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This is a special category of elite perfumes that stand even higher than luxury perfumes. Such compositions attract, attract due to their unusual and individuality. This is the ultimate art of making fragrances..

The concept of niche perfumery

Male and female niche perfumes

The name comes from the word “niche” (limited distribution), intended to describe rare species of high-quality perfume. Such perfumes are released in a limited way, not for mass consumption, not on order. They are designed for true connoisseurs. This is a master’s creation, the result of a fantasy flight, the author’s inspiration.

Sometimes niche compositions are called selective – these are synonyms.

Manufacturers of mass, widely available perfumes to promote products sometimes use the word Selective (selective, unique) on the packaging of goods. This designation in this case does not mean that the buyer is an exclusive work.

How to create a niche perfume

Portraits fragrance collection

In the production of elite compositions, the creators rely on the principles of uniqueness, continuity. Every new perfume is an original creation..

Selective perfumery is the one and only product, as a real work of art.

The principle of continuity means that perfumes are not subject to the whims of fashion. They exist outside of time, regardless of era and prevailing tastes..

Manufacturers comply with the principle of tradition: the technology by which they recreate perfumes is invariable. Some ancient recipes and formulas were developed several centuries ago. They are still used in the best perfume houses..

Differences between selective perfumes from ordinary and designer

Eau de toilette Roja

One of the main differences between a niche perfume is its limited availability. Such goods cannot be found in stores that sell perfumes of mass production, or in chain department stores. Although designer brands lack uniqueness, one of their advantages is widespread availability..

The difference lies in the cost. Designer or conventional compositions are comparatively cheaper than selective brands. Their high price is explained by the complexity of creating.

It takes more time, skill, natural ingredients to make a niche perfume.

When buying designer perfumes, a person realizes that they are not unique. Dozens or hundreds of such bottles are sold in one store. Selective perfume is a piece product that can emphasize the individuality, originality of a person.

Exclusivity and originality of aroma

Designer perfume is a consumer product that is mass-produced in large quantities. Selective compositions – a product that is released in a limited edition. This is explained by the fact that the niche focuses on a specific clientele (sometimes only a few people).

The goal of manufacturers of such perfumes is not to sell as much as possible, but to create something exceptional.

Lack of brand packaging and advertising companies

Niche toilet water in the same package

Preservation of original aromas is the main task of niche houses. To attract attention, they do not use brand packaging or advertising. Perfumes are often sealed in identical bottles..

Product promotion is provided by articles in magazines, interviews in popular media, and reputation..

Natural ingredients and extract concentration

Raw materials should be of high quality and preferably natural: flowers, herbs, essential oils, natural wringes, essences.

Even the alcohol base is made from bio-ingredients.

Often niche compositions contain high concentrations of perfume extracts and oils, which creates a thick and persistent aroma that lasts long after application to the skin.

The brand has a full-time perfumer

Perfumer at work

Each manufacturer has its own story and legend, as well as a full-time perfumer. Like many years ago, he is responsible for the aromas, technology, recipes and components that make up the composition. His name is usually indicated on perfume bottles..

Selective Sales Approach

Selective perfumes are sold in boutiques and salons, where only luxury perfumes are presented. Such institutions are often without signs, known in narrow circles of connoisseurs. Elite perfumes have become more affordable thanks to the emergence of niche stores on the Internet. Selective brands can also be seen on the shelves of prestigious department stores in New York, Paris, London.

Best Niche Flavors

Top brands

Manufacturers of elite perfumes that create aromas of a certain category:

  • exclusively from natural ingredients (Aftelier, Ayala Moriel, JoAnne Bassett, Florascent);
  • smells of one city (New York fragrances from Bond No. 9, Aqaba), islands (Profumi di Pantelleria), countries (Eau d’Italie) or empire (Parfum d’Empire);
  • synthetic (Escentric Molecules, Comme des Garcons);
  • attention to only one note (Les Parfums de Rosine – aroma of a rose or La Maison de la Vanille – vanilla);
  • aromas of exotic places (Comptoir Sud Pacifique).

Juliette Has A Gun

Mad Madame by Juliette Has A Gun

The founder of the company, Romano Ricci, approaches perfumery as an art. The main idea of ​​the brand is “aroma as a weapon of seduction,” and the 21st century Shakespearean Juliet was the muse. One of the most famous perfumes is the allergy-free fragrance Not A Perfume..


Eleventh Hour by Byredo

Swedish perfume house, founder of which is Ben Gorham, half Canadian and half Indian. Brand-name compositions combine East and West. The most famous fragrances are woody Gypsy Water and the breathtaking 60s Velvet Haze.

Le labo

Ylang and Lys41 from Le Labo

This is a small company that creates their compositions manually in a New York laboratory open to the public. Everyone can watch the process of birth of the fragrance. The company’s mission is to make a revolution in the industry, overly saturated with mass production perfumes. One of the most iconic fragrances – Santal 33.


Perfumes from Amouage

The niche house was founded by the Sultan of Oman and revives oriental perfumery traditions. The brand produces the most expensive perfumes in the world. It is aimed at wealthy buyers with high status. Amouage selective perfumery is based on the most valuable component – frankincense from the mountains of Dofar. The most famous composition – Crystal Gold.

Annick goutal

Annick Goutal line of French perfumes

The representative of French perfumes is one of the leading brands whose products are completely created in France: from fragrances to packaging. Annik Gutal, the founder of the brand, was one of the first women to graduate from the perfume school in Grasse. Famous fragrances created by her are Folavril, Passion, Eau d’Hadrien.

Diptyque paris

Fragrances from Diptyque Paris

The history of this French brand began with the revival of an antique recipe for perfumes of the 16th century. Now all Diptyque compositions are divided into three groups: women’s perfume, men’s, unisex. The most popular niche compositions – woody, floral-spicy Do Son Eau de Parfums.


Fragrances from Arquiste

This American brand was founded by Mexican architect Carlos Huber, who used to be an interior designer. The name of the company is made up of three words: architecture, history, art (architecture, history, culture). Arquiste associates every fragrance with a historic event. For example, the spirits of Aleksandr convey the atmosphere of the duel of Pushkin and Dantes.

Cire trudon

Candle from Cire Trudon

The history of the oldest French company begins in the XVII century. Then the merchant Claude Trudon opened a private store where they sold wax candles. Among the eminent customers were even the royal courts of Europe. Today, under the brand, perfume candles and cosmetics are produced under the brand. In 2017, the Maison Trudon elite perfume line was introduced.

Jo malone

Ruler by Jo Malone

The London Niche House, which is named after its founder. Each of the aromas of the brand can be mixed with any perfume of the same brand. Harmony will not be broken, and a person will become the owner of an original composition that emphasizes his personality.

Maison francis kurkdjian

From Perfume House Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The founder of this brand, perfumer Francis Kurkdzhiyan, at the age of 26, created the first Le Male fragrance specifically for couturiers Jean-Paul Gaultier. This is still one of the best-selling songs in the world. Having created more than 40 kinds of perfumes for other fashion houses, Kurkjiyan became the owner of his own brand.

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