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A velvety, suede-like leather has recently appeared in shoe and furniture stores, and there are many questions for buyers. Understand whether such a material is durable, for what its artificial analogue serves. Find out what kind of care he needs at home, for what purpose is it used.

What is nubuck

If you saw the inscription “nubuck leather” in the store, be sure that you have natural material in front of you, a special kind of dressing of the skin of animals, mainly large ones. So that the product does not lose properties, the base is specially treated. The product is classified into three types:

  1. natural;
  2. artificial;
  3. oil.

Nubuck bag

Nubuck properties

Learn about nubuck – what kind of material, what is characteristic. If he is not familiar to you, but is often found in shoe boutiques, specify his main qualities. In shoes, water resistance, impermeability, and durability are appreciated. Nubuck has all these properties if it is made specifically for sewing shoes, sneakers, and boots. If the leather is processed to finish furniture, then here we need strength, wear resistance, water-repellent properties.

Understand the difference between nubuck and suede, because these materials are similar to the touch and look. The main difference is that the processing is carried out with different materials, and even suede is obtained from dressed leather of small cattle. When tanning, initially nubuck is treated with salts, and suede is processed with fats. The first type of skin is easier to clean than the second, it is a little easier to care for..

The material is very soft, soft, light, fleecy to the touch. Various chemical compounds and abrasive substances manage to achieve the desired consumer properties. For processing, sand, chrome mineral salts are used. Hydrophobic oil nubuck is finished off with fatty compounds: to improve its water-repellent properties, it must be oiled in production.

Genuine Leather

What is nubuck leather? After treatment with salts and sand, the natural base becomes soft, slightly fleecy, pleasant to the touch, passing air. Often it is used in the furniture industry. Italian craftsmen appreciated the tactile properties of the fabric, furniture from it is in demand and the road. Almost no shoes are made from such a base – only sandals, because she:

  1. more decorative than practical;
  2. poorly maintains difficult climatic conditions;
  3. not too resistant to dirt, and difficult to clean.

Nubuck leather wallet

Artificial nubuck

The skin of animals is not used in the production of this base. Various polymers are combined and layered on top of each other. The result is a quality material with properties such as:

  • durability;
  • dirt and moisture resistance;
  • high resistance to temperature conditions, exposure to sunlight;
  • softness;
  • strength;
  • resistance to pollution: products are easy to clean, care for;
  • low price.

The color scheme of artificial nubuck allows you to include this basis in the production of both furniture and shoes. When buying furniture to order, you can paint the base in any tone. Among the colors in which the products are made, you can see red, brown, black, beige, light blue, yellow, pink. Artificial leather products of this type are:

  1. home and street shoes, boots, boots;
  2. furniture upholstery;
  3. decorative napkins;
  4. bags;
  5. gloves.

Faux Nubuck Shoes

Nubuck shoes: the pros and cons

The advantages of nubuck shoes include a high level of strength, tactile qualities. But there are also disadvantages to this framework, and there are many of them. What is shoe nubuck? This is a number of nuances, for example:

  • the need to buy special brushes for cleaning;
  • rapid loss of appearance when worn in slushy weather;
  • difficulty in cleaning is a significant drawback for those who are not ready to spend a lot of time on shoe care;
  • mandatory use of antistatic agents and other chemicals – you will have to process the fabric regularly.

Nubuck shoes

Nubuck Care

You should pre-stock up with soft brushes of a special shape to clean the product without harm to the pile. How to care for nubuck using special products? It is necessary to purchase impregnations and treat the surface of the product at home before use, so that later you do not have to wash your favorite shoes for a long time and spend time restoring the appearance. What to get:

  1. Take water-repellent and “seasonal” aerosols. The latter will cope with drops of dirt, snow, reagents, which are treated with roads on arrival of winter.
  2. Paint is needed to restore the color of shoes on the front side.
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