Financial stability: 7 steps to achieve

Financial stability requires an action plan and discipline. These tips will help you get rid of debts, create savings and become familiar with passive earning methods..

1. Start saving money today

financial stability

Open a savings account. After the salary, transfer there a fixed percentage of income. Funds will come in handy when you have to change jobs and in emergency financial situations.

Irina Zhigina, financial consultant, says: “Has it happened to you that your equipment suddenly breaks down, your phone was stolen or your health failed? In this case, loans often come to the rescue, for which you need to pay painfully. The reason for this lack of accumulation.

Start saving money with small amounts. If it is difficult to “tear” immediately 10% of the salary, start with 5 or 1%. Even 100 rubles a day will add confidence. At cost, this is equal to a glass of coffee that many people buy when they go to work. In a month, 3 thousand rubles will accumulate. Over time, learn how to generate large amounts, forgetting about the lack of money ”.
Natalia Sokolovskaya, an expert at the Financial Health project, recommends starting saving up immediately: “Save money today. My personal experience and customer experience, says that at least 10% of income can be put off by absolutely anyone. Do it right away when you get paid.

Open a special account. This option is available in online banking and mobile applications. So, there will be less temptation to spend savings. Set automatic transfer from each salary. In the beginning, it’s not so much the amount that matters, how much skill and regularity. Great if there is a goal. Depending on the due date, calculate the amount for monthly deductions. If there is no specific goal, create capital for the future. ”.

2. Postpone retirement

financial stability

For savings, use a non-state pension fund, bank account or IIS account. The sooner you start saving money, the faster they will start working for you.

Alexey Novikov, head of marketing at Otkritie Management Company, advises: “Everyone thought about how not to work in retirement and live without financial difficulties. Is it possible? The answer is simple: it is possible if you plan everything correctly and carefully prepare the ground for going on a well-deserved rest.

Investments in assets that carry additional income, such as tax exemptions, and tax deductions, can help to create capital for retirement. Getting income, which is confirmed by a 2-NDFL certificate, you can count on a tax deduction from the state of up to 52 thousand rubles a year by opening an individual investment account – IIS. If you invest money in the business of developing companies through management companies, buying, for example, shares with an investment horizon of more than three years, according to the laws of the Russian Federation, you will be exempt from income tax on these investments, which will also increase the amount of payments in the future.

To understand how much you need to put aside on an ongoing basis to ensure your usual retirement standard of living, use the online financial planning services. They will help to calculate a personal plan and decide on investment tools in real time without leaving your home and without a commission for maintenance ”.

3. Do not buy unnecessary things

financial stability

Many go shopping, thinking that they need another pair of sneakers, a new phone case, cosmetics, compulsory fast food snacks and the pursuit of discounts. People buy and think of acquisition as a benefit, so they easily spend money. But they forget that the purchased item may not do any good..

4. Do not buy things for fashion

financial stability

Modern marketing, advertising and social networks dictate a demonstration of originality. Everyone wants to stand out. The paradox is that such desires give rise to a fashion for things, places and events that need to correspond. A man buys a new phone model to be in trend. For example, after the release of the iPhone X, people resold the boxes from the gadget, offering to “impress friends with luxury”.

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Unreasonable adherence to fashion leads to difficulties in paying basic expenses and debts. Spend money wisely. Choose the things that are necessary and suitable for you.

5. Get rid of loans

financial stability

Loans and debts reduce the quality of life. Accessibility and the ability to remotely draw up a card encourages people to use borrowed funds when they need money. A loan is a payment for something you have not yet earned. Buying new equipment on a loan offer, you overpay and incur debt obligations.

Credit cards must be disposed of. Calculate what part of the income you should pay for repayments per month. Find out the exact amount of all debt, the minimum payment and interest rate on each loan (if there are several). Prioritize the loan with the highest interest rate. Do not forget to make minimum payments on other cards. Lack of payment will ruin the credit history and bring problems with collectors.

6. Do not take quick loans

financial stability

Worse than consumer loans, only microloans. Microfinance organizations position their activities as a quick loan to a salary, help in paying for studies, treatment or urgent purchase. Application is completed in 5 minutes. Money is credited to the account in 15 minutes. Interest rates reach 50% per month of using the loan.

Do not give in to emotions and do not pay attention to advertising. Remember that getting a small loan in a quick time, you get closer to a deep debt hole. Analyze if the purchase is really necessary. If so, save it yourself by spending time. In case of a critical financial situation, borrow money from relatives or friends who will not require half the amount as interest. To never get into this situation, have your own supply of funds.

7. Look for an additional or passive source of income

financial stability

Financial stability is ensured not only by savings, reasonable savings and lack of loans. Income must be properly distributed and try to increase it. Suitable for this passive sources earnings that can go into active earnings, business. Make money work for you. Consider investing in classic stock market instruments: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF funds and others ways to invest savings.

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