, then the puncture is called septril. The procedure requires great experience of the master and caution, since with a puncture you can hook on the cartilaginous septum. Such a mistake will significantly slow down the healing process of the wound and increase the risk of complications. Septr piercing is characterized by soreness. A bar is often used to decorate a puncture..

Piercing bridge

Translated from English, the bridge means “bridge”. The bridge is pierced on the bridge of the nose in its upper part. At the eye level, a puncture is made through the soft tissue, while the cartilage does not hurt. You can make a bridge horizontally and vertically. This type of puncture is referred to as extreme piercing. Of the ornaments in this place, it is appropriate to use a barbell..

Pistol nose piercing

It is possible to reduce the likelihood of an inflammatory process, negative consequences and complications, to make the procedure as painless as possible if a nose is punctured with a gun. According to reviews, to pierce the nose of a man or woman using such equipment, the master will need only a few seconds. In this case, you can not worry that dust or pollution will get into the wound, because the use of the instrument guarantees sterility. Sometimes the use of a gun is not suitable due to the large thickness of the puncture site.

Nose wing stud

How to pierce a nose at home

In beauty salons or cabinets, nose piercings will be done painlessly, without the risk of subsequent infection. If professional services seem too expensive for you, you are not afraid of bacteria, bleeding and inflammation, then you can try to pierce your nose at home. Particular attention should be paid to hygiene rules and act according to the following instructions:

  1. First you need to buy a nose piercing. Jewelry sell jewelry and souvenir shops in Moscow and other cities, tattoo parlors or online stores. It is better to choose small items made of titanium, polycarbonate or stainless steel. If an allergic rash appears after a puncture, remove the jewelry and consult a dermatologist.
  2. On the skin near the place of piercing should not be blackheads, ulcers or acne. For any inflammation, set your target aside. Inflammation in the sinuses, poor blood coagulation are also a contraindication to the procedure.
  3. The piercing is best done with a special new needle that matches the diameter of the size of the jewelry. It is perfectly acceptable to use a regular sewing needle, earring, catheter or safety pin if you carefully disinfect and thoroughly process the improvised tool.
  4. Sterilize all tools and decoration. To do this, dip them in alcohol, and then boil. Put prepared tools on a clean towel. Wash hands thoroughly with soap, put on sterile gloves..
  5. Draw a marker point in the place where you plan to make a puncture.
  6. Treat the skin area with alcohol. An ice pack can be used to anesthetize. When cooled, the skin will become less sensitive, but more dense, it will be harder to pierce.
  7. Insert the needle perpendicular to the surface of the skin at the marked location. Act in one motion, if you have a clamp, use it.
  8. Insert the earring as soon as possible until the wound begins to tighten.
  9. Until the wound heals, give up smoking, alcohol, hormones, and aspirin. Carefully care for the wound: rinse the piercing with chlorhexidine or miramistin fluids on both sides, apply the drug levomekol. Do not use cosmetic Vaseline.
  10. If after 10 days the inflammation has not passed, the redness does not disappear, the crusts continue to appear, the discharge is yellow or green, then the piercing must be removed. It is better to pull out the earring on the exhale so that it does not get into the lungs with air.

Girl have nose wing piercings

Where to pierce the nose

You can express your personality and emphasize the brightness of your appearance with the help of different punctures of the nose. Where to pierce the nose is a purely individual decision. Jewelry can be parallel to the lips or perpendicular to their line. Modern techniques allow you to make holes for jewelry in the following ways:

  • piercing only the skin;
  • punching the skin and cartilage;
  • piercing the entire wall of the nose or both nostrils.

Earrings for nose

When choosing jewelry, you should focus on the location of the channel. If the nostril piercing is done high, then the earring in the nose cannot have the shape of a ringlet, only a clove is suitable here. For puncture in the center of the nose, rings and bars are suitable. Nostrils, labrets or tunnels are used for the wings of the nose, for the septum – half rings, rings, bananas, rods.

So that the pierced nose does not become inflamed, you should carefully select the material from which the product will be made. Piercing masters recommend using a surgical alloy, titanium or bioplast. After the canal has healed, the earring can be changed to silver, gold, platinum and even wooden. Products are sold with different fasteners, a nose ring can be decorated with diamonds or ordinary glass..

Price for nose piercing

If you decide to have a nose puncture, then contact a specialized salon. Read reviews about him, sign up for a consultation to check the cleanliness and conditions for the procedure. The cost of piercing often depends on the package of services provided (medication, jewelry, master’s work, preparation). How much it costs to pierce your nose in Moscow depends on the salon, the professionalism of the master, the complexity of the work and other nuances:

World of beauty

from 1150 rubles


from 1500 rubles

First hairdresser

from 1000 rubles


from 1500 rubles

Photo of nose piercing

Nose wing ring earring

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