What is a showroom of fashionable clothes or shoes – how to open, register and develop a business

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The opportunity to purchase clothes and other goods on the Internet has appealed to many. However, today there are buyers who need to look at products and try on clothes. You can buy branded stylish things – a dress or shoes, a suit or trousers – in popular showrooms where the manufacturer shows the goods and talks about the collections, the history of the brand, and his ideas. A special pleasure is the ritual of trying on and treating each client as a dear guest.

What is a show room

Such a premise is not just commercial and differs from ordinary boutiques by a highlight that attracts customers – a homely atmosphere, comfort. An accidentally visiting fashionista leaves the showroom with great pleasure and a couple of packages in her hands. In fact, this is a trading floor without counters and bright display cases, but you can look at goods and catalogs in it, conveniently hanging out in an armchair with a cup of aromatic tea or coffee. There are also fitting rooms, and the highlight is consultants who thoroughly know the assortment, prompt and show products based on the wishes of the buyer.

Showroom of clothes and shoes

origin of name

The show room resembles a closed club for the elite, ready to touch the beautiful. The concept of showroom appeared in Europe: it was a showroom where an exhibition of fabric samples was held. Wholesale buyers came to showrooms to assess the quality of the goods and made a decision on the acquisition. After a while, the direction went a little the other way – an exhibition with a parallel sale. Every self-respecting brand considered it necessary to open a showroom – a kind of club of branded clothing, fashion accessories for the elite.

In Russia, this already works according to other concepts: for example, there are studios where they sell goods on the basis of territorial affiliation – clothes from China, Italian clothes, imported and domestic equipment, and other goods. The European approach has not disappeared, but it has acquired new features. For example, the showroom of dresses is a great way to express yourself to a little-known fashion designer, show your advantages, talk about new collections. You can start acquaintance with inexpensive or luxury clothing, shoes in a pleasant environment – the showroom store contributes to this.

How to open a show room

Before opening a store, you need to consider a strategy: a well-designed business plan will save you from unexpected mistakes and provide the foundation at the beginning of the journey. It is necessary to decide on the assortment – maybe it will be a studio exclusively for men’s clothing, or maybe goods for the whole family. It is also important what kind of wallet the assortment will be designed for. An analysis of potential competitors should be carried out and, starting from this information, think about which unbroken ideas to use to discover.

Men's Clothing Showroom

What is needed to open

To successfully open a showroom from scratch, you need:

  1. The room. Necessarily spacious to accommodate all the necessary equipment. Without it, business will be a failure. The idea to create it in an apartment in one of the rooms is suitable for sale to close people, and the stylish showroom of branded clothing will attract attention immediately.
  2. Choosing a supplier or manufacturer. This must be approached with great responsibility, because everything will depend on the quality of the goods. If wrinkled rags hang from the hangers, from which the threads stick out, then even the buyers who came for goods at affordable prices will run away.
  3. Start-up capital. Without financial investments, it is unrealistic to organize quality services. The premises are leased from the initial capital funds, goods and furniture are purchased in the showroom of women’s clothing or another. If there is not enough money, then it is better to look at another, less expensive type of activity, or find sponsors. This option is not easy to realize, you need to have the gift of persuasion and interest the investor, to prove that the project must exist.
  4. Interior. To create a true showroom atmosphere, decoration is a crucial step. Studios are distinguished by sophistication of design, it attracts secular fashionistas who are ready to buy up all the fashionable clothes.
  5. Employees. Enthusiastic about their business, possessing knowledge of the goods sold, they make no less contribution to the prosperity of the salon. Carefully choose assistants.

How to make out

Own style is selected based on the concept of work:

  • If it is assumed that the studio is open exclusively to wealthy buyers, then the interior should be appropriate, because furniture and accessories will be evaluated by an experienced eye.
  • When working at a higher level with large customers, tables are set on the floor where magazines with photos of products lie, space is allocated for models showing clothes.

How to register

The registration strategy does not differ from the standard design of the business. At the initial stages, when there is no access to third-party customers in a closed club, official registration is not required, because in fact, indoor trading does not occur, it exempts from paying taxes. As it develops, it should be transferred to an IP or LLC, depending on future plans.

Learn about calculating LLC taxes and generating payment documents online.

Man puts a stamp on documents

How to develop

The components of the successful development of the showroom:

  1. Advertising. It is a social trading engine. Nobody will know about the showroom if you do not conduct a competent advertising campaign. Particularly effective at first, the so-called word of mouth.
  2. When the flow of customers is established, it’s worth promoting a website, an online store, an Instagram or a group on VKontakte, Facebook, where people can choose and order a dress or jeans from anywhere in the world.
  3. Part of the profits should be invested in the development of the showroom: to purchase collections of clothing that are interesting to the public, change the interior, and come up with new strategies.
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