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Frank transparent swimsuit with the effect of “wet” – an opportunity for a girl to show off her figure and catch the admiring glances of others. Extreme and unusual clothes are now at the peak of popularity, which makes a bathing suit made of transparent material very popular. Choosing the right swimsuit model will help make a lasting impression on the beach..

What are transparent swimwear

A swimsuit model made of transparent material is suitable not only for courageous and relaxed girls, but also for modest women. Each representative of the fair sex will feel confident in such a revealing outfit, because the transparency of a swimsuit is manifested only upon close examination. Swimwear can be either completely transparent or decorated with special inserts..


The degree of frankness of these swimwear depends on the model. Among the common styles distinguish: one-piece swimsuit, classic, with tanga panties, tankini, bikini and mini-bikini. All transparent swimwear differs from other types of bathing suits in the “wet effect”. Models can be open, closed, separate. The latter look flawlessly with pareos made of the same translucent fabric as the bathing suit itself. For the mini-bikini model, designers came up with several varieties:

  • knitted bikini;
  • ordinary mini;
  • monokini;
  • top bikini.


Frank swimwear can be of various colors: the most common are shades of red, black, white. Transparent swimwear with rhinestones, jewelry, and curly panties in the form of hearts, lips, butterflies became very popular. In order for the swimsuit to serve for a long time and sit well on you, you should familiarize yourself with the material when buying a product. The described swimwear is made of translucent or completely transparent fabric, fine fine mesh, knitwear or lace. There are styles of dense fabric that are visible only when wet.

Girl in swimsuit

Extreme swimwear

Get a lot of male attention will help a swimsuit model called Bagheera. DressToUndress is an expert in the manufacture of beachwear, so when you buy a swimsuit, you have the opportunity to emphasize the naturalness of the shape of the figure:

  • Title: Bagheera, D2U DressToUndress.
  • Price: 2233 rubles.
  • Characteristics: material – nylon (80%) and spandex (20%), without fabric tabs inside, bra in the form of stripes, panties, thongs.
  • Pros: tanned whole body.
  • Cons: the upper part of the swimsuit can move when moving.

The following extreme swimsuit model represents the brand of erotic lingerie for women Hustler:

  • Name: CHERRY TASTE Hustler Lingerie HU22310 Cherry Bikini with Skirt.
  • Price: 1480 rubles.
  • Characteristics: the set includes 3 clothing details – a bodice with triangles (tied on the back and neck), thin thongs with a low rise and a short flared skirt, a swimsuit pattern – cherry.
  • Pros: the skirt will hide all the piquant places and beautifully emphasize the legs.
  • Cons: the only color option.

Swimsuit with skirt CHERRY TASTE Hustler Lingerie HU22310

Knitted swimwear

Exclusive transparent handmade swimwear by Gala are distinguished by naturalness and original styles:

  • Title: Gala k-009.
  • Price: 2150 rubles.
  • Characteristics: a tight bodice and panties, you can buy a set of elastane (8%) and microfiber (92%) or give preference to 100% cotton, a variety of colors.
  • Pros: you can order a model with any decorations or decorate the style with individual elements.
  • Cons: spotted tan.

The manufacturer Pink manufactures original knitted swimwear suitable for any type of figure:

  • Name: PINK.
  • Price: 3500 rubles.
  • Characteristics: sizes 42, 44, black, type – separate, comfortable solid topic without lining, panties are stitched.
  • Pros: openwork inserts, unusual.
  • Cons: high cost.

Photo of girls in crocheted swimsuits

Swimsuit with transparent accents

This style of a swimsuit from the Stripsky brand is a compromise between relaxedness and elegance, and black color gives the figure the necessary harmony:

  • Name: Stripsky fusion with transparent inserts.
  • Price: 452 rubles.
  • Characteristics: type of bathing suit – one-piece, sports style, color – black, country of origin China.
  • Pros: it is possible to choose a different coloring from white and beige colors, a merged design will not fly off at the wrong time.
  • Cons: if one part is dirty, you will have to wash the entire kit.

A daring swimsuit from the prestigious brand L * Space can be ordered in an online store from the USA with delivery to Moscow or St. Petersburg:

  • Title: Maios Fireside.
  • Price: 11822 rubles.
  • Features: a closed-type model, British sizes from 4 to 12, black, transparent inserts on the hips, thin straps that are tied around the neck and back, material – nylon (80%) and spandex (20%).
  • Pros: the style will make any figure seductive, swimsuit lined.
  • Cons: dear, wash only by hand.

Two models of women's swimwear from the Stripsky brand with transparent inserts

Transparent bikini

The global brand Calvin Klein has released a super collection of women’s transparent bikinis called “Underwear” that transmits ultraviolet light:

  • Title: Marq See-Through Bikini.
  • Price: 1314 rubles.
  • Characteristics: 2 colors (flesh and black), sizes S, M and L, gusset material – jersey (knitwear), general material – elastane with nylon (72%), elastic finish.
  • Pros: it will look great with any style of the top, knitted material is easily erased.
  • Cons: on closer inspection, the shape of the body will be visible.

A premium swimsuit will allow you to enjoy a wonderful beach holiday:

  • Title: Bi Ki Ni 502.
  • Price: 6999 rubles.
  • Characteristics: fine mesh, a set of transparent mini-bikini, top with a soft cup without push-up, bust triangle dimensions – 9×11 cm, panties sizes – 10×11 cm, lycra material (2%) and nylon (80%).
  • Pros: sexy look, stretchy fabric.
  • Cons: not designed for swimming, parts may shift in water.

Sheer Marq Tie Bikini

Transparent micro swimsuits

Micro suits are the most open swimwear. Below is a model of the most open swimsuit from the Julexxx store. The modern kit will not leave indifferent the representatives of the stronger sex:

  • Name: Pink Bikini Micro Bikini.
  • Price: 6999 rubles.
  • Characteristics: a set of thong panties and a bodice without a lining, with ties on the back, the size of the triangle of the lower part of the swimsuit – 5×12 cm, the size of the rectangle of the bra – 9×7.5 cm.
  • Pros: a feeling of openness of the body, an excellent tan is provided.
  • Cons: will show others all the flaws of the figure.

The American brand Touch Secret offers a new color scheme that will make the bathing process not only bright, but also memorable:

  • Title: Touch Secret (USA).
  • Price: 3100 rubles.
  • Characteristics: light green color, pink edging, thong trunks, sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, fastened with ties on the back.
  • Pros: excellent quality, bright colors.
  • Cons: not suitable for modest girls.

Transparent micro-swimsuit model Touch Secret on a girl

Closed transparent swimsuit

This type of swimwear has a continuous design and with a thin mesh slightly reveals some parts of the body, closing others from outsiders:

  • Title: Free Society.
  • Price: 2358 rubles.
  • Features: girth under the chest 75 or 80, closed model, black, mesh inserts.
  • Pros: makes the sides thinner, convenient to use.
  • Cons: does not show all the beauty of the body.

The geometric pattern of a transparent bathing suit from the manufacturer OYE Swimwear is suitable for long-term wear and gives the figure attractive outlines:

  • Title: Bane Deep V Neck.
  • Price: 20898 rubles.
  • Characteristics: closed style, sizes from 40 to 44, wide straps, spandex (20%) and polyamide (80%) material, deep mesh inserts.
  • Pros: stylish design, lined.
  • Cons: high cost, hand wash only.

Bane swimsuit in two colors with sheer inserts

How to choose a transparent swimsuit

You can choose the right kit based on the type of figure and personal preferences. Before making a purchase decision, measure your parameters: girth under the chest (from 80-105 cm), cup volume (from 63 to 92 cm). Based on these measurements, determine your size according to the European markings of bras: from XS to XXXL. International labeling of shorts also starts from XS and ends with XXXL, which corresponds to Russian sizes from 42 to 54.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the dimensional grid of each manufacturer may vary. Lush beauties such bathing suits are not prohibited, but you need to understand how the selected model will sit on the figure. How to choose a frank swimsuit, based on the features of the figure:

  1. Wide hips. Rhinestones, jewelry should be concentrated in the upper part. Choose panties or a skirt in black; in choosing a bodice color, give preference to a bright color like the sun.
  2. Small breasts. Choose a swimsuit with transparent inserts, a lining at the top, a pattern with horizontal lines. Bandeau bodice and triangle fit.
  3. Big breasts. In order not to look vulgar, do not choose translucent micro swimsuits. Feminine forms will underline the top on the bones, it is worth avoiding light tissues that do not fix the chest enough.
  4. Hourglass figure with a graceful waist. The combined figure will be emphasized by a model without straps or with straps that are tied over the neck.
  5. Rectangle shape. The tankini model with wide shorts and a ruffle bodice will help to avoid visual imbalance due to the wide waist..
  6. The figure is “apple”. Great tankini with a deep neckline and a tank top with wide straps.
  7. The figure is “pear”. They hide the heavy bottom and turn their attention to the narrow top of the model, both closed and open. A bodice with drapery and thin straps can do this. Among fusion types, get an “Empire” with a wide constriction under the chest and a thin strap.
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