Tongue piercing – how and where to make a puncture, rules of care and cost of the procedure

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Since ancient times, man has sought to beautify himself by piercing his body. Today, this art is known as piercing. The fashion for punctures throughout the body came to us from the ancient tribes of the Indians, who needed to identify themselves with a specific human collective. Many boys and girls do a tongue piercing, although it hurts, but being able to stand outweighs the unforeseen health consequences..

What is tongue piercing

This is a surgical operation, although short-lived, but dangerous, which is a puncture of the tongue, followed by the insertion of a special earring – a barbell. Common jewelry is vertical rods made of surgical steel or titanium. The earring is double, it can be seen both from above and from below. Another horizontal view is a frenum piercing under the tongue. Making such a puncture is much easier – less blood, pain, healing is faster. Jewelry is not only in the form of a bar, but also staples, a ring, a clove.

Why pierce the tongue

It is widely believed that piercing in the tongue is done for sexual pleasure, which gives the partner an earring, causing additional sensations. However, girls often make a puncture simply for the sake of fashion or for self-identification with a group of people belonging to a specific subculture. Another reason is the desire to stand out, to become different from everyone else..

Tongue Piercing

Pros and cons of tongue puncture

Piercing always attracts attention, making the wearer stylish and arousing the interest of others. By agreeing to this complex procedure, a person feels special, shows personality. There are several reasons to get pierced:

  • A person is liberated, tries something new, partly shocking others, defying the routine and routine of gray everyday life.
  • This type of piercing is easily hidden, it does not catch the eye. Without removing the jewelry, you can show or hide it..
  • With a kiss and oral caress, the earring additionally stimulates the sensations of the partner, adds exotic to the relationship.
  • When healing, you have to follow a diet for a long time, so you can lose weight by losing your usual diet, which will delight those who want to lose weight.

If you want to impress others with an earring in your tongue, you will have to come to terms with such inconveniences:

  • The first thing that awaits those who want to do a tongue piercing is the pain of the procedure.
  • Healing is long and uncomfortable. It will take several months to fully recover.
  • The operation is expensive. It is better to do it in a clinic with an experienced specialist, and not at home. Save in this case is not worth it.
  • When referring to a bad surgeon, there is a high probability of infection due to the non-sterility of the instruments. It is not only about infection of the wound, but also about diseases more serious: hepatitis and herpes.
  • Have to put up with tooth damage. This is a consequence of the fact that the earring is often nibbled. When chewing, there is a high probability of touching the decoration.
  • The pleasure of boasting an earring increases the risk of gum disease. Having a foreign object in the mouth, especially with insufficient care, boys and girls receive an increase in the number of bacteria, infection of the oral cavity.

Does it hurt to pierce the tongue

According to the reviews of the operation, the puncture itself is a matter of seconds, quite bearable. It will hurt later, when healing. The language has high sensitivity. Since this organ is in constant motion, with a wound in the middle, it will hurt until it completely heals. To reduce pain:

  • do the operation with a trusted specialist;
  • take care of the wound;
  • do not smoke;
  • do not take alcohol;
  • talk less at first;
  • give up hot, spicy food.

How to pierce the tongue

It is preferable to do a piercing in the salon, since this procedure is considered an operation. To correctly select a place for a puncture without damaging the vessels and nerves, the doctor must have the appropriate qualifications. Instruments and gloves are disposable or sterilized. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. The mouth is pre-treated with an antiseptic, sometimes lidocaine is used for anesthesia.
  2. With a special clamp, they grab and fix the tongue, then pierce with a needle from the bottom up.
  3. At the end, a decoration is threaded into the puncture site.

Medic is preparing for a puncture of the tongue

How to pierce the tongue at home

You need to choose a well-lit room so that there is a place where to lay out the tool. Use only sanitized clamp, needle and earring. Wash your hands with soap, wipe with a disinfectant solution. Perform actions with disposable sterile gloves:

  1. Treat the oral cavity with an antiseptic.
  2. Choose a puncture site in the middle, closer to the tip of the tongue, there are no large blood vessels.
  3. Hold the tongs with forceps, then punch it with a special needle strictly perpendicular to the surface.
  4. Use catheter to insert earrings.

Tongue puncture catheter

This device helps to do piercing at home with minimal pain. The catheter is a needle with a plastic tube into which the jewelry is inserted. After a puncture, he enters the hole with the earring. Next, the catheter and needle are removed, and the jewelry is inserted in the right place. When buying a bar that will be pulled right after the puncture, pay attention to the size – the product should fit in a plastic tube.

How long does the tongue heal after a puncture?

A long, uncomfortable rehabilitation process is an occasion to think about the need for a piercing. On the first day, the tongue necessarily swells due to damage to blood vessels and lymphatic flows. The tumor may last for several days. Subject to all recommendations for care, the wound will be delayed for two to three weeks. Full healing will occur only after three to four months, if there are no dangerous complications.

How to care for a punctured tongue

Care is the treatment of a wound with antiseptic solutions such as chlorhexidine, potassium permanganate or soda. The first 2 weeks as often as possible, be sure to rinse your mouth after eating. After ten to fourteen days, instead of rinsing with an antiseptic, use a decoction of chamomile or calendula. Do not overdo it in order not to deprive the natural antiseptic – saliva of its protective properties. The bar also needs care. The first two weeks, brush it with a soft toothbrush. After – regularly remove the bar, clean and disinfect it.

Girl rinses her mouth


The result of poor-quality work of the master will be pain and inflammation, prolonged treatment and slow healing. Even if a puncture of the tongue was made in a medical institution, with subsequent proper care, difficulties may arise:

  • If the procedure was unsuccessful, usually at home, then there may be complications: severe bleeding, infection of the wound, inflammation. The result is a long-term antibiotic treatment..
  • Due to swollen tissues it will be painful to chew, speak and swallow.
  • The first time after the operation, you will have to eat liquid, fresh, non-hot food, so as not to injure the wound, not to slow the healing.
  • After the operation, special care, rinsing, and cleaning the bar will be required. Be prepared that after healing, care will also be necessary..
  • Diction will change, slight whispering will appear..
  • Since the earring or rod in the oral cavity is a solid foreign body, it will touch the teeth and damage the enamel. Cracks and chips are constant companions of tongue piercings.
  • Partial loss of taste is possible if nerves are damaged. Only an experienced surgeon knows the right point so as not to disturb the nerve endings.
  • With constant wear of the piercing, the tissue grows, scars form, which can only be removed surgically.

How much does a tongue piercing cost

To make the jewelry bring joy, and not overshadow life, contact a salon or medical institution. Many clinics offer puncturing services, here is an overview of the cost of the procedure in Moscow institutions:

Name of institution

Cost, rubles

Family doctor

1 800



World of beauty


Hippocratic Oath




Photo of pierced tongue

Ring and barbell in tongue

Tongue bridle piercing

A few earrings in the tongue

Pierced tongue

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