That’s why you should never put your wallet in your back pocket.

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Many men believe that the best place for a wallet is the back pocket of their trousers. They are not even afraid that the wallet can become the prey of thieves. There are several more reasons why you should not put a purse like that. This habit can harm health, badly affects the state of clothing.

It is not aesthetically pleasing.

Wallet in the back pocket

Everyone around you can see what lies in the pocket of your trousers. Especially if they are filled to the limit. Many people put receipts, credit cards, and even keys to money, making a small bag out of their wallet. The habit of wearing a wallet has a bad effect on the appearance of the clothes – the fabric is pulled back and begins to sag over time. This situation purse makes senseless work on the image.

It harms your health

Pinched sciatic nerve

If you constantly put a filled wallet in your back pocket, your spine will suffer. When you sit on a voluminous wallet for several hours, it compresses the sciatic nerve, and the lower back begins to hurt. Since the purse sticks out only on one side, the pelvis rises. To distribute body weight and restore balance, the lower back will flex.

This will reduce the square muscle of the lumbar, causing pain in the entire right side of the back. The muscles on the left lengthen and become passive. The efficiency of all the muscles of the back decreases, the load on the sacroiliac joint increases. Because of this, over time, right-sided stabilizers of the spine are stretched. An unnatural position provokes back pain, poor posture.

How to stop putting a wallet in your back pocket

Take some time to get rid of this bad habit. Best if jeans pockets are empty. But if, in addition to the pants, there is nowhere to put the wallet, place it in front. Or distribute money, loose change, and credit cards across multiple pockets. It is better to use a jacket, jacket or other outerwear for this..

Carry only the most necessary things in your wallet. If it remains bulky, select a smaller model. Leave the required minimum on the keychain. Use a small bag to carry documents and other bulky items.

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