Money saving tips that really work

Tips on saving and their diversity are familiar to almost everyone who at least once asked questions of conservation and increase. But sometimes the most popular strategies are not the most effective. They become obsolete, cease to be relevant and even make you spend more.

We all show interest in these periodic offers like “buy one – get two”. Is this a really good deal? Not always. Such promotions are one of many ways that inspires us with the idea of ​​spending money economically, but, in fact, makes us spend more in the long run.

Here are seven topical money saving tips that really work..

1. Critically evaluate the purchase, if you see the “buy one – get two” promotion

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BOGO (buy one get one) deals, when they are really relevant to us, are very good. It’s cool to buy two things at half price. But when your attention was attracted by the 1 + 1 offer or something like “50% discount on the second pair”, you should stop and think: “Do I really need to buy this product at this price?”.

If you buy jam and see a promotion on another free jar, that’s good. After all, in any case, you use it. But if you have allocated 4.000 rubles for the purchase of sneakers, and the action offers two pairs for 6.000, you need to conduct a brief analysis. Do you need two pairs? Do you want to spend more money? Will you wear both pairs? It’s probably worth giving up a more expensive purchase than you originally wanted, and using your saved money more wisely.

2. Create a personal reserve fund (this is not about retirement savings)

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Money saving tips just can not do without it. There are days when large or small unpredictable expenses arise. To eliminate them, it is desirable to have a reserve fund, a financial airbag. Financial experts agree that the amount of stock “for every fireman” should cover from 3 to 6 months of expenses. This will allow you to calmly act in the event of dismissal, illness and other circumstances..

But experts do not deny the importance of controlling their future. If you save money in the reserve, but do not invest in your retirement account, you are not preparing for old age. Old age is inevitable, therefore, giving up savings, you, in fact, spend your current income aimlessly.

3. Know how to take your eyes off the lowest price tags

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Many have already talked about this, but we will say it again – the avaricious pays twice. If you buy a screwdriver, which is set at a price of 100 rubles in a store, or find shoes for a couple of hundred rubles on the flea market, then most likely you will have to pay for the same product again in the near future. The fact is that cheap and poorly made items save money only in the short term. And at a distance they will have to pay extra in the future, when the need arises to replace.

The cheapest option is not always the best. If you fill your space with cheap and unreliable junk, you are immersed in a repeat purchase cycle. The only exception to this rule is possible at grocery stores. Often for less money you can buy the same product as in branded packaging. True, attentiveness is still necessary – the composition and manufacturing standards may be different.

4. If necessary, use credit purchase offers, but do not stretch the debt

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A 30% discount when applying for a loan is a great offer if you immediately fully pay the required amount. Unfortunately, many people find it much easier to pay a much lower minimum payment. Soon you pay at least every month and add more debts to the card, which is why it turns into a credit revolver with bullets from high interest rates. In general, it is advisable to limit the use of credit cards and offers as much as possible..

5. Better to pay for paid parking in advance than to get a fine.

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Many drivers try to make use of the free parking period so as not to pay at all. This seems economical to some, but it is not. Yes, often you can save a couple of tens-hundreds of rubles on such maneuvers. But at the same time you have to set world records for running speed in a shopping center or office building. And in cases where, for some reason, you do not have time to leave the parking lot, you will have to pay a fine. And he will be more saved rubles. So do not try to keep within 10-15 minutes if it is really difficult. Just pay for the required period and go about your business – calmly, confidently and efficiently..

6. Do not buy too much food so as not to throw away excess

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This is what many do, having money in their pocket and seeing a bunch of bananas that sell for half the standard price. True, then they can’t cope with all this volume, watch how the fruits turn black, deteriorate and eventually end up in the bin. Be rational – do not try to trick a wallet by buying a large number of perishable products. You will either eat them by force, or, in fact, throw money in the trash can.

7. Go to the dentist

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Tips for saving, you can also apply to your health. For example, the cost of dental services is a nightmare for many, even well-off, people. But the idea of ​​not having a consultation and a routine examination is very bad. It’s better to pay a couple thousand for an examination, consultation and timely oral care tips. Because for the treatment of caries and other operations after you start your health, you may have to pay tens of times more. The modern dental market is well developed and competes, therefore, it is not difficult to find a convenient and profitable offer for two preventive visits of a specialist per year.

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