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Fashion industry trends are very changeable. Keep track of all the news is hard. For those who are trying to follow fashion, it is important to know the main modern trends. This season they combine originality, restraint, courage.

Trending Styles 2019-2020

Youth images

New trends in clothing involve a mixture of styles, textures, colors. The more complex or extraordinary the image, the more fashionable it is. This ambiguous design decision is aimed at revealing all facets of the personality in order to emphasize individuality.

The most popular styles of the season 2019–2020:

  • Sports glamor.
  • Youth casual.
  • Ethnic motives.
  • Fusion.
  • Modern classic.


Sport chic style

Things of this style can be combined with contrasting elements: loose pants with stripes and heels, a wrestling tank top and satin trousers, an evening dress and bicycles. Sport chic and sport glam will suit young girls, older women with a good figure.


Mix of sports and casual styles

The direction is based on convenience, freedom of expression. The advantage of urban style is suitable for people of all ages, with any income, physique. A feature of the season is the ability to mix casual with sports, classics.


Fusion Looks

Clothing of the season is a combination of incongruous. The direction of fusion appeared recently, but has already become popular with adolescents. To dress in this style, you need courage, imagination. The basic rules for combining clothing elements are completeness of the image, restrained originality.

Modern fashion trends in clothes

The main focus of the season is freedom of expression. All fashionistas have the right to choose from the presented options the one that harmonizes with the personality and does not contradict the style. You can find out what is now in fashion from clothes from social networks. All trendy bloggers respond quickly to changing trends, inform their audience.

Colors and prints

Saturated yellow color in clothes

Designers advise giving preference to saturated red, yellow, pink or lavender shades. The animal print, cage has remained popular for several seasons, so you can wear things from old collections, combine them with new items.

Fabrics and materials

Genuine leather suits

The favorites among the fabrics are satin, silk, tweed, wool, denim, velveteen. For original personalities, designers offer clothes made of vinyl, nylon or shiny materials. The skin does not give up its positions. Hit of the season – leather look in one color.

What clothes are in trend now

Ermanno Scervino Fall-Winter Collection

  • Extra long shorts.
  • Bicycles.
  • Silk blouses with voluminous sleeves.
  • Dress jacket.
  • Cropped trousers.
  • Massive sweaters.
  • Denim overseas jackets (loose fit) with patch pockets.
  • Double skirts.

Cropped Culottes

Girl in culottes

Short wide trousers with a fit on the waist or hips have become the trend of the season. It is important to combine these pants correctly with other elements of the image. The best option would be silk or leather culottes with high-heeled shoes, a base top or a light blouse.

Dress shirt

Autumn shirt dresses

This versatile item is suitable for any physique. In 2019–2020, military-style models were popular, casual. Dress-shirt is presented in several options – midi (medium length), maxi (long), oversized, fitted. You can complement the image with accessories with animal print..

White T-shirts without print

White T-shirt with bare shoulders

Photo prints, inscriptions or drawings on clothes gradually go out of fashion. Now this element of the wardrobe acts as a backdrop to the main image. A white T-shirt is put on under mesh dresses or open sundresses. It can be combined with bikes or jeans..

Hand Knitted Sweaters

Fashion sweaters

The new season dictates originality. This even touched warm sweaters. Large knitting will look stylish even on a plain product. Extravagance will be added to the image by non-standard accessories. For example, zipper on the sleeve of a sweater.

Striped Skinny Jeans

Girl in skinny jeans

They come to the aid of those who want to demonstrate slender legs. The highlight of this not the latest model are stripes that mix casual style with sporty. It is better to combine such jeans with a voluminous top or a classic blouse.

Sweatshirts with lace or leather accents

Sweatshirt with lace inserts

Sweater shirt is in fashion again. It combines convenience, style. Sweatshirts are complemented by original elements – frills, inserts from lace, knitwear or leather. There are also elongated models that can be worn as dresses. Open shoulder sweatshirts go well with skirts or skinny jeans.

What is now fashionable from outerwear

Designer Sheepskin Coats

This season, all designers presented at least one sheepskin coat model. Color solutions for it can be chosen to your taste. Other main fashion trends for outerwear are faux fur coats, cropped oversized models, plastic raincoats, checkered coats.

Faux fur coats

Bright fur coats from eco-fur

This wardrobe item was presented at almost all modern shows. The models, which imitated the color and structure of natural fur, were completely unlike him. The most fashionable solution will be a fur coat in a futuristic style of an unusual color or with contrasting inserts.

Oversized Down Jackets

Winter jackets

Designers offer a fashionable solution: in the 2019–2020 season, this item of outerwear can be updated using non-standard parts. Down-jackets in sport-chic style or with bare shoulders will make the image unique.

Classic Check Wool Coats

Checkered Woolen Coats

The most fashionable pattern can be seen everywhere – on jackets, skirts, trousers. The coat was no exception. Classic models of wool in a cage will not only look stylish, but also warm in the cold. Actual colors for autumn – gray, blue, burgundy or a bright accent on a plain background.

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