Sweatshirt – what is it and what to wear for men or women, the rules of choice by material, color and brand

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Many terms of modern fashion that define clothing items remain incomprehensible, because they come from foreign words. People get confused in the names, use them incorrectly. For example, a sweatshirt – what is it? It is worth understanding all the intricacies of this wardrobe item: what it looks like, how it differs from other things, what it is worn with, how wide its range.

What is a sweatshirt

In the literal translation from English, the term means “sweater shirt” (sweater – sweater, shirt – shirt), although in fact this product does not quite correspond to this name. A sweatshirt is a waist-length garment without a collar, therefore it is something between a sweater and a jumper. In cut and material, this thing is close to a sweatshirt. Most often used as an element of urban style..

What does it look like

The sweatshirt is more attractive than other sweaters, because it is more diverse in the styles offered by the current fashion: loose and slightly tight-fitting, with cutouts “under the throat” and more open type, with a classic sleeve and raglan. This thing will be appropriate for the image in the style of “disco” and “sport chic.” Female models make their owners irresistible thanks to:

  • lace inserts;
  • combined fabrics of different textures;
  • bright colors;
  • unusual themes prints;
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins and so forth.

Even taking into account the simple cut at the base, this thing is able to refresh the wardrobe of the most sophisticated fashionistas. It is worth taking as a basis the main rule of famous fashion houses – the simpler the style, the more expensive the material from which the product is made. So you can choose an option that will demonstrate the status and great taste. A loose fit is not necessarily baggy. This clothing emphasizes the figure, because its length is on average 60-65 cm. Shops offer female and male models.

What is attractive sweatshirt? This product can be applied to both festive and casual clothing. Thanks to a large selection, a particular option is able to dilute the discreet look with bright details or complement the restrained image with calm tones. Decorated with extraordinary prints, fashionable sweatshirts look spectacular only in a carefully selected ensemble. Being unisex-style things, male models are able to emphasize strength and excellent physical shape, while female models are able to emphasize sophistication, playfulness and coquetry.

Men's sweatshirt

What is different from a sweatshirt

Sweatshirt, unlike sweatshirts, will add to the image of creativity. Versatility is a feature that separates a wardrobe item from loose fit. In combination with trousers, jeans and skirts, a sweatshirt looks equally good, which can not be said about the sweatshirt. Another distinguishing feature is the material from which the jacket is sewn: soft cotton and knitted fabrics, in combination with synthetic threads or inserts. Models are not decorated with hoods, zippers and pockets. They fit into any style, and sweatshirts – only in sports and teenage.

Differences from Longsleeve

No matter how simple the design you like, it does not look like a long-sleeved T-shirt. Longsleeve always looks like that. It differs from a sweatshirt:

  • Material. The product is sewn only from thin cotton and elastic fabric.
  • Long. Has an elongated silhouette, can completely cover the buttocks.
  • It can not be worn with a shirt – this is a wearable thing.
  • Style. Applies to sportswear.
  • We will cover. More often tight-fitting.

What is different from a hoodie

A distinctive feature of the hoodie is a hood (loose or with a drawstring), large patch pockets (often in the front center – “kangaroo”), zipper. A sweatshirt a priori does not have these elements. Hoodies are sewn voluminous, from insulated material: fleece, thick knitwear, a mixture of wool and synthetics. A hoodie is a lightweight sports jacket with an elongated silhouette (the length can reach the middle of the thigh), worn in cool weather. Sometimes models are insulated with faux fur lining.

How did

Having appeared almost 100 years ago, the sweatshirt has a magnificent history. The creator of this model is Benjamin Russell, the American owner of a factory for the production of cotton underwear. The inspiration for the creation of a new model was Russell Jr. – Ben’s son. He went in for sports (played in the local American football team) and once complained to his father that he experienced great inconvenience in training. For warming, I had to wear a wool sweater, which contributed to perspiration, but did not absorb moisture.

A tight-fitting sweater did not allow the body to breathe, skin irritation was common. After washing, the woolen thing dried for a long time and quickly wore out. Benjamin developed a male model of dense cotton based on women’s underwear. She was so popular that Russell was soon able to launch the new Russel Athletic sportswear line. The produced models were light, but insulated, soft, but dense, so they immediately became popular.

In 1936, American rowers appeared at the opening of the Olympic Games in Germany in models with the inscription “USA”. This was noted in the press. Knickerbocker Knitting Company was a pioneer in decorating sweatshirts with inscriptions and prints. Gradually, such things migrated from sports lockers to wardrobes of college students. In the second half of the twentieth century, actors began to appear in them (Steve McQueen, John Belushi) on movie screens. Fashionable sweatshirts were associated with courageous images of the heroes of the paintings, so their popularity grew. Later released female and children’s models.

With a deer

Who will suit

The first models were with a characteristic insert – an inverted triangle under the neck. The inside of the triangle had a lining of corrugated material to delay sweat draining from the neck. Time has changed the look of those models. Convenience and popularity remained unchanged. Stylish sweatshirts are everyday clothes of people of any age and field of activity: from students to businessmen and politicians. They are worn by adherents of an active lifestyle, representatives of musical subcultures. They decorate movie stars, collections of famous fashion houses..

Models of Women’s Sweatshirts

A universal female model is an obligatory part of the wardrobe of those women who want to look stylish without losing their freedom of movement. The uniqueness of this type of clothing lies in the fact that it is able, thanks to its cut, to hide the imperfections of the figure and emphasize its merits. How to understand a wide variety of models? All models can be divided into groups according to purpose.

A classic sweater-sweatshirt is plain: white, gray, black with no decor. Features:

  • The inner side is a looped pile or fleece, and the outer side is a smooth fabric (usually polyester).
  • The bottom edge and cuffs of sleeves are treated with an elastic band from knitwear.
  • The model does not tightly fit the figure, but retains heat. Convenient for training and walking in the cool season.
  • Used to create personalized types of clothing (custom-printed inscriptions on the front or back side).

This year’s youth print models are at their peak. This fashion accessory of clothes cannot leave indifferent the beautiful half. The theme of the drawings is incredibly diverse: from cute images of animals and cartoon characters to extraordinary space and in the style of “techno”. Modern technologies allow you to print your own image and pictures in 3D format on the jacket. Season 2019-2020 leaves vibrant tropical and acid colors relevant..

With inserts. Leather, with embroidery, from guipure, velvet, lace – this is not a complete list of possible decor options. Such jewelry can form the basis for the selection of a sweatshirt when buying or be used when sewing it. The design move will help to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure of the owners through accessories.

Evening. Expensive material and expressive decor are the basis of a festive sweatshirt. Options:

  • A silk product with bright color motifs up to the waist can be the basis of an evening outfit.
  • Models decorated with beads, feathers, stones, rhinestones look spectacular.
  • Transparent fabric inserts that expose your arms or back will add elegance to your look..
  • Black is always held in high esteem in evening toilets. A short (to the waist) black sweatshirt made of light cotton on the fleece, with sleeves from a double layer of tulle and cotton cuffs is ideal for a festive outfit.

Combined. For example, a sweatshirt made of footer with sleeves made of velor. The body of the product is made of one, and the sleeve is made of another material:

  1. skin
  2. viscose;
  3. chiffon;
  4. knitted from yarn.

The disadvantages of clothing include special care. Some models require delicate handling: hand washing and careful ironing. This applies to products with delicate decor and prints. It is better to iron them with a steam iron or a warm iron from the inside. High price is another obvious drawback. You need to understand that a spectacular, high quality thing is expensive. Choose whether to have a pair of mediocre everyday gizmos or buy one that will become a universal wardrobe item.

Girls in stylish sweatshirts

What to wear

A man simply must have a classic gray sweatshirt. This thing will help to look presentable in a business meeting and in informal communication. It can be worn with jeans, velvet trousers, sneakers, sneakers, hiking boots. But business shoes are not for a sweatshirt. If you add a blue model to the wardrobe, then you can not strain in the selection of clothes, it is easy to combine convenience and a stylish look in the kit.

What to wear with a sweatshirt? There are not many options, but they are quite comfortable: t-shirts with a round neck and Oxford casual shirts with a soft collar and two buttons that fasten its corners. On top of your favorite sweater, you can wear an informal jacket or a light jacket. Middle-aged men should not choose models with inscriptions. Let them wear teenagers. The only appropriate case is to wear a jacket with symbols – for the match of your favorite team.

For women who take into account the demands of fashion and time, a sweatshirt is simply a must. He is able to perform several functions simultaneously:

  • create a stylish image;
  • please warmth and comfort;
  • to attract glances at spectacular parts of the body;
  • to distract attention with decor from insufficiently attractive details of appearance;
  • visually increase or decrease body proportions;
  • create the effect of a slim figure or emphasize its perfection.

Going to school, you should choose solid models. A cozy volume scarf, watch, roomy bag will perfectly fit into the business style. For the office you can wear a sweatshirt with a shirt. The corners of the hard collar should be hidden under the neck. The ensemble will look harmoniously complete with trousers or with a strict skirt. This option makes the figure slim. These clothes will keep warm and save in cool weather..

Combination options are very diverse and democratic. For example:

  1. A short version emphasizes a graceful figure. A pleated skirt goes well with a short sweater and creates an unusually feminine look..
  2. The style slightly below the waist will hide the fullness, provided that the trousers and skirt fit perfectly on the hips.
  3. Any shoes can be used: high-heeled shoes and comfortable varnished “boats”. Exceptions – pathos (glamorous) or too strict shoes.
  4. Bright print sweatshirts look equally good with thick-soled shoes, sneakers, sandals, sandals.
  5. For the bottom, jeans of different styles, jeggings, shorts, maxi and mini skirts are suitable. If you like a longer length, it is important that the long skirt is light and flowing.

Women's fashionable images

How to choose

The right thing will serve for a long time and give a good mood. In choosing a sweatshirt, you must be guided by the rules based on the structure of the female figure:

  • Type “O”. To hide the stomach and wide hips, you need to choose elongated models that are not too tight. Too free sweaters should be avoided so that there is no visual increase in body volume. Optimum product length – to the widest hips.
  • Type “Triangle”. In this case, you need to try to visually make the upper honor of the body wider. To do this, you can choose models up to the waist with a raglan sleeve or a looser shape. Horizontally executed drawing will contribute to the desired effect. A long sweaters should not be worn. They make the upper body still narrower.
  • Type “T”. It is recommended that you follow the tips opposite to the previous paragraph. Models sweaters should be:
    1. elongated body silhouette;
    2. with a classic set-in sleeve;
    3. without horizontal drawings and inscriptions;
    4. with inserts on the sides (preferably).
  • Type “X”. You need to choose shortened models, but not very voluminous. On this figure, sweaters from light fabrics look better. Dense materials fill up. Avoid models with large drawings of floral and geometric themes..
  • Type “H”. Owners of this type of figure are lucky – any look and decor of this clothes is suitable, the main thing is that they correspond to the chosen style.

Another criterion for choosing a sweatshirt is age. Women over 30 years of age look absurd in sweatshirts with prints depicting cartoon characters and teenage inscriptions. It is better to choose a universal model in restrained tones for combination with several types of clothes. You need to understand that sweaters with bright prints are inappropriate in a business setting. Models decorated with stones having parts made of transparent materials are suitable for holidays and evening dresses.

Sweatshirts in the collections of famous brands

Famous fashion houses have not overlooked sweatshirts. High-quality models for sports created by brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Harm’s, Champion, Russell Athletic are very popular today. Sweatshirts decorated with beads introduced by H&M. Zara presented in 2019 a model with wide fur stripes-stripes on the sleeves. A large selection of sweatshirts is offered by Mango. And although the brand name does not sound as loud as Dolche & Gabbana or Armani, but the price of products is much more affordable.


Online stores are full of offers for the sale of sweatshirts. They hold promotions, discounts and sales, so sometimes you can buy a quality thing cheaply. It is possible to order your favorite model via the Internet with delivery to the door or receive it by mail. On the pages of virtual stores information is provided with a grid of sizes, which helps to choose a sweater in size. The table shows the prices of sweatshirts that can be bought in Moscow (cost in rubles):

Model name



Where can I buy

With metallic jacquard pattern

80% Cotton, 20% Polyester


La redoute

“Fyr fyr” 3D print with the image of a fox

80% Cotton, 20% Polyester




100% cotton



Bright blue (male)

100% cotton


Magazin tolstovok

Santa Hipster (male)

40% cotton

60% microfiber


Cat caps


100% cotton




100% cotton




80% Cotton, 20% Polyester




100% cotton



Photo sweatshirts

Men's stylish looks

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