Pin-up style – the history of occurrence, use in modern clothes, makeup, hairstyle and manicure

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Among the gray American everyday life of the 30s, an incredibly bright and playful Pin Up style arose. Ascetic military days demanded moments giving good mood and positive. Pictures with unusual, immediate and sexual beauties have become a symbol of exhilarating fantasy. Modern designers again returned to the feminine and flirty images of the beginning of the last century. Female natural sexuality and an emphasis on forms are back in fashion. The images of 30s American women became not only the ideas of original photo shoots and theme parties, but also everyday bows.

What is a pin-up style?

Attractive, frank, but not vulgar girls from the pictures of the distant 30s began to appear on the catwalks again. Fluffy skirts, blouses with a turn-down collar, bright make-up in pin-up style are in fashion. It is used in everyday life, for unusual photo shoots, stylistic parties. If you describe in three words what pin-up (pin-up style) is, the embodiment of femininity and beauty.

Bright and erotic, incendiary and spontaneous style has its own characteristics. This is not only special clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. Pin-up involves the creation of a decent, but exciting male imagination image with hidden sexuality. An indispensable element of the style are eyes sparkling with happiness, a radiant smile emphasized by red lipstick.


Romance and sensuality pin-up intertwined with femininity and delicacy. The following features inherent in this style can be distinguished:

  • a tight-fitting silhouette that emphasizes the lines of the figure;
  • a thin waist, emphasized by tight belts or belts;
  • open neckline that does not go beyond frankness;
  • discreet make-up with bright accents on lips and eyes;
  • neat hairstyle with curls.

Pin-up girls


The emergence of pin-up is attributed to the post-war time in America of the 20s. The history of the style begins with the first picture in which Charles Dan Gibson portrayed the “American Dream.” On the poster was a girl who looked appetizing, helpless and sexy. Pictures of pretty girls with puffy lips, a surprised look, a thin waist, wide hips, were liked by American men and became an object of imitation for women.

The beauties on the posters were doing household chores, talking on the phone, wearing short shorts, swimsuits or peignoirs, and had perfect makeup and hairstyle. Pictures of the man were mounted on the wall, hence the name – pin-up, which means “pin up”. Over the years, the popularity of pin-ups only grew and in the 40s, famous actresses, fashion models, and celebrities became models for pictures. Real girls became super-popular, and their wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup became the standard of beauty.

Pin-up icons include Bridget Bardot, Eva Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, Dita von Teese, Rita Hayworth, Betty Page. The artists who portrayed the stars sought to demonstrate the image of the ideal woman. Poster beauties, quite modest for modernity, at that time became a real breakthrough in the sexual education of American youth. Ruddy and smiling, they became models for imitation of women and an object for fantasies of men.

Who needs a pin-up style?

The many styles and colors that are used in pin-up images allow any girl to try on this seductive and charming role. Clothing in a playful design is capable of bringing any female form closer to the hourglass figure. Clothing is designed for ladies with a lavish physique, but for thin women there are suitable options. Skin tint should not be dark. Porcelain or peach tones are perfect for this style. The pin-up does not have age restrictions, most importantly, your mood, bright sensuality and mischief in the eyes.

Modern pin up

Today, stylists and fashion designers are actively proposing to use a feminine and flirty image. In special outfits and with recognizable make-up you can meet not only fashion business models, but also fashionistas on ordinary city streets. The modern interpretation of the style makes the images an excellent option for walking, parties, dates. Femininity remains unchanged, but experiments and combinations are allowed. Well-groomed hairstyle, curl styling, classic pin-up makeup with an emphasis on lips and eyes, bright but not colorful outfit – all these are signs of a modern style.

If the principles of creating the image remain the same, then some beauties of modern beauties can afford. Nowadays, pin-up allows not 100% compliance with the canons, but improvisation:

  • not only a hairpin on shoes;
  • straight hair, styling without curls;
  • more frivolous dresses;
  • low or medium fit.

Modern pin up


Pin-up girls chose clothes that emphasized the hips, chest, waist, and neck. The colors used are completely different: from pastel to bright. First of all, pink, red, white, yellow, blue tones are suitable for the wardrobe. Prints are also often involved: floral, animal, cage, peas, fruit images. The following pin-up clothing reflects style trends:

  1. Skirts – lush, visually expanding hips. They are sewn from thin fabrics, fluttering in the wind and slightly bare feet. For overweight women, it is recommended to create an image with a pencil skirt with a high waist. The length of the skirts is also thought out, when the girl sits down, fishnet stockings become visible.
  2. Pin-up dresses are represented by different silhouettes (often A-silhouette), in which an emphasis on the aspen waist is mandatory. Sometimes they have sleeves-lanterns, wavy detachable hem with ruffles. Bare shoulders and décolleté are welcome. Fabrics used light, flowing.
  3. In blouses and tops there is a figured neckline, an open neckline.
  4. Cardigans, short jackets, one button.
  5. Pants in this style are narrowed down and slightly loose in the upper part to visually expand the hips.
  6. Tight-fitting shorts, medium length. Popular models with lapels and patch pockets.

Various accessories are often used to complement pin-up clothes. Among the style details are the following elements:

  • gloves – lace or textile, short (for everyday wear) or long (for evening wear);
  • shoes – shoes, sandals, boots with a touch of sexuality without pointed socks, a bulky platform, canon – lacquered shoes, ankle strap;
  • sunglasses – in a massive frame;
  • stockings – with garters or elastic;
  • a belt – thin or with an elastic band to emphasize the waist, sometimes a wide belt or corset;
  • a scarf – a delicate silk that can be thrown over the shoulders or tied on the head;
  • bag – large or small, beautifully decorated, oval, square, bright colors or with a print;
  • hat with wide brim beige, black, gray or white.


Often the pin-up image is black arrows and red lips. It is important to choose the shape of the arrows correctly. For large eyes there are no restrictions, and for small eyes, the strip should be drawn from the middle of the eyelid, and then make a tip. With a small eye size, the arrows need to be shaded. Sensual lips with a clear outline do not have to be red. Use bright, saturated lipstick shades..

An indispensable element of style is long curled eyelashes. Use only charcoal black mascara. The blush is also needed by the image, they do not need to be imposed much so as not to spoil the unobtrusive image with a touch of coquetry. Eyebrows can be made brighter or slightly darker than daily images. The shape should be clear, neat, arched. The classic pin-up image implies the absence of shadows on the eyelids, but in modern versions it is allowed to apply a light pigment that does not overlap the arrows.

Bright pin-up makeup


Seductive, graceful pin-up takes into account every detail of the image, and nails are no exception to the rule. A manicure is used in French or with a plain glossy bright red varnish. In the salons you can offer nail painting in a pin-up style. The original moon manicure in their images was often used by pin-up diva Dita von Teese. She left the hole unpainted. This method of painting nails is also suitable for creating a stylish image. The shape of the nails is preferred classic round.


Pin-up involves neat feminine hairstyles, but be sure to have wavy hair. Suitable styling can be found in the beauties of the 50s. Use curls, wave styling, hairpins, bundles, scarves, bows, hair clips, nets. One of the characteristic features of the style is a short bang. Such an element of hairstyle makes the face cute, naive, childish. In the images bangs are straight, rounded or triangular. The hairstyle with a pin-up scarf will become recognizable. You can tie it in several ways:

  • fold the fabric in the form of a strip, grab the hair from below, tie the ends at the crown;
  • grab the hair, tie the ends of the scarf around the neck;
  • cover the head with a handkerchief completely, leaving only a few curled locks, and even a bang.

Pin-up style in photography

A bright and sexy pin-up image can be embodied in several ways. There are many ideas, but each of them emphasizes femininity, does not tolerate severity, discomfort, emphasizes the beauty of the female body. For interesting photo shoots, you can use any of the proposed options:

  1. American housewife. To create this style, you will need a plaid shirt, high-waisted jeans, a bandana. Tuck jeans at your ankles, tie a shirt in a knot to open your stomach, use a bandana as a band or completely cover her head. For shoes, use white t-shirts or shoes (sandals) on a wedge. Make your hair high. Of the accessories fit earrings-circles.
  2. Neighboring girl. For a look in this style, wear a dress that emphasizes the waist, chest. The fabric can be used with polka dots, floral print or be plain. Do not use the length of the mini, the feminine dress should be playful, but not overt. Shoes – ballet shoes, with high heels – plump or stilettos, boats, like Marilyn Monroe. From accessories use white beads or a bracelet, earrings with anchors.
  3. Sailor. The marine theme is relevant for the pin-up style. Part-time swimwear with ruffles or high-waist swimming trunks, a headband or a wide-brimmed hat, brightly-colored sunglasses, matching makeup – the perfect solution for a photo shoot on the beach.
  4. Modern. In the updated direction, T-shirts, tattoos, skinny jeans are acceptable. Complement the look with a catchy hairstyle with a velvet, handbag on a long shoulder strap. Model shoes, pin-up makeup will be the end of a stylish look.
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